20 years of Democracy, where to from here?

So since 1994 I have voted 5 times and have seen the country being run by 3 different presidents,, sorry 4 if you count Kgalem Molanthe  who took over after the ANC booted out Mbeki and brought in Butternut head Zuma.

Now I am aware that many people consider Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and that he should not have been President in the first place, but I think that even those people, if honest with themselves would agree that Madiba was 1000 000 times better than the asshole we have as our president  today. Thabo Mbeki was not liked by his party and thanks to the efforts of another dumb fuck Mr (and I use that term lightly) Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, but at least he was not a lying, cheating fktard like the present President.

What is my and my families future in SA?, well let’s see what the results are and how the next year pans out, While I Love South Africa, I can’t help but get a horrible feeling that it’s going to slide into the typical Africa Abyss that seems to befall this beautiful continent. I am not trying to be purposely pessimistic, because generally I am positive about SA but with 62.6 % of the population (many of them who riot about lack of service delivery) voting for the ANC again I feel that perhaps we are just “farting against thunder” or “moving the deckchairs on the Titanic”.  It seems that the Abraham
Lincoln quote "You can fool all of the  people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time" does not apply in SA with regards to voters and elections.

So Wednesday I voted , a week after Saffers in other countries around the world had done so, a mere 26000 Saffers were registered to vote, which is a mere drop in the ocean if you think how many Saffers there are overseas there are overseas. Have to admit though that it was not all their fault, while many are the sort that will tell u on social networks how dof/stupid we are to live here and how kak the cANCer is and that they won’t come home unless there is a strong opposition, they don’t get off their asses to vote. Many others wanted to, but the cANcer made it very difficult for those who wanted to vote to a) register to vote and b) actually vote, for instance a friend of mine, his sister lives in Aussie and she drove 8 hours to vote, in the UK you could only vote at SA house in London, so only approx 9000 stood in queues to do just that.  Now I know why the government made it so hard, it’s because? 84% of all votes that have managed to make it safely back to SA as some had still not arrived by the deadline to count (so where invalid)

So while an estimated 17000 ballot papers could not be sent to SA on time to be counted (where all the planes or other modes of transport broken??)  its seems that the cANCer where able to  send out representatives from SA to hand out cANCer T shirts and try and persuade those in the queue to vote for them…………………….    
Results are in and while the IEC have declared the election free and fair (apparently finding bags of opposition ballots in weird places is deemed OK) the cANCer have unfortunately won 62% of the vote with the DA garnering 22 % and the new fktards on the block just over 6 % which will mean they will have 25 candidates in parliament.  I did my little bit for democracy by working a few hours at a local polling station for the DA. I am a little disappointed as I really thought that more people would vote for the DA, I know that they received a million more votes than 2009, but I thought we would get at least 25% of the vote, let’s hope that the EFF don’t grow too much and it’s also worrying that the younger people are thinking Malema is cool.

The month of May has seen the Village Idiot getting promoted at work and after 4 years of hard work and studying (yes I need to pat myself on the back). I am now the  Training manager for the Eastern Cape (PE, EL and Mossel bay) lots of challenges ahead, not least the admin (which I hate with a passion) but looking forward to re-building a team that the Eastern Cape can be proud of and I have a good base to start with.    

Super 15 Rugby has not exactly been “Super” for South African teams, with only a few rounds left we have the Sharks at the number one spot (just by  a mere 1 point) , with the Bulls, Lions (yes I am also shocked), the Cheetah and the Stormers being 9th , 11th, 14th and 15th respectively on the log.

Had a road trip last/this week,  Sunday left for George., over nighted there , up at 4am to be at Coke at 5am to set up for the first of 3 industrial theaters at 6 am, left George at 10am and drove the 250  kms  of so to Beaufort West where we presented another industrial theater at 5pm. We passed through the Meiringspoort on the way after passing Oudtshoorn and what a pass, definitely need to go back there on a bike. Stayed at a really lekker guest house and the place we did theater at was originally the Drostdy’s (magistrates house) and is a National Monument. I will actually do a separate Blog on the house at a later stage. The last time I was in Beaufort West was in 1986 when on the second night of our honeymoon on the way to Cape Town, we over nighted at the Oasis Hotel. Its still there and does not look any different to the day we arrived.     On Tuesday we left Beaufort West and drove back to PE, via Aberdeen, where I found a book shop that is situated in the oldest house in Aberdeen.  Altogether travelled 1120 kms or so.  

Well the Public holiday season is over, now the population has to get back to normal , with the next Public Holiday being 16 June.    

Sunday (today) we went to the Fairview race track as there was a prawn festival and a crafters market , plenty prawns not so much craft, but we did get to watch a couple of horse races , something I have actually never experienced live before, neither had Tania or Gabby, so that was pretty cool. Must say though they could not have built the place further from PE if they tried.

Well that’s about it for this week, have  a 2 week SAMTRAC course to present and it’s a big class, some 21 students, so it’s going to be pretty hectic.   

To all moms that read this Blog, Happy Mother’s day, hope that it was a great one. To my Wife Tania, you are the best mom our daughter Gabby could wish for and to my mom, ‘Thanks for being the best mom a son could have as well as grandma that the grandchildren could have. Love you both sooo much xxxxx



What’s that smell?....................”Oh it must be Bullshit”

So the cANCer are stating that they will win a massive 23rd majority this election (7 May), now while I have no doubt that the cANCer will win the elections, signs are there that more and more “sane” people are getting Gatvol (Literal translation is “arse full” but means “up to here” or “pissed of” for my not Afrikaans speaking English readers). One also has to worry about comments from a cANCer supporter who said to Helen Zille “I know the ANC are corrupt, but I will still vote for them”………. “Well lady you deserve what you get or in the case of having the cANCer as your government, what you don’t get”.

Cyril Ramaposa make a statement that the ANC's mistakes had far been exceeded by the good it had achieved during the past 20 years in government, the party's deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Friday Speaking in Durban, Ramaphosa said: "Mistakes have been made, but at the same time we have had great success."He said the party's record had meant its membership had grown to 1.2 million people. (That’s because they pay their members to Breed)
And then my old Commie chum Blade “watch my nose grow” Nzimande came up with this doozie: “President Jacob Zuma built his house in Nkandla with his own money, SA Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said on Saturday (12 April)."Zuma built his own house, he did not use taxpayers' money to build his house," Nzimande told the National Union of Minewokers' national shop stewards council in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg. That is definitely BULLSHIT I smell Blade, really are your supporters that fking dof ??? and let me ask you this if he did have the money (246 000 000) that two hundred and forty six million for those that did schooling prior to the cANCer fking it up, then  where did he get that money from Blade …………………..You sir ( and I use that word loosely) are a BULSHITTER  

A great video that will certainly give that South Korean pop singer Psy and his hit song Gang Gam style a run for its money on YouTube hits (especially in SA ) is “Nkandla style” . For those that don’t know our president Jacob Zuma had  a security up grade done on his house that included amongst other things (and we seem to have invented new words for these items) a Swimming pool (Government calls it, a fire pool), Extensive luxury paving (Government calls it, Ground Stabilizing), 2 x soccer pitches (Government call it ,Essential security amenities) and an  Amphitheatre (the Government call it a retaining wall) .

Prez JZ says that he isn’t paying for any upgrades because he didn't ask for them, which I suppose if fair and can also apply to those that don’t want to pay toll fees in Gauteng. That’s something they didn’t ask for either. But let’s be honest how can you not know that your house is being upgraded? The question that I ask or would ask Jacob “Pinocchio” Zuma is; So when you visited your home (you must have done so over the period of the “security” upgrades) did you at no point notice the Tipper trucks. Architect (he would have been the one with the HUGE smile, due to the exorbitant fee he was being paid) scaffolding, as well as other paraphernalia that one usually find on a building site. When they were constructing your fire pool and setting up 2 football fields (I know you have many children, so perhaps you were looking at setting up a new PSL team ?) did you not ask yourself “why would I need a football field”

Did one of your many wives not complain to you about the builders wolf whistling at her as they normally do when they see a “Vision of loveliness walk past” or maybe it’s because as the most uneducated president South Africa has ever had (Yes we know it’s Verwoeds fault) especially when you have to deliver a speech that has numbers in it, as we have seen on numerous occasions you are unable to differentiate between 5 mealion and 260 Mealiiiiiiion. Anyway hopefully you don’t become president for a second term because you are a liar and a thief and Nigeria who apparently are set to become the biggest economy in Africa are probably going to give you an award because it due to you and the fucktards that have assisted you in fucking up our economy that this can happen. “So fuck you very much”

The Oscar show is still ongoing with those that have no life whatsoever glued to TVs. Computer screens or the radio to see whether or not State prosecutor Gerrie Nel can get Oscar to say he is lying, seems that some fktard feels that Gerrie is violating Oscar’s human rights by his questioning techniques and the fact he “Oh my Gosh” called him a liar……………….“The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has been asked to probe the manner in which State prosecutor Gerrie Nel conducted his cross-examination of murder accused Oscar Pistorius."We have received an e-mail with an intention to lodge a complaint over the utterances made in court," SAHRC spokesperson Isaac Mangena said on Friday”. I suppose my question is to the person that sent in the e-mail, what about how Oscar violated Reeva’s human rights , like the one to live ?................... “Just Saying”

Not been very enthusiastic in writing the Blog lately so this is a catch up as to “what’s been happening” in the Village Idiots life or what has interested me in the last while”.

Ryan (my brother in law) has resigned from NOSA so with Ryan leaving this has opened the window of opportunity for yours truly and as from May 1, 2014 I will be the Training manager for NOSA Eastern Cape. It’s time for a new challenge and I am sure that the position will provide just that.  
Tania’s business seems to be doing well since she has broken into (not literally, like a house breaker) into the American markets and I am very happy because she has put so much effort into her business and it’s great to see her hard work paying off

Iron man (weekend of 5 and 6 April) was well attended and again brought good money into the local economy. I have to say I was a little upset that I had put so much effort in to my training; swam our splash pool twice, walked to the local sports shop and looked at the bicycles and actualy had to run 5 meters on the way home when a vicious chiwowa/cheewowa (small dog with ears like a bat and big eyes) chased me and after all that Tania forgot to wake me up……………..So it’s back to the drawing board.   

This Saturday (12 April), 28 years ago a young man waited nervously at the front of a church in Kempton park scanning the door to catch a glimpse of his beautiful young bride and while I am sure at times Tania probably thinks that she got the short (no pun intended) end of the stick I know that I did not and look forward to another 28 years of love and life together. We went to the Yacht club for lunch and with the weather being awesome it was busy so the service left a little to be desired but the company and the food was great.

Sports news is not great with the Proteas actually getting to the semi-finals of the Pro- 20 series, but stumbling when it mattered most this means that since 1998 when the won the inaugural champions trophy competition they are like old mother Hubbard , yep you guessed it “The cupboard is bare”   

In Rugby the Stormers languish at the bottom of the super 15 log with the Cheetahs just above them, the Bulls are playing so so and the Lions much to my disgust and surprise started off well but are now losing games as well. This leaves the Sharks to top the log (at present) because injuries are starting to take their toll.   

Well that’s about it for this week, have a great one ahead and don’t forget that elections are coming up on 7 May so don’t forget to get out of bed and make your mark for change.



Playing Devil’s advocate.

When all else fails blame Satan, Beelzebub, or the Devil and that precisely what a witness in the OSACR Pistoltorius case came up with, some pastor has said that it was not Oscar that killed Reeva it was in fact Satan. ………………….This then begs the question is Barry Roux (Oscar’s attorney) playing “Devil’s advocate”? Have to say that Barry has become an overnight sensation with his hard hitting questioning techniques that I think would even have Chuck Norris a little nervous.

This advert has been banned in the UK after receiving an unprecedented number of complaints from the “sensitive and politically correct Poms” the Advert is for a betting company who are taking bets on whether Oscar will be found guilty or not. The ad pokes fun not only at Oscars disability but also about the murder case……………….you decide (I think it’s funny, but I do have a sick sense of humour).

It seems that Zuma will be using Barry soon, as the Nkanndla report was released by the Public prosecutor on Wednesday and the highlights of the 444 page masterpiece; this is information from News 24.

Pretoria - President Jacob Zuma benefitted "unduly" from a R246m state-funded security upgrade to his Nkandla homestead, the country's graft watchdog said on Wednesday in a damning report six weeks before the elections. Public Protector Thuli Madonsela accused Zuma of conduct "inconsistent with his office" and said he should pay for some of the unnecessary renovations. The findings are another blow to Zuma and may harm the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in the 7 May polls. The Presidency said Zuma had been "consistently concerned about the allegations of impropriety" that have swirled around the upgrade. He would study the report and give his response "in due course", the statement added.
Madonsela's 444-page summary of her two-year probe into the renovations at Nkandla painted a picture of systemic official incompetence and flouted tender procedures that Zuma never questioned.
"The President tacitly accepted the implementation of all measures at his residence and has unduly benefited from the enormous capital investment in the non-security installations at his private residence," Madonsela said. She described the cost overruns as "exponential" and said ministers had handled the project in an "appalling manner". 
When the Nkandla scandal first broke in late 2009, the cost was estimated at R65m.  Despite intense public scrutiny since then, the bill ballooned to R246m as the project spiralled out of control. The total amounts to eight times the money spent securing the home of former president Nelson Mandela and more than 1 000 times that spent on FW de Klerk. Even though Madonsela's findings are in line with leaked excerpts to newspapers late last year, the ANC looks set to take a hit from voters angry at perceived corruption under Zuma and the country's shoddy public services. The ANC, which has staunchly supported Zuma during previous corruption and personal imbroglios, cancelled a scheduled news conference, saying it needed more time to study Madonsela's findings. It will give its response at 10:00 on Thursday.

"This is negative for the ANC," said Nic Borain, an independent political analyst. "They will lose votes as a result of this." Underscoring the challenges facing the party, thousands of Numsa members sang anti-ANC songs as they marched through the streets of Johannesburg on Wednesday demanding greater workers' rights.
Opposition parties are clamouring for his impeachment and madonsela has said he needs to [pay back Millions on upgrades that were not necessary, like the chicken coop, cattle kraal, and the Olympic size pool (sorry fire pool) all I can say is the Zuma is made of Teflon, nothing sticks and good luck getting him to pay the money back…………neither is going to happen.
I was thinking that now petrol is R13.95 per L (at the coast) we are going crazy about the high price of being able to transport oneself around in any vehicle that has a combustion engine attached to it, be it a car, scooter, motorbike. And while walking or buying a bicycle or even a donkey may seem like a good idea there are other everyday items that we use that are as or even more expensive per litre and we never seem to get overexcited about the price of these products. For example a common slogan that can be seen on a T shirt is “Drinks beer, it’s Cheaper than petrol” well I beg to differ.  I have news for you beer drinkers a litre of Castle light draft in a pub or bar will set you back between R36 and R50 depending on where you drink. So while beer may be able to get you to move from sober to getting moerd in 3 beers or less I don’t seem to see people up in arms about the price of getting drunk.

So Malaysian flight MH370 has still not been found although on Thursday they sent a plane to check a 24 meter blob floating on the ocean about 1500 kms from the Australian coastline. The blob was picked up by satellite.  I still think that they should check Waterkloof air force base. Also spare a thought for the guy who told his wife that he had to do business in China and is now still hiding in his girlfriend’s flat. So where is it has it been hijacked did it blow up, did the pilot commit suicide by doing a kamikaze stunt? Who knows but I am sure eventually we will find out. Wouldn’t it be weird though if in 3 months’ time it arrives at its destination and the pilot and passengers are like “what the fuss”

Had 2 days in EL this week, took the Harley and had shit headwinds there and back again, well over 40kms per hour, I just never seem to get great weather going to EL it’s either raining, cold or Windy and if I am really lucky then I get the trifecta of all the kak elements. I still need to get the Triumph fixed as I have not ridden it for over a year and I miss the fact it’s a faster bike than the Harley and I don’t have to kak that I won’t make a destination due to lack of petrol.  The wind was so strong at stages that even with all the torque the Harley has it was struggling to maintain 100kms per hour.   

Seems that the Kariba dam is in danger of collapsing due to lack of maintenance that could see a Gazillion litres of water flowing out of it that would need those living downstream (some 3.5 million) people in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in desperate need of swimming lessons. Obviously Bob and his government have denied that this is true but “experts” say that it need $250 000 000 ti fix. Want a bet the South Africa will “donate our hard earned tax monies” to fix it.

Had a long weekend this week with “human rights” day on Friday 21st. Saturday was an awesome day (as is today Sunday 23rd) but last night the weather came in like it was winter so literally went from 36 degrees to 12 in a matter of hours. So why am I complaining about that, well last night we went to a local oval track to watch large hunks of metal go as fast as they can around an oval track and hopefully not end up in the stands. Have to say was very busy and while this is a generalization it seems that the most of those attending , “Um how do I put this mildly”…………………come from the other side of the railway tracks, in fact I think some haven’t even seen railway tracks but apart from the wind, the cold the intermittent rain and the fact that I may have to go for an audio-gram on Monday it was a pretty lekker evening.

Well that’s about it for this Blog, have a great week ahead and don’t forget that 7 May is the day to vote to try and get the cANCer virus that is killing our country to be radiated.



Will the last person to leave please turn off the ………………………….

Been absent for a few weeks, been really busy…………… So Hi, hope that you have not missed me too much. Two events this week that are perhaps on your minds would be the Oscar Pistoltorius trial that started on Monday and the fact that on Thursday Eskom switched off the lights in SA on Thursday. But before we get there I have to brag.

I Think I did tell you that I had 4 UNISA exams to write at beginning of March to be able to pass a OHS diploma. It seems that there is life in the old dog yet and I still do have some grey matter in the old noggin. Managed to get 3 Distinction’s and a C………….So pretty chuffed J

So the “Blade Gunner” has started his “day or should I say days in court” this week with a media frenzy of note. I personally don’t give a shit about the trial, but it seems that many are glued to their TVs, radios or devouring all they can read about the night Oscar ‘accidentally” shot his girlfriend who was having a kak. The cANCer must be really happy that attention is being diverted from them to this “circus” that has over the last week come up with gems such as “Oscar screams like a girl”. The question I have to ask “Are we becoming like the Americans” that we have either repeat the same news snippet over and over and over and “you get the picture” over again or make stuff up because the reality is the trial is Boring as shit………………….As far as I am concerned he is guilty there is no way that he could have forgot he just bonked a good looking woman and that she had stayed over………. “but let’s see how blind justice is or is not”    

Eskom started load shedding again this week (Thursday to be exact) it’s the first time we as tax payers have been subject to this since 2008, Business has had a few since then but not Joe public. It seems that the coal was wet. Yes the coal was wet and that is why we could not supply the country with electricity. So people rushed out to stock up on candles, batteries and those that can afford them generators. Initially we were going to have rolling power cuts until mid-April but that seems to have been put on hold, so we are “in the dark” so to say about if this will be a long term situation.

The Proteas lost the test match series 2/1 against Australia with a 245 run defeat, we nearly pulled off a draw but with 25 balls of the innings left Mitchell Johnson took the last wicket………………….. “Sucks” and that means we lost our first test series since 2009 but on the bright side we are still number 1. Graham Smith as retired from cricket so in the last couple of months we have lots Jacques Kallis as was as “Captain Courageous” as many called him. So let’s see what the future holds for the Protea’s, I have a feeling we are going to hit a dip as all teams do and it seems Bafana Bafana have had for a while, the latest dip being a 5/0 hiding from Brazil.

On the Super 15 Rugby front SA teams had a mixed weekend with the Cheetahs losing, the Stormers getting pipped at the post by 1 point, the Lions lost to the Sharks and the Bulls pulled of a good win against the Blues. Looks like the Lions 2 wins were perhaps a great start but will see them at bottom of the table at the end of the season and the Bulls seem to be improving on a weekly basis, the Cheetahs are consistently kak (but at least they are consistent). The Stormers “well the jury is out on that one” and the Sharks look like the SA team to beat this year………………Its however a long season and I am sure we are in for a surprise or 2.   

At work have been busy and have a large SAMTRAC class that I am facilitating at the moment, it’s my second SAMTRAC class this year and hopefully they will emulate my first class by passing as well as they did. It’s a nice big group which are always challenging and means I have to be on my toes and sometimes be tough as I want everyone to pass. Got a feeling that will get some good results from this class and that a few of the students will surprise themselves.

Ok well, hope that you all have a great week.


Howzeeet my China”.

What used to be a colloquial Sefrican greeting has now taken on a complete new meaning as this little piece of information so clearly indicates.


The new colonials have arrived. (and also in other African states) Without as much as a whisper the South African government allowed at least 400 000 Chinese to swamp the country during the past six years. Chinese migrants, mainly from the overpopulated Fujian province in China, have been shipped off to South Africa at an alarming rate. Spreading all over the country, even in the remotest parts, between 6 000 and 12 000 "Chinese shops" sprang up - indicating that the phenomenon is well-orchestrated by both China and South Africa.

Prof Colin McCarthy, retired from the University of Stellenbosch, first noted the "Chinese colonization". Says Prof McCarthy: "All the evidence indicates that the project to set up such an extensive network of Chinese shops, all following the same pattern and targeting the same market, was well researched, well planned, well organized and well financed".

The young, unemployed couples from Fujian province settled into the network - pushing up cheap Chinese plastic, products and clothing into a lucrative retail chain far bigger than Pick 'n Pay, Pep Stores or Edgars. To make matters worse: most of the Chinese shops are not registered and do not pay any taxes in South Africa' not even import or export duties - in fact, China puts its clothing exports to South Africa to R11,3 billion in 2010; whilst South Africa's failing statistics put the Chinese clothing imports at only R6,7 billion! It means that in one single year R4,6 billion worth of Chinese clothing entered South Africa illegally.

A South African Revenue Services employee spilled the beans on a small Chinese shop in a rural area where, when raided by SARS, R1,2 million was found under the counter. Janet Wilhelm of the HSRC observes: "It is amazing how so many people can enter a country seemingly unnoticed!" She quotes the SAPS Aliens Investigation Unit as saying "Many Chinese travel to South Africa via Mbabane, Maputo and Maseru from where they enter South Africa with false identity documents by road".

Patrick Chong, chairman of the Chinese Association of South Africa, says: "Many would enter on tourist or student visas then simply stay". Researches of Noseweek (http://www.noseweek.co.za/articles/2836/Howzit-China) followed the Chen family where one pioneer settled illegally in South Africa, spreading within four years to 172 members of the family scattered across Lesotho trading Chinese products. What is even more mind-boggling and sinister is that the South African ANC government officially proclaimed Chinese as "honorary blacks", making them exempt from affirmative action, quotas and Black Economic Empowerment.

The whole "Chinese" experiment has been carefully planned, criminally enhances, and no doubt .. Vast sums of money are involved, lining the pockets of very influential South African politicians.( also Africa as a whole)

It is ironic that while populists like Malema and Shivangu walk about claiming "land and minerals for the South African people", the ANC government has allowed at least 400 000 additional Indians and Pakistanis, at least 400 000 Chinese and at least 10 million illegals from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mozambique, Angola and now also Zambia into the country..

Google- "ghost Town Angola"

Scary! And this happened as the increase in rhino and other poaching started! Coincidental? I think NOT!



All pictures from Noseweek article from 2012

Your Country needs you.

Ok so the General elections have been announced. Our esteemed (and I use that word loosely) leader  has decreed that the Elections will be held on 7 May 2014, unless of course of course there are service deliveries protests or the cANCer supporters forget then it could be extended.

I have to be honest for the first time in a very long time I am becoming disillusioned with the road that South Africa is travelling at the moment and that the future holds for myself and my family. Why am I disillusioned? Well let’s look at SA in the last week or so

Miners on strike, want to work for less and get much more, they seem to strike every second month at the moment.  so this means less exports and investors going "fuck That" i am not going to take a chance on that emerging market.

Read the right hand side Banner
Democracy seems to be taking a back seat. The DA wanted to march in Gauteng to show the cANCer that they were not happy with their governing of SA as well as the Gauteng Province, this request was denied because the police felt that there could be violence , this is after the cANCer had themselves said that they could not guarantee that there would be no violence. However in the Western Cape (best run Province) and run by the DA, the ANC were given permission to march (loot and destroy) and railed in by Metro rail for free (yep using my tax money for political gain).  

Great spelling Fktards
The schooling system just seems to be getting worse not better, especially in rural areas, the cANCer it seems wants to have stupid people as their voter base because they are easier to control, but its the uneducated that are the ones that have no chance of getting jobs, starting a business . so that means they become dependent on the cANCer for handouts and free shit, that we the taxpayer have to fork out for.................I saw a poster the other day that said "Those of us that work for a living are getting tired of those that vote for a living"  

General lawlessness of society is getting out of hand, we have 5 protests a day about service delivery , that
the cANCer say is not about how kak they are doing but rather a reminder from the public that they should perhaps do better. Perhaps if the cANCer  ministers councillors and tender thieves had not lost/wasted/stolen over 28 Billion (yes Billion) rand last year alone then those that need schools, clinics etc etc could be assisted. What I do not understand from the protesters though is 1) why burn down clinics etc that have been built to help you 2) why fucking vote for the cANCer gain and again and again.

Corruption  has hit new heights and it drives me insane that the government is allowed to get away with wasting so much of my hard earned money (I pay taxes) and while their is never enough money for the necessities for the public there always seems to be enough  money available for the luxuries for the ruling elite and their fucked up friends

The petrol price has gone up again , 3 increases in a row and there is talk that with the way the R is taking a hit against major currencies of the world and the rise in the crude oil price it could go up to R16 per litre, which puts more and more pressure on ordinary consumers. Add the toll fee fiasco to the increasing petrol prices then more pressure has been put on hard pressed consumers, very strange how the cANCer have exempted the taxi drivers though from the Tolls, (although thats a bit of a fuck up at the moment as well) and the Taxi associations are also pissed off.  

The interest rate was raised by half a percent (unexpectedly) and while everyone has been going on about how SA sort of missed the world financial meltdown over the last few years , it seems that we may be heading for our own. I predict that we will have at least another 2 in not more interest rate hikes this year. And what is the advice of the Government and the Rich…………….”we will have to tighten our belts”

The problem is , is that the economists tell us that inflation is 5 % but they have taken petrol and elect out of the basket and these contribute to huge increases in food etc prices, so electricity goes up 25% and fuel 30% in 3 months, insurance and medical aid goes up by 10%,  but salary increases are a mere 5 % or 6 if you’re lucky…………………..So standards of living are dropping rapidly amongst the middle class and this is where the majority of taxes come from to fund the corrupt cANCer, who gave themselves he increases (way above inflation) not too long ago.

The DA managed to get egg on their face, after announcing that they had elected AGANG parties Ramapele Mamapele (or something like that) as their Presidential candidate and after a kiss from Helen Zille a few days later RM reneged on the deal and this obviously made the cANCer very happy. I was sceptical to start with for 2 reasons

1)      How can you make someone your parties Presidential candidate for the elections when they are not even a member of your party (that’s like electing someone   as a presidential candidate and they are not a resident of that country)
2)       That they did not (both parties) discuss it with their respective parties prior to the Huge announcement and kissing in public.

The elections for me are a watershed moment in South African history and will show whether or not I need to think about leaving and starting somewhere else before it’s too late for my family and I.

Tomorrow I write my 4th exam in 7 days, have to say has been pretty hectic, I suppose that it may have been easier if I had done some major studying over the year. The first 3 exams went ok so hopefully Mondays will follow suit and I will pass. Need to get the diploma for work.

Next week Super Rugby starts with the Sharks playing the Bulls and the Lions against the Stormers. Usually I support all teams that play in the Super 15 but this year I won’t be supporting the Lions due to the kak that many Lions supporters spoke about the Kings last year, I hope that they get their asses handed to them every single week. Have been to 3 matches in last 3 weeks at the NMB stadium with the Kings playing Cheetahs, Lions and last night the Stormers.  

Ok well that’s it for this week, hopefully you have registered to vote this weekend and you are ready to make your mark on 7 May.


The Death of Common Sense.........RIP

An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death,
-by his parents, Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
- I Know My Rights
- I Want It Now
- Someone Else Is To Blame
- I'm A Victim
- Pay me for Doing Nothing

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.
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