Guess who’s back

The more astute of you may have noticed that i have not written a Blog for a long long time, “what’s the excuse” ? Well to be honest i did not feel like writing for a while.

Busy writing this Blog  sitting on a 1960’s style couch watching SABC 2 with the sound disappearing and the picture fluctuating between a blue screen, or it ghosting and then splitting into a double screen you know like when a Boeing airbus flies over your house and the TV goes moggy. Staying at a place called the Palmhouse which is part of a larger lodge called the Kraaljtie (little kraal)

But I get ahead of myself, so let me tell you where i am and why i am here. I am in a village Called Joubertina that is 180kms from PE and is situated on the R62 (SA’s version of  America’s Route 66)

Well I am going to be doing some training tomorrow at ESKOM (SA electricity supplier). But in the meantime let me tell you about Joubertina or at least my impressions of it.

Have to say was not looking forward to have to come here as I was thinking of a 1 horse town that they would probably feed me for dinner, but I really like it here. It could be the Euphoria wearing off from the Shit eating grin bike ride to get here. OMG (that’s Oh my God for those that are not hip with the modern way of communicating) what an awesome ride, when I turned off the N2 onto the R62 i was wondering what the road would be like, but I believe that the road maker was either a biker and if not then he should be made an honorary one.

The road is good, cambers awesome and with enough turns and twisties to keep you wanting more, even the setting sun in the eyes could not dampen the need for speed. The bike was going great and handling like it was on rails. The road to Kareedouw is lekker but from there to  Joubertina is a bikers paradise.

Kareedouw is a typical tourism village with the obligatory Pep store, 4 garage’s 6 butchers, 18 bottle stores and a  pot pourie of restaurants, coffee shops and gift stores. The church off the main road is however majestic and was voted the 5th most beautiful church in SA, it’s also where John Vorster is buried.

If i was smiling about the road to Kareedouw  then i was grinning from ear to ear when i hit the road to Joubertina, AWESOME with a Capital A is what I have to say. Got into Joubertina as the sun was setting and the clouds were spilling over the mountains into the valley, got lost so stopped at the Ark to get directions, just so happen also sold beer , so had one of those and then another and then rode down to the guest house.

Settled in and then rode back to the ARK to have a couple more bers and play a couple games of pool. Barman Arno was very funny , when i asked him what youngsters like himself did for companionship he said “In Joubertina you do not get to have a girlfriend, you get a turn”.

Woke up at 2am to the sound of a cockerel that had throat cancer from the sound of it so did not get much sleep after that. At breakfast  got a call to say that the training for ESKOM had been cxd due to a number of the students on the way to the training having been involved in a car accident so that would mean only a few people at the training. After breakfast, I packed up and head the 180kms back home to PE. Can’t wait to get back as it reminded me so much of Clarens, great scenery (loved the mountains) great people and just Lekker.   

Now I know this is going to shock many of you and may even have some postponing or cancelling plans  to go and live there but it’s got to be said “ Think of it as a public service announcement” My sisters car was stolen.................. (Nicole’s car was stolen from in front of her house in a nice neighbourhood in London), yes I know I was also shocked and stunned. Apparently there are  actually criminals on the island so all the stories you hear  that you can walk anywhere, leave money out on the front pavement, leave your house unlocked, leave laptops etc in an unlocked car are not 100% accurate after all. 

I have a Theory it probably was like that until the South Africans, Nigerians and Zimbabweans started to flood onto the island, not to mention the Rumanians, Poles, Russians, Albanians as well as any other Nationality that could walk, run, swim, drive cycle, catch a rain, get stuffed into a container etc into the country. Apparently people steal cars and drive them until then petrol runs out and then abandon them. Could stay abandoned for months as either people don’t report strange car/s outside their houses or the supposed efficient police have better things to do (after all the Olympics are coming up and they probably have to safeguard the surface to air missiles that will be installed on house rooftops in residential areas) we would not want any of those to get stolen by the Hoodie brigade would we?  Hopefully they do get the car back and it has not been taken over by a family of Rumanian gypsies on welfare.

talking about cops we now have a woman as the head of the South African police services,never been a cop , never wanted to be a cop as a child but was perhaps arrested a few times by the 'Apartheid police" during the struggle years, this obviously gave her the credentials needed to be the "Top cop" of the country. but hey can she be any worse that the 4 star General  Beke Chest out stomach in Cele".....................stay tuned.

While I have been away one of the news items that stood up for me was the Jacob Zuma “Spear” painting, I mean really as though we don’t have enough kak to worry about now we have people marching and protesting about a paining with JZ’s Piel hanging out. They have had a statue of JZ in Joubertina for years already, in fact I hear its how the artist got his inspiration, don’t believe me, well here is a picture of that statue situated just of the R62 in Joubertina 

Well the Boks have beaten the Poms twice and now for the 3rd test which will be at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium next Saturday and I will be there.  To hopefully watch them give the Poms a good hiding this time. Saturday we let them get back into the game. I see that Ireland nearly beat New Zealand and Wales nearly beat Australia this weekend and Argentina managed to beat France, so some interesting games.
Been asked to contribute to a book being written in Portugal that will include a chapter on Daniel Roxo and apparently I am the world expert on him at present so I am excited about that because could mean more info coming through for my book. The chapter needs to be 50 – 75 pages so I need to work on that. It also looks like my name will appear on the front cover as a co-author that would be pretty cool. 

I am now part of the Blackberry generation and while I was brought in kicking and screaming I am now learning to use it and c the benefits of having a Smart phone. I get used to something and I hate to change so when Tania said that Gabby was getting an upgrade and I could get her Blackberry I got the cold sweats as I know that somewhere along the line I am going to send someone a rude sms, bbm or mms. “We now live in an era of Smart phones and Stupid people”  

This could only happen in SA and perhaps another reason you need to have a lady passenger on the back of the bike with you.

A motorcyclist used a pair of panties to cover his registration plate to avoid being caught speeding in Johannesburg, according to a report on Wednesday. The Ekurhuleni metropolitan police eventually stopped the biker and his passenger with the help of a helicopter, after a high-speed chase, The Star reported.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning on the N17 highway. The man eventually pulled over at the exit near Rand Airport when he realized he could not outrun a police helicopter hovering above him. Ekurhuleni metro police spokesperson Wilfred Kgasago told the newspaper ground units could not keep up with the biker, who was travelling at about 200km/h.

The panties were used to cover the bike's number plate, to stop him being identified on speed cameras. The biker was expected to appear in the Germiston Magistrate's Court on Wednesday on a charge of defeating the ends of justice and reckless driving.

We have a new pet , she is called Toffee and is a bunny, she is getting used to the house, garden, 2 cats another pissed off Bunny and a Rat  (who is almost as big as she is) She arrived on Wednesday and was not here 5 minutes and she ran straight inro the pool, Gabby dove in after her but she need not have worried because Rabbits can swim. In fact as i am writing this she has just fallen in again, "not the brightest bunny in the hutch".

Ok well that’s it for now have a great day and to all the Dads out there have a Happy Fathers day and keep up the good work.


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