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“WE NEED YOU” was an iconic poster with a star spangled bannered Uncle Sam pointing his finger in your direction used during the first world war to drum up support for the war effort as well as tempt youngsters in their prime to train as a soldier travel to foreign climes, meet foreign and interesting people and “SHOOT THEM”. Well this next two weeks “CLARENS NEEDS YOU” and this time the finger pointing person to drive you into a Clarens voting frenzy is non other than “SUPERBOK” he wants you to vote for Clarens to win the best village in the OFS and North West Province competition. At present we languish 10th (Yes 10th) with ZASTRON “The Free state capital of BORING and DULL in first place” and Vrede in second place. The e-mail that I sent to locals is below, please read, please vote, vote, vote and PLEASE tell others to do the same. (See photos of those wanting to help)

Had a chat with Jaapie and he was telling me that the Volksblad have a competition going were you have to vote for the best town or village in the OFS and northern Cape (the top 3 villages have to send representatives to then put on a presentation and the best village wins) there are prizes to be won for those who SMS and the village also stands to win prizes.

Clarens is at the moment number 10 with Zastron 1st, Ladybrand second and Vrede 3rd (now i don’t know about you, but i think that is just sad)

Lets SMS and get Clarens at the top or at least in the top 3, here are procedures for sending SMS (cost a mere R2.00, "so send a few" I have sent 10 already)

1) Must SMS (can send as many as you like)
2) Must SMS the following info to 34115
Volksblad dorp, your name, name of village and cell or telephone number

EG: Volksblad dorp, Stephen Dunkley, Clarens 071 599 4013

You should get a confirmation that your info has been received

Please forward this to as many people as possible, we only have 2 weeks left to vote

Stephen and the Clarens Connection team

Still cold here but not as bad as last week, when it was cold enough to freeze the acorns off a squirrel. We had a light dusting of snow on Saturday morning but not anything great, the surrounding mountains had more snow and Lesotho definitely had a lot as people where unable to get to Afriski and other places in that country. A few of us are going to AFRISKI in Lesouthou (that’s the Natalian coming out in me) next Sunday to do a little bum boarding and check out the stunning scenery, its truly magnificent and a must do trip for those who enjoy taking photos, smelly goat hands or are scared of heights. (Will tell you about it when we get back)
Enough with Michael Jackson, now I believe that his doctor killed him, shades of Elvis Presley perhaps? So what does that mean, are they going to dig him up again? With everyone trying to make a buck out of his demise I can see the headlines now “Michael on Comeback tour, with supporting act The Grateful Dead”

The Municipal strike this week hit Clarens as well and on Tuesday they decided to trash around the square and with the assistance of many residents the place was cleaned up, much to the singers and dancers dismay, Wednesday was a regrouping day for the trashers (strikers) and the cleaners (residents), all the promises of further disruption came to nought. Many people need to be thanked but perhaps the person that got everyone geared up was Johann Lehman with his wife Anel also phoning people and the local electronic newsletter asking people to assist. To all those that helped a Big thanks from all in the village.

On Morning live this week was an insert about Clarens and poverty in the village, it was correct in some ways but also very one sided as it did not show the good that the community also does, I have sent a e-mail to SABC asking them to send a team to see what different people and organizations actually do for the community, hopefully they will accept the offer. Poverty is all around and is made worse in winter, especially here when it can drop to –8 and below in winter. Spare a thought for those who are less fortunate and perhaps this week go and buy a blanket or a jersey and hand it in to a welfare organization that you know is assisting those in need.

Tania received via Face book a photo of here and I at Tania’s matric farewell from a classmate that lives overseas. ‘I had hair” Tania reminded me that I had been so cocky about having a double whirl of hair and I would never go bald. My mom told me that when I was born (and remember I was born 3 months premature) that I had hair down to my shoulders, I suppose I should be grateful that I did not go the full term otherwise I would have come out looking like Chewbacca the Wookie from Star wars. I was telling Kathy the other day about when I was at school and how we used to get jacked for having hair over the collar, but I digress, my mom would give me money to go to the hairdresser to get a cut, however I would always look for the trainee as you would get the cut for half price and if you were lucky and got the clippers caught in your earlobe “For Free”, yes it was a little painful and it did bleed like a stuck pig, but R3 or R5 was big money when I was 16 and would be spent on beer and cigarettes “for my friends of course” I wonder how many of you did te same thing, surely I could not have been the only person to think of this ??

The one time my mom bought one of those all in one comb/scissors/razor contraptions, I think the advertising slogan was something like “battle tested during the inquisition” Anyway mom decided that we would save the R5 and that she would “style” my hair. I just had a feeling that it was not going to turn out right and was I right “Yes I was” I looked like I had been attacked by the whole cast of Alfred Hitchcoks “The birds”. After I had finished crying I persuaded my mom to let me go to a hairdresser so she could fix it up. With these words ringing in my ears I left the house ‘tell the hairdresser I cut it and I will kill you”. The woman of course asked me who had raped my head and I told her it was my sister who at the time was probably 8 (she would have done a better job). The lady basically shaved my head, so the “style I got” was the Belsen/Auschwitz look, as I gave the lady the R5 she said to me if you promise not to tell anyone that I cut your hair you can keep the money, “as bad as my hair was the R5 was better.”

So Schummie is coming back to Ferrari and Formula 1, I for one cannot wait and look forward to the 23rd August when he starts his first race, its going to be interesting as there will be a lot of pressure on him to do well. All I know is that he is a Winner and has a competitive streak second to none and has not come back for money, he does not need it, so lets see what he can do the last few races of the year.

Old Stone Bottle Store had its Party on Tuesday night, and it was pretty good, even if I say so myself. A good number of locals attended and they even had a Dutch couple that happened to be walking past pop in and decided to join the party. Tania and I left early but believe a couple of people may have spent their “get out of the house free” coupons for a few months. The Bottle store is looking great and is hard to believe that a mere couple of months ago it was a dark and dingy hole with a few beers in the fridge and arbitrary liquor lying around. Also we may not have Capt Morgan living in Clarens but we have his sister Kathy, see pictures

We had friends over to watch the game between Cheetahs and the Sharks on Friday night. The game was crap but the company Lekker, there is something about having a number of friends over with the fire is crackling and everyone seems content and is chatting, it’s a real nice vibe, one that I am (sorry we) are sure to miss when we leave the village. We also tried our own version of “crouch, touch, pause, engage”

Bokke game as usual we watched at Friends “Where everybody knows your name” and what a Jol, I am serious when I say there is no better venue to watch than here, the people are great, the atmosphere brilliant and the people that we watch with are Lekker people and from humble beginnings of 3 people we now take over the one side of the restaurant and have to bring in folding chairs to seat everyone, what a game, Morne Steyn 31, All Blacks 19. Oh we also had Kilkenny from “South Park” come and watch the game as well

Wolverine sort of came through with the crack photo, while his instruction was to get a photo of someone smoking crack he got a photo of a crack smoking, its not nice but I decided to post it anyway and to all you kids out there “JUST SAY NO”

It seems that even the recession is hitting the biker community, as you will see from the photo, this gent has had to downgrade to a less expensive mode of transport.

I don’t now if its just me but the weeks just seem to blend in to each other, Sunday I send out the Blog and then its Monday, you blink its Wednesday and then it’s the weekend, maybe the older we get the faster time goes? The adage “time flies” is very relevant the older we get.

I have asked Jeanelle to give me a quote each week and here is her first of I hope many: Quotes for the week

"24 beers in a case, 24 hours in a day, coincidence? I think not."

“Your slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter”

Well that’s about it for this week so have a good one and remember to be nice to someone this week. And “VOTE FOR CLARENS”J

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  1. How funny pics you have shared. Definitely you have enjoyed your visit.
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