At a loss for words

This week I have been struggling to think about what I will write, and for me that is unusual, so here it is and in no particular order.

Last week had Steven Segal visit Friends Restaurant and Wolverine has photographic evidence to prove it (Stephen is me and the ladies name is Sigal). Do you like the standard Segal pose with the left hand over the right forearm?

On Tuesday night Kelvin from friends suggested a Braai there so a few of us got together and just chilled, it was nice and the first Braai of the season. Wolverine was on top form and while we Love Kelvin to bits we do soooooooooooooo enjoy giving him carrots at every opportunity so when he was telling us about how he had been to a special school we decided to nickname hi “Rain man. Yes I know we are good mates, Wolverine was actually sharp for a change because Kel….. sorry Rain man said he wanted to have games evenings at the resturant and as quick as a flash Wolverine said what “Special Olympics, ok I suppose you had to be there, but it was funny. Actually Kelvin and another good friend Jeanelle both broke up with loved ones the last few days, so they are not in a great place at the moment, but both know that they have mates they can call on if they need to. So Rain man I have only one Question ‘who’s’ on first”?

So the Boks winning streak carries on with a 32 to 25 win against Australia, hopefully we will not get to cocky and win the Tri nations this year. As usual Friends was packed with a number of regulars and guests in the Clarens Ruby supporters club section, I don’t know if you have heard of a Jaeger Bomb? (It’s a shot of Jagermeister in a shot glass, placed in a whisky tumbler and filled up with an energy drink of your choice, you tip te glass to drink and the two mix) well this weekend we went one further with a number of people ordering carpet bombs, that’s 22 of them poured at the same time and passed around to all and sundry, then chanting “BOKKE BOKKE BOKKE” all down there drink, hence the carpet bombing. Perhaps if the allied forces in Iraq had used this method of carpet bombing there would have been a lot less hate and lot more LOVE J

I don’t know about you but I was willing to give Caster the benefit of the doubt that was until she opened her mouth on TV “ITS A MAN”. No ways is that a chick, “cannot be”, perhaps Pieter de Villiers and Caster could swop voices then she will sound like a woman and he like a man, “just a suggestion”

Last week told you about my mate in the states and his trip, sent me a few photos just to rub it in a little more. Here is one of them on that trip.

I have started studying again so when I get to PE I have a chance of finding a job and not relying on sticking shells together and selling them to tourists. The course is Health and safety and I must say I did not enjoy studying at school and the feeling has not changed much. So wish me luck and hold thumbs that I pass the exam when I write it sometime early next year.

Rolf Schlub a local visited Clarens Switzerland recently and is trying to link the two villages together (if I know Ralph, its something that he will get right) Ralph tells me that area is stunning and also sent me some photos.

Did you see the cops shooting the crap out of the SANDF members on TV, sometimes I cringe when I see scenes like that with the very people entrusted to safeguard the country and its peoples leopard crawling and acting like idiots on the lawns of the Union buildings, I will say one thing for them they sure know how to sing and dance, perhaps if we are ever invaded we could have a concert to decide who wins. I have to say I was impressed at the way the new minister of defence handled the situation and seems she is going to brook no nonsense from these people who basically mutinied. I suppose SANDF could now stand for Sing And Now Dance Forever. Since when does an army have a union, you do what your told in the army, while the army are there to usually defend a democracy, the armed forces themselves are a dictatorship. So SAP 1 / SANDF 0

I was asked by de Villiers from Clarens Protea to arrange a team to play a football match against them. I presume we will be called the Village Idiots, we will need a number of players as I can see the substitutes coming fast and furious.

Have a riddle for you: why don’t women pass wind? Because they don’t keep quiet long enough for the pressure to build up.

Wolverine and I have decided that we will enter the Captain Morgan Extreme photo competition. The Prize is a trip to Vegas for 4 people we have an awesome idea, just to get the picture/s we need may be a little tricky.

Some information from a friend of mine, its important to remember these men as it is because of their sacrifices that we can enjoy what we have today. I would also like to remember Daniel Roxo, Robbie Ribeiro, Little Robbie, Ponciano and all those brave men and women of Portuguese heritage that fought and died for this country “ we salute you”

30th Anniversary of the Loss of Puma 164

Sunday 06 September marks the 30th anniversary of the loss of Puma 164 during Op Uric/Bootlace, the attack on Mapai in the Gaza Province of Mozambique.
On this day two brave ladies will be traveling to the crash site, in order to pay their respects to their fallen brothers, and to the men who died with them on 06 September 1979.
The ladies are Delia Forbes, sister of LeRoy Duberly, and Sue Wentzel, sister of Peter Fox.
They will be accompanied and supported by their husbands on this difficult and emotional pilgrimage.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers next Sunday, and perhaps take a moment to remember the brave men at whose graveside they will be standing:

Capt Paul Velleman SAAF
Lt Nigel Osborne SAAF
Flt Sgt Dick Retief SAAF
Capt Joe du Plooy RLI
Capt Charlie Small RhEng
2Lt Bruce Burns RhEng
Sgt Michael Jones RhEng
Cpl LeRoy Duberly RhEng
L/Cpl Peter Fox RhEng
Cpl Gordon Fry RLI
Tpr Jacobus Briel RLI
Tpr Aiden Colman RLI
Tpr Mark Jeremy Crow RLI
Tpr Brian Enslin RLI
Tpr Steven King RLI
Tpr Colin Neasham RLI
Tpr David Rex Prosser RLI

"With thanksgiving, let us remember those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live on in peace.
Help us to keep them in our thoughts, and to never forget what they gave for us."

Graveside prayer read by Bob Manser and Rick van Malsen at the four crash sites which they located in Mozambique.

Spare a thought also for the families and friends of those brave men, who had to wait 30 years for their men to be finally laid to rest by their comrades-in-arms.

May they at last Rest in Peace.

Sad this week as have heard Tania Malan, the GM of the Clarens Protea Hotel is leaving and moving to the quiet hamlet of Gauteng. Tania will be a huge loss as she is such a asset to the village. I am sure however that Tania will visit from time to time and say Hi to Leanne who is the Lady taking over and hope that she will fit in and become a part of the village like Tania has.

Quote for this week comes from Jeannelle: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”

Have a great week ahead
The Village Idiot

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