Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?............................"No its Superdoos".

This Blog is dedicated to all those posers, bullshit artists and Walter Mitty’s out there, people that pretend  to be what they are not to either impress or get ahead. Let’s be honest we have all bent the truth at times and perhaps even pretended to be something we are not to get  something we want. 

This gent however is in a class of his own, he is an ex-South African called Cornelius Theron and left SA to settle in the USA where according to him he lives the “good life”. He has a website extolling all his achievements and what he does etc etc. Of interest to a few ex SADF gents that stumbled across this site he made mention that he had been involved in 7 South African Infantry was a member of Military intelligence and had also served with elite units such as 32 Battalion and the Reconnaissance Regiment, The Para’s as well as the Green Berets (What in SA?) as well as Koevoet, quite impressive especially when it was over a 8 year period, Oh and he also helped quell riots in various townships (One has to assume on his weekends off?). 

Obviously these credentials were challenged by ex members of these units, here is an reply sent to  Mr Theron.

Hello Cornelius
Your CV is doing the rounds here in your former homeland and raising a few questions amongst the various institutions that exist here.  Many folk here in SA are interested to know how and why you fabricated it the way you did. You are probably going to end up on several "Walls of Shame" unless you can prove or apologise and amend your military credentials
 Based on your age and assuming you completed school in SA, without failing, your matric year was 1983, the same year you turned 18. Ops Protea was Aug 1981 (so you were called up in Std 7, 1980, for training, to be ready for Ops Protea.  Failing that, battle ready in Std 8?) Ops Askari was Dec 1983, so SAW & Sons called you up again (during your matric final exams,) for your much needed schoolboy skills!! Ops Modular was Aug 1987, you were probably in the system by then but that has now overshot your 8 years in the SADF.  However,The soonest 

you could have entered the SADF was 1984 and if you left SA for the USA in 1990, you only had 6 years, not 8 to do all that you claim to have done in your CV Cosatu and SACP were not military units and the Rhodesian Campaign (as we understand it, was done and dusted by 1980, when you in Std 7.)  We wonder when you had time to become an Officer and which one at that? We are also not sure where the Liberty Life Unit is?!? Not sure when the "Mozambique Border Control War" was fought? Who are the Green Berets Special Forces?? Now, the SWA Parliamentary Unit must have been a fearsome bunch!! To our knowledge, there is no Gold First Class Shooting Award. Don't you think that "Urban Combat and Riot Control" is a bit over the top?

When and where did you do Recce Selection? If you were in 1 RR, should you not have had Freefall wings? When were you in 32 Bn? When were you in Koevoet? What is your Force Number? We have a couple of associates in Florida, USA. What is your exact address?, (or should they just use the business address on your website,) as they would probably love to come and compare notes with you.

 Soon after this was posted  Mr Cornelius “Rambo, I R Legend”  Theron decided that he was not a member of the Recce’s etc anymore and posted the most disgusting rants about the Recce’s the SADF as well as any South African who is left in SA, go check it out here is the link  to see what this Shit head has to say after being “outed” as a total Fraud, pretending to be a hero when all he is, is a twat. The funny part is he goes on about how whites should be sorted out by the blacks it’s a possibility he was himself a member of the AWB (Afrikaan weesrstands beweeging/Afrikaans resistance movement)  or now it could stand for Afrikaaner Without Brains. 

A couple of sites have been set up on Facebook to counteract this Tool, here is one of the links

 Happy St Patricks day to all those that are either Irish or just like Green Beer, Oh by the way it seems that St Patrick may have been a Slave Trader................London - St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, may well have been a tax collector for the Romans who fled to Ireland where he could have traded slaves to pay his way, according to new research by a University of Cambridge academic published on Saturday. The generally accepted account of the saint's life, albeit based on scant evidence, says Patrick was abducted from western Britain as a teenager and forced into slavery in Ireland for six years during which time he developed a strong Christian faith. Afterward, the account continues, he escaped his captors and went back to Britain before eventually returning to Ireland as a missionary.

Trained all week, really tiring having to talk for 6 hours a day (even for me )sometimes I feel a chimpanzee would do better to get through to some people. Tomorrow (Sunday) ride to Mossel bay (350kms away) to go and do a Moderators course that I need to be able to moderate  other assessors papers. The Buffalo rally is there this weekend, so expect plenty of bikes on the road. 

The Proteas creamed the Black caps in the 2nd 5 day test match to go 1 – 0 ahead in the series with 1 game to play. The Stormers beat the Blues last night at Newlands and hopefully later today the Sharks will beat the Reds and tomorrow morning the Cheetahs will record their first win of the Super 15 as they face the Rebels. Both the Bulls and Lions have Bye’s this weekend.

Ok Gotta go



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