What’s that smell?....................”Oh it must be Bullshit”

So the cANCer are stating that they will win a massive 23rd majority this election (7 May), now while I have no doubt that the cANCer will win the elections, signs are there that more and more “sane” people are getting Gatvol (Literal translation is “arse full” but means “up to here” or “pissed of” for my not Afrikaans speaking English readers). One also has to worry about comments from a cANCer supporter who said to Helen Zille “I know the ANC are corrupt, but I will still vote for them”………. “Well lady you deserve what you get or in the case of having the cANCer as your government, what you don’t get”.

Cyril Ramaposa make a statement that the ANC's mistakes had far been exceeded by the good it had achieved during the past 20 years in government, the party's deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Friday Speaking in Durban, Ramaphosa said: "Mistakes have been made, but at the same time we have had great success."He said the party's record had meant its membership had grown to 1.2 million people. (That’s because they pay their members to Breed)
And then my old Commie chum Blade “watch my nose grow” Nzimande came up with this doozie: “President Jacob Zuma built his house in Nkandla with his own money, SA Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said on Saturday (12 April)."Zuma built his own house, he did not use taxpayers' money to build his house," Nzimande told the National Union of Minewokers' national shop stewards council in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg. That is definitely BULLSHIT I smell Blade, really are your supporters that fking dof ??? and let me ask you this if he did have the money (246 000 000) that two hundred and forty six million for those that did schooling prior to the cANCer fking it up, then  where did he get that money from Blade …………………..You sir ( and I use that word loosely) are a BULSHITTER  

A great video that will certainly give that South Korean pop singer Psy and his hit song Gang Gam style a run for its money on YouTube hits (especially in SA ) is “Nkandla style” . For those that don’t know our president Jacob Zuma had  a security up grade done on his house that included amongst other things (and we seem to have invented new words for these items) a Swimming pool (Government calls it, a fire pool), Extensive luxury paving (Government calls it, Ground Stabilizing), 2 x soccer pitches (Government call it ,Essential security amenities) and an  Amphitheatre (the Government call it a retaining wall) .

Prez JZ says that he isn’t paying for any upgrades because he didn't ask for them, which I suppose if fair and can also apply to those that don’t want to pay toll fees in Gauteng. That’s something they didn’t ask for either. But let’s be honest how can you not know that your house is being upgraded? The question that I ask or would ask Jacob “Pinocchio” Zuma is; So when you visited your home (you must have done so over the period of the “security” upgrades) did you at no point notice the Tipper trucks. Architect (he would have been the one with the HUGE smile, due to the exorbitant fee he was being paid) scaffolding, as well as other paraphernalia that one usually find on a building site. When they were constructing your fire pool and setting up 2 football fields (I know you have many children, so perhaps you were looking at setting up a new PSL team ?) did you not ask yourself “why would I need a football field”

Did one of your many wives not complain to you about the builders wolf whistling at her as they normally do when they see a “Vision of loveliness walk past” or maybe it’s because as the most uneducated president South Africa has ever had (Yes we know it’s Verwoeds fault) especially when you have to deliver a speech that has numbers in it, as we have seen on numerous occasions you are unable to differentiate between 5 mealion and 260 Mealiiiiiiion. Anyway hopefully you don’t become president for a second term because you are a liar and a thief and Nigeria who apparently are set to become the biggest economy in Africa are probably going to give you an award because it due to you and the fucktards that have assisted you in fucking up our economy that this can happen. “So fuck you very much”

The Oscar show is still ongoing with those that have no life whatsoever glued to TVs. Computer screens or the radio to see whether or not State prosecutor Gerrie Nel can get Oscar to say he is lying, seems that some fktard feels that Gerrie is violating Oscar’s human rights by his questioning techniques and the fact he “Oh my Gosh” called him a liar……………….“The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has been asked to probe the manner in which State prosecutor Gerrie Nel conducted his cross-examination of murder accused Oscar Pistorius."We have received an e-mail with an intention to lodge a complaint over the utterances made in court," SAHRC spokesperson Isaac Mangena said on Friday”. I suppose my question is to the person that sent in the e-mail, what about how Oscar violated Reeva’s human rights , like the one to live ?................... “Just Saying”

Not been very enthusiastic in writing the Blog lately so this is a catch up as to “what’s been happening” in the Village Idiots life or what has interested me in the last while”.

Ryan (my brother in law) has resigned from NOSA so with Ryan leaving this has opened the window of opportunity for yours truly and as from May 1, 2014 I will be the Training manager for NOSA Eastern Cape. It’s time for a new challenge and I am sure that the position will provide just that.  
Tania’s business seems to be doing well since she has broken into (not literally, like a house breaker) into the American markets and I am very happy because she has put so much effort into her business and it’s great to see her hard work paying off

Iron man (weekend of 5 and 6 April) was well attended and again brought good money into the local economy. I have to say I was a little upset that I had put so much effort in to my training; swam our splash pool twice, walked to the local sports shop and looked at the bicycles and actualy had to run 5 meters on the way home when a vicious chiwowa/cheewowa (small dog with ears like a bat and big eyes) chased me and after all that Tania forgot to wake me up……………..So it’s back to the drawing board.   

This Saturday (12 April), 28 years ago a young man waited nervously at the front of a church in Kempton park scanning the door to catch a glimpse of his beautiful young bride and while I am sure at times Tania probably thinks that she got the short (no pun intended) end of the stick I know that I did not and look forward to another 28 years of love and life together. We went to the Yacht club for lunch and with the weather being awesome it was busy so the service left a little to be desired but the company and the food was great.

Sports news is not great with the Proteas actually getting to the semi-finals of the Pro- 20 series, but stumbling when it mattered most this means that since 1998 when the won the inaugural champions trophy competition they are like old mother Hubbard , yep you guessed it “The cupboard is bare”   

In Rugby the Stormers languish at the bottom of the super 15 log with the Cheetahs just above them, the Bulls are playing so so and the Lions much to my disgust and surprise started off well but are now losing games as well. This leaves the Sharks to top the log (at present) because injuries are starting to take their toll.   

Well that’s about it for this week, have a great one ahead and don’t forget that elections are coming up on 7 May so don’t forget to get out of bed and make your mark for change.


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