Its only illegal if ................?

Woke up on Wednesday morning and the first thing I checked was that our house was still in the same suburb. The wind had been rather strong on Tuesday night, so i thought it pertinent to have a quick look just to make sure we were still in Charlo.

This week on Radio and on FB the question was asked “You know your South African when............” My answer was when you actually live in SA, which I thought was a reasonable answer..........but as is the norm I always seem to hit a nerve with certain individuals...............I  have since changed my answer to you know your South African when you “Spread  to the rest of the Globe how Lekker it is to be South African, by selfishly moving to a foreign country and foisting being South African upon them” ............The saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do” seems to be obsolete and could be replaced “When in Rome look to see what the South African is doing”      

Thursdays we play pool after work with 7 of us having formed a office league with the only constant being Rudy keeping hold of the top spot while the rest of us battle for the other spots, i had a good evening and one of my best games ever against Theuns (my boss), he had 1 ball left to sink and i still had all 7 balls on the table, so i was staring a whitewash in the face. But it all came together and i played some sublime shots (If i say so myself) to win the match with Theuns still needing to sink his last ball, the league ratings  stands as follows Rudy, Stephen, Theuns, Xavier, Ryan, Vusi and holding up the rear Michael, who players well, but never seems to win games)

Spring is on the way, can’t wait to be able to snorkel, body board, teach Gabby to surf (he he, that should be fun) and just get the tan back, I am starting to look like a  pasty Saffer living in colder climes and I can’t have that.   

Daniel (My Nephew turned 3 on Friday) so we had dinner at Ryan’s,  It was nice to see the family and to celebrate Daniels birthday, he was so excited (only as kids can be) about it being his birthday. 

Saturday was Rugby day as usual, watched the Aussies beat the All Blacks, wonder how many people who own shirts that say ‘I support SA and any other team that plays Australia” did in fact shout for the Aussies to beat the All Blacks so they go in to the RWC with 2 losses behind them. The Cheetahs lost to the Griquas by 3 points and the Lion beat the Sharks so the Lions are in a good position. EP kings beat South West Districts by 60 points to 28 on Friday night, that was an away game so next Friday they play Boland at home.  

Got this info via a newsletter he sends out from my friend at the Engel & Völkers Eastern Free State office and thought i would  share it with you. We are extremely positive about the future of South Africa. We passionately believe that “everything around us consists of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy”. Here follows a number of good news items everyone should know about – focus on these instead of sensational media articles:

South Africa ’s debt to GDP ratio is 32% ( USA 100%, Japan 200%, UK 90%). The World Bank recommends a ratio of 60%. South Africa sold $1.8 billion worth of cars to the US in 2010, putting us ahead of Sweden and Italy as suppliers to the US market. Car sales are projected to grow 10% in 2011 to 460,000 units. South Africa is ranked 1st out of 139 countries in respect of regulation of security exchanges according to the World Economic Forum competitiveness report 2010-2011.The South African stock market rose 16.09% in 2010, ranking 8th out of the G20 nations and ahead of all of the G7 countries ( Bespoke Investment Group ). The South African Rand was the second best performing currency against the US Dollar between 2007 and 2011, according to Bloomberg’s Currency Scorecard. The number of tourists visiting South Africa has grown from 3.9million in 1994 to 11.3 million in 2010. South Africa is ranked among the top 5 countries in the world in respect of tourism growth (growing at 3 times the global average). Cape Town was named the top tourist destination in the world in the 2011 Traveller’s Choice Destinations awards. OR Tambo airport is the best airport in Africa, according to the World Airport Awards 2010/11. It was also in the top 3 most improved airports in the world for the same period.SA has 30,000 schools (7,000 secondary, 23,000 primary). In 1994 only 12,000 had electricity. Now 24,000 have access to electricity. South Africa ’s  learner to teacher ratio has improved from 1:50 in 1994 to 1:31 in 2010.

SA's population is the 27th largest in the world (there are 230 countries, only 80 have a population in excess of 10 million). South Africa is not listed as one of the 49 fastest growing populations.  Our population is set to stabilise at ± 50 million for the next 20 years. Population sizes remain the same when there are 2.2 births per fertile female. In South Africa the figure is 2.3 births per fertile female. The average in Europe is 1.7.  (Economist). The percentage of the South African population with access to clean drinking water has increased from 62% in 1994, to 93% in 2011. Access to electricity has increased from 34% in 1994, to 84% in 2011. Since 1994, 435 houses have been built each day for the poor. Don’t let statements by prominent political figures frighten you. The media knows that this kind of sensationalism sells, and therefore they are punting it. Land rights and freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution.

Well that’s it for this week and remember  “Its only Illegal if you get caught”

Friends and Family


There is an old saying .....................”you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”. I am lucky in that on the whole the family is pretty cool (just joking your all awesome) , people you call friends however can sometimes be a problem......................why am I saying this?  To be honest I have NFI (work that one out yourself) but lately I have been thinking about old friends that I have lost contact with, old school friends and work mates, it’s sad that we do lose contact, I would love to know what they are doing now...........................................  So maybe I should get off my ass and try contacting them.   
As some of you may know  was in Grahamstown from Sunday - Tuesday stayed in a nice Guest house called the ‘White House” Very larney I must say.............Had to get the police to escort me to the place as the roads (no road signs) had me totally lost. The last time got the cops to show me how to get somewhere was many moons ago when I got lost in Durban central trying to find the North Coast road and my GPS system (Tania) could also not assist.  The up side however of getting lost was that I rode past (oh yeah I did get wet and it was frikken cold) a pub called Pirates the sign says drink, eat, play. So after settling in I decided to go and see if they could sell me a beer and some food. It’s a student bar so very rustic (old digs that was converted into a bar), but a lekker atmosphere. Reminds me of the Mystic Boer in Bloemfontein, which is also a student hangout and very popular. Got chatting to Kelly the bar lady (Journalism student) so we had an interesting chat about writing etc etc. Place was busy with the Tri -varsity weekend just having finished, part of the tradition is to wear a overall and not wash for 3 days, some even body paint or face paint themselves..............
Kelly said that Mondays were always very busy as it was Cougar night and that the bar staff wore cougar Monday T shirts and that the patrons to get one had to do something outrageous, I asked what was classed as outrageous and was told that 2 ladies had poured tequila on their boobs and set them alight and one guy had drank Jagermeister from his buddies ass (yeah my thoughts exactly). Anyway  popped in on Monday to have a beer and 3 T shirts were up for grabs, (no I did not get a T shirt, but would be lying if I said  did not think of a way to get one) One went to the lad that head dived from the bar counter onto the wooden floors and then had his friend dive on top of him from the bar counter (had to hurt) One girl first stripped down to underwear and then had her four friends drink tequila shots from her while she lay on the bar, the barman decided (after she had finished of course) that this had been done before and was not worthy of a t shirt. She however came back with a friend and “made out with her” while the barman decided if he should give her the T shirt or not.........He did. I did not see who got the 3rd one but do know that the one girl was debating if she should allow her friends to tie her topless to the pole on the bar counter and have all the guys score her for her  boobs  on a scale of 1-10.........................”Gabby is not going to Varsity”

Grahamstown had rubbish all over it Monday and Tuesday due to the municipal strike and i have to say that even with the rubbish and the numerous potholes, it beats the shit out of East London any day of the week, at least the people are friendly and I do like Pirates. 

If you have not listened to ADELE  who is awesome, gives me goose bumps when I hear her sing, her voice is amazing, hard to believe she is only 21, Amy “is their Wine in the house” compared to Adele is like watching one of the current batch of SA Idols performing..............what a load of kak.   

Talking about strikes the police used water cannons and stun grenades on striking municipal workers here in PE on Wednesday after they tried to set the ?? doors alight................Not a Hoody in sight, but they did have matches.     
Saturday morning was fun run day , 5kms and i have to ask myself  why do I do these things, your 48 and you don’t need to prove that you can run with the other idiots. I have to say I would like to high five in the face (using a chair) the “doos” that called it a Fun Run,  in my case it would be better to call it a Unpleasant Hobble. First 25 meters started off well and I decided after 50 meters to push through the pain barrier (that’s what us athletes call it when your muscles are going into spasm and the pain is unbearable). I pushed on and was very surprised to get to a sign that said 1km...............”1 km, nah, you got to be Frikken joking.......... its surely the halfway mark” having pushed through the pain barrier at 50 meters and knowing I had 1.5 kms to go before I could “legally “ head for the finish line it was time for a decision, stupidly I decided to ignore the pain in my groin and carry on, at 2.5 kms my chest was sore, but not the bad side, as you can imagine by now the pain barrier had not only been crossed but had been moved to another time zone.

 I must say it was satisfying to see that I was not last, I had a number of really old people, 3 dwarfs (sorry little people) and a lady with an overweight guide dog behind me. I was a little concerned that a lady pushing a pram had got to the half way mark before me but made the decision to walk for a little while, I had to keep moving otherwise my legs would have cramped up and would have had to ask the lady with the pram to give me a lift, which may have looked a little weird. So at the 4 km mark I got my 8th wind and decided to finish strong,  probably because a really old lady wearing a road race number (you know they are serious when they have the kit and a number) came ambling past, I was not sure if the number 176 was her age or the number of races she had competed in, either way it spurred me on to get my feet moving again.  Seeing the words Finish really got me going (I could hear VanGelis playing in the background..............Scenes from Chariots of fire flashed before me) and as I was heading towards the holy grail I wondered why they called it the Finish line, was it because you had completed the race or because you were in fact ‘Finished”?  Rudy who I had run with had eaten breakfast, had his car wash and taken a surfing lesson while waiting for me.  I got a medal and a  chocolate carmello bear for my troubles.          
 Ok so the morning may not have been great but the afternoon/evening was a ticket to the Bok/All Black game at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, it was packed solid, had great seats 4 rows up from the field and right next to the tunnel.  First time in 41 years that the All Blax have played in PE ( and that was  at the Old Boet Erasmus ground were they won),  Met at the office and had a few drinks and some snacks with clients that were going to the game, then headed off to the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (and it is an awesome Stadium) (nicknamed the Sunflower by locals)

The atmosphere was great walking to the stadium from our parking area the streets were filled with Bok supporters on the way to the stadium, having boot Braais (BBQ’s) or just chilling at a local pub, flags were waving and the atmosphere was one of optimistic apprehension. Inside the stadium the crowds were either at one of the many beer outlets (we rugby supporters love our beer) or at the stage area with the live entertainment. The atmosphere in the stadium as awesome and when the teams ran on for warm up a buzz of excitement could be heard, “this was going to a game to relish”    
I have been to a number of international events but I have never ever heard the National Anthem sung like it was Yesterday, it was just the most chest swelling feeling to hear our anthem sung like the whole world could hear it and hear it they did................Doug in the UK SMS’s me to say that the presenters on Sky Sports had mentioned that the crowd had sung the anthem so well and so loud. It was one of those................................... “Have to be there moments”, we won 18-5 and the local All Black supporters got some stick on the way out and a scuffle or two did occur. Apparently there was one during the game that the police had to intervene in but for the whole the game was played in a great atmosphere. Role on RWC. 

Oh we have a new pet, it’s a rabbit that was going to be the lunch of some boa constrictor, he is fully grown and apparently  house trained, we shall see, if he behaves then he can stay otherwise...........well let’s see. His name is Sweetie, if he stays that will have to change. When Mischief the cat realised he could not eat him, he then just got bored, although he is a little scared of the rabbit...........Mischief the Scaredy cat.  
I flew up to JHB on Sunday morning to see my folks and family as well as write my national general certificate Diploma exams..................I am a tad worried because nothing seems to be in the brain but i am surprisingly calm about the whole thing, which for me is unusual, so I am either going to do well or use in stressing now I suppose. 

PE airport was busy due to the many visitors that came to watch the Boks play the All Blax. Flight up was ok, one thing you have to do when flying over South Africa you must listen to the Toto song  “Africa” we have an awesome country and from the air on a clear day it looks even better. One thing I did notice that I have not before  as i was coming into land at O T is that a graveyard from way up there looks like a book in brail..... Its true, next time you fly and have a window seat look for a graveyard and see what I mean.  I was in row 17 seat F (window seat) across the aisle A - C I saw 3 of the biggest people ever squeezing themselves into  the 3 seats, I can tell you they were not comfortable.

Spent a lekker Sunday with the family, Watched my dad ride, Karen showed me how Huckleberry   (a horse) can play football and we played a mock game of horse polo cross, my wrist is still sore. Also watched a Trevor Noah DVD, he is really good, the DVD is called Crazy Normal, if you can get a copy to watch its well worth the effort. 

Monday morning my sister gave me a lift to the Gautrain and took the 12 min trip to Sandton so that I could write my exams, (thanks to everyone that sent me SMS’s or called to wish me luck, much appreciated)   as I write this portion of the Blog I am sitting in a larney Caffe that charges R30 for a coffee and if you want a breakfast then the common folk like us would need to call the bank manager for an overdraft. So glad that I live in PE, people are nicer, distances are shorter and the coffee is affordable.    
Well 1st exam was a nightmare, got the paper and first 4 questions answered and then realised it was the International certificate question paper and not the National certificate paper, so got the correct paper and was So Frikken hard, could not complete the paper (yes I was given the time that I lost doing the other paper ). Doubt that I have passed.....................No let me re-phrase that I know i did not pass.    

2nd exam was even worse than the first and while I am really feeling down about the exams the fact that I did not do well may just be a blessing in disguise, its shown me that I do not know as much as perhaps I thought I did, its true over last 18 months I have come a long way regards the OHS field but I still have lots to learn. So I need to put more effort into reading information in OHS magazines and I also need to get out into different industries (more than I do at the moment) so that I can learn by seeing, I am the type of [person who remembers better when i see and can ask questions. So as I say while I am pissed off that I have not done well I now know 2 things a) got a road map to follow b) have great family and friends who wished me luck before the exams and gave words of encouragement after the exam     
Been thinking about getting a tattoo, “thinking” being the operative word, Tania not to keen, but let’s this space.     

 Well that’s me for this week and a bit, have a good one

London bridge is burning down....................................

Perhaps the biggest news  stories of the week is that stock markets have plummeted again raising fears of another recession and the rioting in the UK that had saffers frantically contacting family and asking that those living in the Crime Ridden homeland pray for England ..............How Ironic.
The issue with the UK is that they are allowing foreigners in  by the drove and giving them benefits and saying f-off to their own countrymen (especially the few that do work) it was bound to catch up with them sooner or later . Living off the State is a way of life in Britain. If you honestly think these people that say they are unemployed and have no future are all out looking for employment you need your head read. They get a free house, free medical, free dental, FREE money, free school if they want it but they still feel cheated. I have no sympathy. They think they're gangsters but they are just idiots. Surely those hard working people in the UK must be sick of paying high taxes for their 'poor' lifestyle. This is about two things: 1. Cutbacks on free handouts and 2. Opportunistic criminality. With reference to the BBC prior to the Soccer World Cup of 2010, I would like to know if there is a plan B for a host city for next year Olympics?  

 The Pommie  government even recommended that South Africans not travel to the UK for fear of their that’s funny. The Poms were talking about bringing in the army to patrol the streets, yeah that’ s what’s needed to control 10 year old kids with hoodies and matches.........Wimps. after 3 days of debate the parliament have said that they can use water cannon on the little shits, I personally think that they may not have wanted to shock the little shits by giving them a unscheduled shower. Here in SA the police use Rubber bullets, live rounds and then the water cannon to cleans the blood from the ground.   

Many Face book followers  were also unsympathetic towards the riots in the UK and I had to laugh that the Libyan government who are bombing their own citizens called for the resignation of David Cameron (he is the Muppet that runs the UK at present)
 The following though is very funny.

ETHIOPIA. The African Union today adopted a unilateral resolution to deploy army 
troops and care packages to England as looting and violence spread from London
to other major cities. Spokesperson Charity Khumalo said “We can no longer stand
by while these savages tear themselves apart.” The AU, meeting today in an 
emergency session to discuss the ongoing rioting in the UK, has declared that
they will do “everything in their power to help bring civilisation to England”.

“It’s just so sad, you know?” said Khumalo, speaking from the
organisation’s HQ in Addis Ababa. “Sitting here and watching
them on TV while their society implodes. We cannot in good 
conscience remain idle and let it happen.” The AU has announced 
a range of initiatives that Africans can get involved with to help 
alleviate the misery of the English. “For instance, we have launched 
an ‘Adopt an English child’ programme,” Khumalo explained, 
showing journalists brochures featuring the faces of English kids.
“If you donate a mere R50 a month, you can see to it that sweet
little Johnny from Peckham receives a basic education, a pack of 
condoms and a pair of pimpin’ Nikes.”
Khumalo also said that the AU would be parachuting in dentists 
along with army troops as part of a ‘Feel better about yourselves, 
Brits!’ initiative.“You can understand why they’re turning on each 
other,” the spokesperson told journalists. “You look in the mirror 
and you see teeth untouched by modern dentistry. It’s heartbreaking
enough to take anyone put a brick through a Starbucks.”
The organisation also plans to air-drop care packages on major 
UK cities. “Vegetables, mainly,” Khumalo confirmed. “We’re sending
them vegetables and toothpaste.” The AU’s flagship event, however,
will be a star-studded rock concert to be held in Johannesburg, with 
all proceeds going towards the establishment of mobile libraries
around the UK. Artists ranging from Mafikizolo to Steve Hofmeyr 
have pledged to perform at the show. “As a humanitarian, it’s the
least I can do,” Hofmeyr said yesterday. “I look at those photos of
the adorable little beasts knifing each other in fights over looted 
X-Boxes and I want to hug them and give them a nice hot cup of Milo.”

I also see that  Mr. S Dewani is being extradited to SA, the first time an Indian has been forced to come here since the first  the first boatload of Indians arrived 150 years ago to cut sugar cane. I think that he asked to come to SA because he felt his life was in danger in Riot torn England. 
It seems that Clarens is also  experiencing an influx of foreigners,  First the Pakki’s pull in now i hear that Clarens is about to get its first Oriental trader ........yeah that’s right the Chinese have a foot in the door. But I suppose racially prejudiced or not , Money is Money.
Not having been to Clarens for over a year now I get the feeling that it’s not the same as it was when we where there, don’t get me wrong still Love the place and miss a number of people i would find it very difficult to move back. I am however looking forward to 2012 as its the 100th birthday of Clarens and it could be nice to get a few of the people  that have left Clarens to meet up and have a reunion. Gollum is single again, one of the leading business men in the village has had a couple of properties auctioned and its been bloody cold.   

Sports news is that Tiger woods’ has lost his Aura, so if you find it can you please post to Tiger Woods, (care of some hooker) 
EP Kings beat Boland 23/17 on Friday and on Saturday the Lions beat the Cheetahs 17/10 and  the Aussies beat SA 14/9 and it was a game the Boks should have won, suspect substitutions and position changes gave the Aussies the game in the last 20 minutes. The Boks had been the better team for 60 but as we all know Rugby is a 80 minute game. We crossed the lines twice .but both times the trys were not given. Here is my synopsis of the game
1)    Danie Rossouw is not a flanker (he is to slow)
2)    John Smit is not a prop......or a good hooker for that matter
3)    Al the forwards should push in the scrum (think someone forgot to tell 6-8)
4)    We are too impatient  and either knock on or kick the ball away
5)    F Steyn needs a Frikken haircut and i think he has spent more time eating in France than playing rugby
6)    Bismark should start and play for 60 minutes, not be brought on as a impact player
7)    De Villiers and Fourie are the best centres we have
8)    Butch and Patrick should be the fly halves.
News from the expat paper printed in SA is that a British pupil was killed by a bear 4 others seriously injured in a polar bear attack while they were camping in Scandanavia.

Well that’s it for this week, on the way to the city of Saints this afternoon for 2 nights, (Grahamstown for those who did not know). 

Have a great week


What makes his mind TIK ??

So Helium tells the parliamentary committee that is investigating why the Boks did so KAK against Australia and the All Blacks that he actually deserves a medal, and that the Boks are a 90% bet to win the RWC.................He must be a Tik user. Just read this shit and tell me that he is not delusional .

 Cape Town - He deserves a medal after four years as Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers said on Tuesday. "And a big one too," the coach boldly stated. According to Die Burger newspaper, De Villiers and SA Rugby Union (SARU) CEO Jurie Roux were in Parliament to inform the portfolio committee on sport and recreation about preparations for next month’s Rugby World Cup tournament. De Villiers said the coaching team did an excellent job of forging players from different unions with different game patterns into a world-class team within a few weeks - despite some injuries. He outlined plans for winning the World Cup, as well as some of the team's weaknesses, strengths and what they see as threats. He described one of the weaknesses as an inability to deliver the knockout punch. “We need a killer instinct,” said De Villiers.
MPs grilled De Villiers and SARU about the Springboks’ defeats during the Tri-Nations tour of Australia and New Zealand. They repeatedly asked why the best team stayed at home, accusing De Villiers of persisting with players whose game is not up to scratch. But De Villiers maintained that the team has enough experience and talent to be crowned the best in  the world, and Roux insisted that the best available players went on tour. Injured players attended a rehabilitation camp in Rustenburg and SARU has the medical certificates to prove it. De Villiers stressed that team selections have never been motivated by sentiment and that experience, leadership and “class” were critical. “We first decide what we want before we look at the names. … There has never been a sentimental selection.”
I think that 

·       Div and Malema must be related. They both suffer from delusions of grandeur
·       Yes PdV... you deserve a NODDY BADGE for being a PRIZE PRICK!
·       If you want a medal , then win the RWC 

The All Blacks beat the Aussies yesterday 30/14 in a match that saw the All Blacks dominate. I hope that when Australia and The all blacks come to play the 2 tests here that we actually put a team together that will put up a fight. At the moment if you walk past Helium in a Bok jersey there is a possibility that you could get picked for the team. At R600 a ticket for the Bok/All Blacks match at the Nelson Mandela bay Stadium on 20 August they had better put up a proper team. No I don’t have tickets, but if I am really lucky I may just get one (as the office has 6 season tickets that include the Test match and we are all scrambling for one, I being down the pecking order will probably be looked over and perhaps a favourite or two will get to go)     

There are times when I am training that I know certain people will be found NYC (Not yet competent) and no matter what I do or however patient I am a certain concept or concepts is not getting registered. Is it frustrating..........Hell yeah, unless you have actually stood for 2 days teaching a class and giving it your all its actually hard to describe how the energy gets sucked out of you. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

So another week in Hell (or East London as the locals call it) Had a couple of good days with regards the weather and then winter arrived again. I decided to ride back on Friday afternoon to get home instead of staying over another night. If you read last week’s Blog you would have read that the ride to EL apart from the millions of Potholes was really nice “perhaps the best i have experienced in all my trips to El and back.

Well the ride back on Friday was all the worst elements mixed together to make the 310 km’s perhaps one of the hardest things that i have done for a while. As i left EL it started to rain, light drizzle at first but then getting heavier as i rode out of EL. By 25 km’s out I was  already cold and water was starting to get into my boots, (I was wearing a rain suit, but it does not help with water in boots) my gloves were soaked and by the time i got to Port Alfred 150kms away i was not in a happy place.

I put in fuel, changed socks and tried to dry out gloves (was not going to happen) I then prepared for the final 160kms to PE, one plus point is that the pothole country goes down on this stretch. But let me take you through a few km’s of the ride (So it’s raining ‘Ranging from drizzle to heavy”, its cold, it’s windy, gusts of wind hitting you from different angles, its Friday afternoon, so weekend traffic “oh yes its long weekend as well” through in potholes, suicidal truck drivers, goats, sheep, cows, locals and a monkey or two and you may just get the picture) Ok so i am riding on a stretch that is fast so can do 120 -140, have my hand keeping the visor open because its misting up, get to a section of road with cars and trucks, need to make your way through the traffic (remembering the spray from the road) and also trying to keep your visor from misting up because you need to see the potholes and wildlife as well. Hold on tight as a huge truck comes hurtling past you at “one hundred and plenty”, the wind as well as the spray from the road hits you. Remember that your hands and feet are cold (I can feel the water sloshing in my boots and water is starting to drip down my neck because being water it finds those little openings to get into). Thankfully i have music on so i can keep focused on the tasks at hand, arriving homes as just awesome, a cup of hot coffee and a hot bath (never seen my hands turn bright red and then Purple/Black before as the blood started to return to the extremities). Yeah I know what you’re thinking ‘you are nuts” perhaps but when that’s the mode of transport you have to use then you have to get on with it. 

We have gone from having no water to water oozing out of the ground all over the Eastern Cape; the dams are 100%+ full. A funny thing is that the sign around the corner says PE is a restricted area regards water and the dam level info says 100%.    

Saturday I went to the Rugby at the Duck, overstayed by a couple of hours, but was nice to see my friends Cheeky and Cindy and watch the Cheetahs come back from 13/0 to beat WP 28/22, the Lions beat the Bulls and the Sharks got beaten by the Griquas on Friday night as a weekend of surprise results. Next Saturday is Boks vs Australia in Durban. International Rugby saw England beat Wales and  Scotland beat the Irish.  
I see that there was a controversy with the Indians and the Poms regards the run out of Ian Bell. The Indians relented and sent him back in and he promptly clubbed them all over the park giving the Poms a massive lead, putting the Indians under pressure and  leading to them losing the game. 

Talking about the Poms seems that 1-9 million of them that claim sick benefits (thought they only did that in SA?) could actually work, it’s no wonder that people from all over the globe can go there and find a job...........1.9 million people skiving off is a lot of people.   

What’s the worst thing that you have walked in on in your life? mine has to be at Walmer Mall on Saturday. Both Tania and I both had to go to the bathroom I walked into the gents bathroom and right in front of me was a HUGE African mama with the knickers around the ankles, sitting on the toilet having a “whatever she  was doing”.........I did a double take said something to the effect, this is the gents (but inside I was wondering was it, had Tania gone to the gents?)It would seem that then ladies was full and needing the toilet urgently the lady decided to use the gents toilets (I have done that myself, used the ladies when the gents was full) But you close the FRIKKEN door lady............Hell the image is one that I want to ever see again............. 

Oh yeah i was signed off on Incident Investigation level 3, so that’s good. On 22nd i write my Nebosh exams in Jhb, so that is next. Then hopefully by year end i will be signed off on SAMTRAC and that will mean i earn a decent living wage..................Now that will be great.  

Well that’s about it for this week

Have a great Woman’s day on Tuesday and don’t work to hard for those that are working (I am not)


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