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Was watching my daughter playing with marbles the other day and it took me back to a time in my life that, while I hated going to school I enjoyed the interaction with my mates and the sports. I remember vividly that cricket, rugby and soccer had its set seasons but then so did games like marbles, tops, yoyo’s and dingbats.

Other than those games we also had different companies coming to the school, like Outspan oranges who at the beginning of every season would come to the school, we would all either sit in the hall or the quad and they would tell us about oranges and then each pupil would get a orange and a plastic thingy that you would push In to your orange after you had sufficiently softened it up (using whatever method was “cool” at the time) then from the funnel section sticking out of the orange like a straw suck out the sweet juice, this was a clear promotional ploy from Outspan, they visited all the schools in the area and handed out the promotional toy, this then in turn had the kids rushing home and bugging mom to buy oranges so you could suck out the juice with the “straw”

When it was Yoyo and Dingbat season, we would get demonstrations from people that were really really good and could do “walk the dog” as well as the “baby sleeping in the cradle” this in turn would have us practising at every opportunity and you just had to have the latest “professional” yoyo. Local Cafes would hold competitions to find the best yoyoer? And they in turn would do battle with other Cafes champions who in turn went on to compete provincially and then nationally

Dingbats were popular but not as in demand as Yoyo’s, for those not in the know a dingbat was a plastic paddle with an elastic attached to the paddle and then a rubber ball on the end of the elastic, the trick was to see how many times and from what positions you could bounce the ball on the bat, again competitions were held and demonstrations at school given, always sending the kids in to a frenzy of “we want a dingbat”

I was never good at spinning tops, but the kids who were good held competitions, that were keenly contested to see who were the best in the school and who had the champion top, this was achieved by drawing a circle in the sand and then throwing the top on to the ground, sort of like a WWE king of the ring jol, only with wooden tops.

Marbles was a huge sport during breaks and after school with your status in school being measured by the size of your marble bag and how many goons you had. Metal Goons were the most sought after and were only sacrificed if you were very sure that you may in fact win the other persons. Kites and Claylat were also popular at primary school.

High school we dropped the kiddies games and started to play pinball and space invaders, Skate boarding and CB radios were also big when I was in Std 8, the Rubik’s cube made its appearance as did some 3D snake, but I was never good at that and left it to the Geeks (who are now rich computer analysts and business owners, “Who knew”?)

Ok well that’s enough of Nostalgia what has been happening in the village this week. Well I have been behaving myself and not insulting anyone of late. So all is good. Must say new Caledon News and Speckled bean are out and while I have not read the new SB the Caledon news is bigger and not looking to bad (probably because there is a small piece on school sports written by non other than “me myself I” in it, (thanks Julia)

Wolverine has been single this week, with Kathy away in the Cape, He has sort of been behaving himself, and ok he has been a choirboy. Wolverine wants to be an investigative journalist/photographer and this week he was in position to get that all important photo of a local serial killer, as you can see the photo is of a local Cereal killer, I don’t think his 2 brain cells snap, crackle or pop.

His Excellency the Honourable Jacob “Mashini wam” Zuma has accepted an invitation to pay out humble village a visit, so everything is in ‘rep and roer” to ensure that protocols etc etc are met, I think it will be a good thing for Clarens and will be the second Prime Minister/State President to officially visit Clarens, the first being CR Swart in 1962 and 1968. Perhaps we can get Mr Zuma to unveil the Naauwepoort monument again? Talking about the square we had a giant mole infestation on it this week, seriously check the photo. Ok so there top soiling!!!!

This whole Caster Semenya controversy gives a whole new meaning to “Wys jou muis”. So what do you all think about the South African who won the women’s 800m final in Berlin?? Is it a lady or a man, who knows but in the meantime lets celebrate the fact we won a Gold medal and I will give him the benefit of the doubt until they have finished counting the Y and X chromosomes, I have a feeling its going to be a close call. My question is where did this person come from, I have never heard of Caster before, ok I must admit athletics is not high on my list of must watch sports, its sort of down there with curling and underwater hockey. One thing is for sure any dude who has gone out with Caster and it turns out the verdict is she is a man there will be a run on Sanpic to clean the mouth out.

Australia vs NZ was as usual a close and very physical game with only one point in it and The Kiwi’s sneaking in a win at the end again (19 to 18), not the result that we wanted, points table is as follows

1) SA on 12 points
2) NZ on 8 points
3) Aussies on 2 points

Aussies and SA have 3 games left and the Kiwi’s 2. It’s going to be a tough leg over there, but believe the boys will do it.

Tino and Lana are good friends over in America and in 1995 we had the pleasure of meeting them in the States and journeyed to Sturgis wity them to the Black Hills Rally. Tino sent me this e-mail a couple of days back that had me green with envy

Hi Stephen/Tania
how are you all doing, me and Lana just got back from vacation. We (our friends Gene / Pam ) shipped our Harley's to Portland ,Or. then we took a plane there picked up our bikes at the Harley store in Portland . We rode to Seattle ,Washington , down to Portland again, thru Oregon on to California, San Francisco, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Sturgis S. Dakota, Minn. Iowa, Illinois, In. Over 4500 miles me and Lana rode on the Roadking, we had a great time and it rained only twice, but in Oregon it was 120 on the road, the temp. in the air was 108 .It was a great trip and made it ok. When we were in Sturgis, I sure remember the good times when you and Tania were there we would talk to Gene and Pam about it over dinner.
Tino and Lana

One day I will write a Blog about how we met and the trip Tania and I took to the States in 1995 those were really good times J

One of may favourite people in the village are leaving soon and while she has not been here that long she has made a huge impact in the village, I am talking about Tania Malan, the GM of the Clarens Protea Hotel, Tania has been promoted and is moving to Midrand “not that I would consider that a promotion”. I know Tania loves Clarens and was a tough decision to make. Tania we wish you well in the new job and know that you will always have a soft spot for Clarens.

Clarens has a very active Village Fire Association, this being set up after last years fires that nearly saw the village go up and smoke, if it had not been for the local farmers then I think the damage would have been immense. The association under Rodney Wainright have really been active this season, burning firebreaks and putting out smaller fires tat could easily turn in to serious ones, So gents Thanks for all your efforts it is appreciated. (last years hassles, now have own fire fighters)

Last photo for this week was in a hotel room that I stayed in this week, now I ask if you are blind how are you supposed to read it ??

Quote for the week: “Live well, Love often and Laugh much”

Have a great week

The Village Idiot

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