Darwin awards

At Afri Ski last weekend we saw a gent that was trying to get in to the Darwin awards or at least get a honourable mention. (See photo) yes he was holding the ski poles with the sharp ends pointing toward his stomach with a large person leaning towards him, on skis on very slippery snow and the lady was obviously a beginner.

No International rugby this weekend, so we had to make do with that and Currie Cup rugby (that is like watching paint dry compared to Tri Nations action) however the Cheetahs beat the under 6 leopards team by nearly 60 points, the Griquas was robbed by thr ref and lost 25 – 24 to the Bulls (yes Player 24 we know you are happy) and the Sharks made a meal out of the Lions 30 – 17. Next week is Tri nations and I will have to swallow my pride and shout for the Aussies as we need them to balance out the Kiwis win against them in the opening match

Jannie de Beer ex Springbok Flyhalf and drop goal record holder was in the village this week as was John Smit, I got to meet Jannie, but not John. Jannie is a really nice guy and came to bear witness to his love of the Lord, must say I thought he was going to be chating about his rugby career, but never the less I enjoyed his talk and especially him saying that we as parents need to bless our children and tell them we love them and that we are there for them, something we don’t always do, Kobus is the owner of Mont d Or and they sponsored his accommodation and Dominee Sakkie was also there (right to left Kobus, Jannie, Sakkie).

I was thinking about my daughter Gabriella this week after the talk by Jannie and how blessed I am to have her and now she is becoming a teenager and a woman. There was a time when I never thought I would be a dad and to be honest it did not really faze me that much, but thanks to Tania who really wanted to become a mom we persevered and we now have a wonderful daughter. The road however was long and frustrating, especially for Tania who to be honest bore the brunt of the disappointment and frustration The main reason we could not have kids seemed to be that for some reason my sperm would not swim and if they did manage to get to the designated sperm spot Tania’s eggs would decide that they where either not good looking enough or where just not interested. SO it was off to the fertility clinic and this again was a frustrating and difficult time for not just us, but our families as well and while we had some tough times during this part of our lives there where also lighter moments along the way . (several sentences have been censored from this by my wife....!!)

Spring is peeking its head around the corner and it seems the last leg of winter is here, however in Clarens we always get a last kick in the butt, its nice however to see the willows going green and blossoms on the fruit trees. In Larola where we live we seem to get winter 2 weeks before everyone else and Spring arrives also about 2 weeks after it has already been in the village.

Thanks to all of those that have sent in SMS votes for Clarens I am happier to tell you that we are now 5th on the list, however we still needs da votes, so for one last time send the following Volksblad dorp, Clarens, your name, your cell number and SMS to 34115 (SMS cost R2.00) Thanks Ryan know you have sent few from PE, “Lekker like a Krekker.”

Wolverine took a photo of the biggest Kwas I have ever seen in my life, that thing was so big I think you could have painted a whole barn door in one go, anyone else ever seen a Kwas this big before? Also wolverine wanted to share with you his expert advise on how to get a girl in the sack and allow you to take photos. “ First find a girl, then get the drummer to take the big drum out of its bag, then ask girl to get in the bag, then zip the bag up and there you have it a girl in the sack” He is not a well puppy my mate Wolverine. Last week did not have the photo of the T-t smoking so here it is this week, “not for the faint hearted”

Rupa and Nicky our neighbours had there fisrs bike ride this weekend, Rupa's brother came up from Durban and took them both for a ride, "they had fun"

Quote for the week: “ He brings a lot of joy when he leaves the room”

Have a great week.

The Village Idiot.

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