London bridge is burning down....................................

Perhaps the biggest news  stories of the week is that stock markets have plummeted again raising fears of another recession and the rioting in the UK that had saffers frantically contacting family and asking that those living in the Crime Ridden homeland pray for England ..............How Ironic.
The issue with the UK is that they are allowing foreigners in  by the drove and giving them benefits and saying f-off to their own countrymen (especially the few that do work) it was bound to catch up with them sooner or later . Living off the State is a way of life in Britain. If you honestly think these people that say they are unemployed and have no future are all out looking for employment you need your head read. They get a free house, free medical, free dental, FREE money, free school if they want it but they still feel cheated. I have no sympathy. They think they're gangsters but they are just idiots. Surely those hard working people in the UK must be sick of paying high taxes for their 'poor' lifestyle. This is about two things: 1. Cutbacks on free handouts and 2. Opportunistic criminality. With reference to the BBC prior to the Soccer World Cup of 2010, I would like to know if there is a plan B for a host city for next year Olympics?  

 The Pommie  government even recommended that South Africans not travel to the UK for fear of their that’s funny. The Poms were talking about bringing in the army to patrol the streets, yeah that’ s what’s needed to control 10 year old kids with hoodies and matches.........Wimps. after 3 days of debate the parliament have said that they can use water cannon on the little shits, I personally think that they may not have wanted to shock the little shits by giving them a unscheduled shower. Here in SA the police use Rubber bullets, live rounds and then the water cannon to cleans the blood from the ground.   

Many Face book followers  were also unsympathetic towards the riots in the UK and I had to laugh that the Libyan government who are bombing their own citizens called for the resignation of David Cameron (he is the Muppet that runs the UK at present)
 The following though is very funny.

ETHIOPIA. The African Union today adopted a unilateral resolution to deploy army 
troops and care packages to England as looting and violence spread from London
to other major cities. Spokesperson Charity Khumalo said “We can no longer stand
by while these savages tear themselves apart.” The AU, meeting today in an 
emergency session to discuss the ongoing rioting in the UK, has declared that
they will do “everything in their power to help bring civilisation to England”.

“It’s just so sad, you know?” said Khumalo, speaking from the
organisation’s HQ in Addis Ababa. “Sitting here and watching
them on TV while their society implodes. We cannot in good 
conscience remain idle and let it happen.” The AU has announced 
a range of initiatives that Africans can get involved with to help 
alleviate the misery of the English. “For instance, we have launched 
an ‘Adopt an English child’ programme,” Khumalo explained, 
showing journalists brochures featuring the faces of English kids.
“If you donate a mere R50 a month, you can see to it that sweet
little Johnny from Peckham receives a basic education, a pack of 
condoms and a pair of pimpin’ Nikes.”
Khumalo also said that the AU would be parachuting in dentists 
along with army troops as part of a ‘Feel better about yourselves, 
Brits!’ initiative.“You can understand why they’re turning on each 
other,” the spokesperson told journalists. “You look in the mirror 
and you see teeth untouched by modern dentistry. It’s heartbreaking
enough to take anyone put a brick through a Starbucks.”
The organisation also plans to air-drop care packages on major 
UK cities. “Vegetables, mainly,” Khumalo confirmed. “We’re sending
them vegetables and toothpaste.” The AU’s flagship event, however,
will be a star-studded rock concert to be held in Johannesburg, with 
all proceeds going towards the establishment of mobile libraries
around the UK. Artists ranging from Mafikizolo to Steve Hofmeyr 
have pledged to perform at the show. “As a humanitarian, it’s the
least I can do,” Hofmeyr said yesterday. “I look at those photos of
the adorable little beasts knifing each other in fights over looted 
X-Boxes and I want to hug them and give them a nice hot cup of Milo.”

I also see that  Mr. S Dewani is being extradited to SA, the first time an Indian has been forced to come here since the first  the first boatload of Indians arrived 150 years ago to cut sugar cane. I think that he asked to come to SA because he felt his life was in danger in Riot torn England. 
It seems that Clarens is also  experiencing an influx of foreigners,  First the Pakki’s pull in now i hear that Clarens is about to get its first Oriental trader ........yeah that’s right the Chinese have a foot in the door. But I suppose racially prejudiced or not , Money is Money.
Not having been to Clarens for over a year now I get the feeling that it’s not the same as it was when we where there, don’t get me wrong still Love the place and miss a number of people i would find it very difficult to move back. I am however looking forward to 2012 as its the 100th birthday of Clarens and it could be nice to get a few of the people  that have left Clarens to meet up and have a reunion. Gollum is single again, one of the leading business men in the village has had a couple of properties auctioned and its been bloody cold.   

Sports news is that Tiger woods’ has lost his Aura, so if you find it can you please post to Tiger Woods, (care of some hooker) 
EP Kings beat Boland 23/17 on Friday and on Saturday the Lions beat the Cheetahs 17/10 and  the Aussies beat SA 14/9 and it was a game the Boks should have won, suspect substitutions and position changes gave the Aussies the game in the last 20 minutes. The Boks had been the better team for 60 but as we all know Rugby is a 80 minute game. We crossed the lines twice .but both times the trys were not given. Here is my synopsis of the game
1)    Danie Rossouw is not a flanker (he is to slow)
2)    John Smit is not a prop......or a good hooker for that matter
3)    Al the forwards should push in the scrum (think someone forgot to tell 6-8)
4)    We are too impatient  and either knock on or kick the ball away
5)    F Steyn needs a Frikken haircut and i think he has spent more time eating in France than playing rugby
6)    Bismark should start and play for 60 minutes, not be brought on as a impact player
7)    De Villiers and Fourie are the best centres we have
8)    Butch and Patrick should be the fly halves.
News from the expat paper printed in SA is that a British pupil was killed by a bear 4 others seriously injured in a polar bear attack while they were camping in Scandanavia.

Well that’s it for this week, on the way to the city of Saints this afternoon for 2 nights, (Grahamstown for those who did not know). 

Have a great week


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