Where have the hero’s gone

A line in a song called “Hey I don’t know (why don’t you tell me)”  by an Awesome South African Group “The Kongo’s”  there is a verse that goes “Where have all the hero’s gone”? So when you were a kid who  was or were your hero/s ?? You had a number you could choose from and having never been a fan  of sci-fi hero’s like Superman and the Hulk,  to others hero's were the Hardy Boys, Powerangers etc, the Lone Ranger with his horse Silver and sidekick Tonto were my equivalent of Batman, Robin and the Batmobile this despite the fact that the lone ranger was played on the TV show by two different actors between 1948 – 1957. If shown randomly as part of re-runs it looked like he was able to change his body to  confuse the baddies and the "injuns". His catchphrase was “A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty HI Ho Silver” .

Well one thing for sure is that there aint no hero’s in the government at the moment and after you have read these couple of gems you will see why. Our esteemed Minister of Home Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, ex-wife of our Honourable (we use this word very loosely when it comes to JZ) president told reporters yesterday that faster service delivery by government is fuelling service delivery protests."Sometimes success puts pressure on government," Dlamini-Zuma said.

Talk about spin doctor prize of the year. She then went on to give statistics about all the good deeds the government had done in the past 18 years and said that the service delivery protests are a result of people seeing that other people are getting services so quickly. They subsequently get jealous and start burning tyres, throwing stones at motorists, burning down their counsellor’s houses, burning trains and buses. Makes sense, doesn't it? The fact that there have been more than 70 000 service delivery protests since 2004 obviously doesn't mean that the ANC is NOT delivering. No, it's because they're delivering SO FAST.

Here is another gem, and this is not a joke ladies and gents this is the real thing: A former Queenstown (Eastern Cape) town Councillor asked one of the present Councillors what the current state of affairs was regarding our water supply considering that we have not had much rain lately and were running low. He was told it was the fault of the ‘previous apartheid regime ’........haven’t we all heard that BS somewhere before? When the previous Councillor asked how he worked that one out he replied.................”Drum roll please” " You built the dams too big , so they take a long time to fill. You should have built them smaller, they would fill quicker and we would have plenty of water and never run out."......... WTF can you believe that this pond scum could actually be a Councillor and was probably earning a fortune every month.

So a new pope was elected this week, they went into Conclave and voted on who would lead the Catholic Church until he died or retired, big sales going on at the Vatican this week with souvenirs like “pope on a rope” and a new sprinkler system called “let us spray”. The masses waiting to hear who the new pope will be did not go hungry with sales of “Popecorn”. Conclave  only sat for 2 days as late on Wednesday white smoke poured out the Vatican chimney indicating to the masses in the square that a new pope had been elected. Francis the first is his name and he was so surprised at being elected that he had a dress all picked out ( a lovely Gold number with matching hat and scarf  not so sure about the shoes though) as well as a speech and a mass that he gave to the faithful in the square below. Seems that he is really old, only owning a radio and a typewriter, Hell “oops sorry” I mean Heck the last pope who was ancient could tweet, so perhaps it will be back to carrier pigeons to relay messages to the faithful all over the world?       

In SA at traffic lights and at the side of the road you can buy most things, from superglue to garden patio furniture and everything in between, for instance you can buy grass (not the type your thinking) “however I think that you probably could to vegetables” and last Sunday coming home from gym I passed the one veg seller that has a permanent spot on 17th Avenue and the dude that runs it is sitting in a brand new “out of the box” Range Rover.................I was like “WTF” dude this must be a good business..............perhaps he is selling “grass”   

Talking about Hero’s the Paras (paratroopers, the guys that jump out of perfectly normal planes with large handkerchiefs) in most armies are seen as the vanguard and some of its toughest troops, just think of Arnhem (Bridge to far) these guys are tough in any country and in any language. I read this in the paper today, I thought I was cracking up. I can't believe that the idiots in the MOD would phase out the parachute to save a few £s. After all the Parachute Regiment as been in the spearhead of operations for over 70 years. Why pick on the best, when they could get rid of a few hat regiments, or even better still, reduce the size of the Houses of Parliament membership by half! Check out the link and spread the word to everyone that will listen. 

As we all know, long range insertion by parachute should always be an option, where the helicopter lacks the range and speed of the Hercules and C17. The Para has proven in his short history that he was designed for capturing key targets, and bring death and destruction to the enemy, until relief arrives. We have now lost our ability to go by Sea, because our navy lacks it's combat air patrols of the aircraft carrier. The 7th armoured Brigade are losing their tanks, and now this. Only 80 Paras to be on standby for parachute insertion. that's only one stretched C 130. What are they thinking of. Surely they should keep at least one Para battalion in role at any one time.
Super Rugby saw the Cheetahs beet the Waratahs 27/26 in a very close match, the Southern Kings lost 35/24 in a hard fought game, the Bulls lost to the Crusaders 41/19 and the Sharks lost to the Brumbies 10/29 so all in all not a great weekend for the SA Super 15 rugby teams. I won 10 tickets via Algoa Radio for the Kings/Chiefs game that i passed on to workmates as had Lekker seats in the season ticket holders area. The seats are on the halfway line, 4 seats up. The stadium was fairly full 31000 people and unlike last week the crowd were better behaved. While the Kings lost I have to say that we have really shown some guts. The Chiefs first try should not have been given as there were two forward passes that the ref and the linesmen did not see, so they went to the TMO and after watching the replay a couple of times decided that no forward passes had in fact occurred. “I sent biscuits to the TMO’s dog” Next week we play the Crusaders in New Zealand that’s going to be a huge test for the Kings. Playing against a great team away from their support base will not be easy for them, but i believe that they will do their best and do the Eastern Cape proud. 

In the 2nd one day game between Proteas and Pakistan on Friday the Pakistani’s leveled the series in a rain delayed game that saw the teams over’s reduced to 44  each the Pakistani’s reached the target of 192 with 26 ball to spare and only 4 wickets down so it was a fairly comprehensive win. The series is now level at 1/1. Today (Sunday 17/3/2013) they have started to play the 3rd game at Wanderers (Gauteng). The SA team are in Pink as are many of the supporters, “something to do with breast Cancer and while I love Boobs, have to say don’t think i would be able to wear pink to play a sport” so far we are not doing that well, 20/1 after 7.1 overs the Paki’s are bowling real well

As I have mentioned over the last couple Of Blogs petrol in  SA went up exponentially and now costs us R12.72 at the coast, seems like more people are car pooling and i have noticed a larger number of scooters as well as motorbikes on the roads, some people are even walking..................”yes walking” seems that everyone is trying to save on their transport costs, took this photo on Thursday at a local Engen garage.

Gabby’s boyfriend, Stephen went for his drivers licence yesterday (Saturday16/3/2013) and on his first attempt a mere 3 days after his 18th birthday passed with flying colours. 

Flying to Gauteng with Ryan tomorrow for a couple of days work. Will be staying with my folks that side so will be nice to see all the family, have not seen for a while so will be really Lekker to see them. And I will be seeing my Hero, “yep it’s my mom” so my Hero has not gone she is still here look forward to giving her a huge hug”.

Ok well that’s it for this week.

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