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Not much to say this week to be honest, have had a pretty good week at work and have been signed off on another course that I can “fly solo” on so I am pretty chuffed with that.

I met a friend who I have been e-mailing for a while about my book on Daniel Roxo, e was in the PE area so I popped in to Addo Elephant park to see hi, Luiz is a great guy and I am happy that I made the effort to go and see him, spent a few hours chatting and having lunch. It’s so nice to shake the hand of someone that has helped you so much.

Going to Mossel Bay on Sunday, last time there was when Tania and I where on Honeymoon, believe it as changed for the better since I was last there, because it was KAK back then, why are you going I hear you say, well have to do an assessors course so that I can assess people in a practical situation as well as mark tests and exams that students write at end of courses. Not looking forward being away from home, but I am looking forward to be doing the course.

This week was also a sad week for Ryan and his family with the passing of his wife’s dad. The memorial service was held on Friday and Ryan gave an awesome eulogy, I was so proud of him and the way that he managed to keep his emotions under control. For those who don’t know Ryan was a pastor prior to getting involved in the Health and safety field and it shows, Ryan was a rock for the family over this period and an example to us as to how family should stick together in tough times.

Got me to thinking that it must be rough if your not near family when they pass away, Ryan and Kirsten live nearby but the other daughter Leanne lives in Gauteng and while its far away its close enough to get to family in an emergency, can you imagine if you lived overseas and your mom and dad had to pass away, must be really stressful. Remember you never know how long you have on earth and with family so take every opportunity to tell them that you love them.

Tania, Gabby Stephen and I went to Sardinia bay today and just chilled on the beach, must say lekker to be able to go to beach in winter in shorts and a T shirt.

So Sharks scored 3 tries in 6 minutes to beat the Cheetahs and the All Blacks demolished the Wallabies. Seems that Graig Joubert got on the “Banwagon” sending players off and red carding drew Mitchell with 37 minutes of the 2nd half still to go, suppose the sheep shaggers will be crying about that as well, seems the AB’s are unstoppable this Tri nations. Let them win everything this year as is the norm the year before a World Cup and then watch them lose in 2011.

Well gotta go, next week the Diaries will be out on Sunday as usual, have a great week



Lets cause some ..................?

So what’s up at the Village idiots Household this week, that you could possibly be interested in?

Well we have a new member of the family, he arrived on Friday or rather let me say rescued from the local SPCA, he is 3 months old, give or take a few days and has just made himself at home, not that his new sisters Pepper or Black cat are very happy, but they will just have to build themselves a bridge…..To get over it. we have named him Mischief and it’s a very apt name.

Work is going great, got a great mark on my Safety Management exam 94.5% so I was pretty chuffed. This week I am doing invigilation work on Monday, On Tuesday Ryan and I have to do the Environ show for clients and Wed/Thursday I am presenting Introduction to Occupational health and safety with Ryan sitting in on the course to see if I can be signed off to train on my lonesome with this particular course. Next week I am in Mossel Bay for 3 days (nope not holidaying) doing an assessors course. Looking forward to it.

Weather here not that bad, mild but not freezing, unlike reports from Clarens that it has been has been FREEZING, going up to the old stomping ground at end of August to do a book promotion and see the old gang, have a drink or two and eat some world famous Chicken Strips at Friends. Comments getting back about the book have been favourable, so I have started back on the Daniel Roxo book and want to try and have that published by next year.

Gabby and her Boyfriend had their 2 month anniversary dinner at Stephens house on Wednesday (so sweet. Must say Stephen is a great kid ( and not just because of his name). He has manners he really cares about Gabby and he knows that I own a 9mm handgun should he break her heart.

Taught Gabby to ride the scooter this weekend, she was apprehensive at first but is now flying around like Valentino Rossi, must say looks good on a bike, so she needs to learn how to ride one properly if she is going to get one when old enough.

I am still having SWC withdrawal symptoms and it sometimes feels surreal that we had it at all, I mean we waited so long and two weeks have gone since the last game and it feels that it was forever ago. Ah well will have to get excited about something else. Well Other sport for the week is

Unlike the team of 1939 it would seem that the German Vettel does enjoy Poles as he achieved yet another one for the German GP at Hokenheim this weekend. Its just a pity that he has not converted to many of those poles into wins, as I cannot see myself living through 2011 knowing that Tiger Hamilton or his compatriot Button are F1 champs.

So what’s happening with Schummie, I really thought that he would light a fire under everyone’s arses and get the dreary GP circus back on track, but alas that as yet has not happened………So what’s the reason, don’t know but hopefully this year he will use as a learning curve and next year he will put the car into 6th gear and race again.

So the Boks are 3 for 3 that counts for losses as well as consecutive yellow cards against the men in green and gold, must also be a record that in each game we have been reduced to 14 men in those 10 minutes the opposing team has been able to go over the whitewash twice. Perhaps we should juts send on 14 and give the opposition a 14 point lead at the beginning of the game and then de Villiers can plan his tactics around that. Dissapointed does not even come close to how I feel and yes I have heard the arguments, lets lose this year and next year we will win the cup again, look it happened in 2006 and in 2007 we where the world champs. I don’t like it when the Boks lose………..period, I don’t want Frikken excuses I want the team to win to perform at their best I am sick of hearing the same old crap for de Villers and Smit about how they should play better we did not play well, we should not worry as we can still win the tri nations……Get Frikken real, we are crap at the moment and we need to dig deep, if I was the captain or the coach of that team I would not be singing Kumbia my Lord at half time, it would be fire and brimstone full of expressive expletives and the general message would be die on the field or don’t bother coming off it …………..And that’s all I have to say about that”

Got this off the net about Caster “Ise Man Ja”

London - British athlete Jenny Meadows says Caster Semenya's return tocompetition has not been accepted by her fellow 800 metres runners.

According to the Guardian website, Meadows, who won bronze for Britain at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Berlin last year (in which Semenya claimed the gold medal), has always been sympathetic to the plight of the South African, who faced questions over her gender following her world title victory, but she doubts other athletes will follow her example.

"I don't think there is acceptance, to be honest," Meadows said. "When I raced in Gateshead I know some of the other girls were saying: 'Oh, so Caster's back,' and the tone of their voices was sort of: 'What's it going to be like with Caster back?'

Meadows has been critical of athletes who have been "less gracious" in responding to the controversial case, which concluded when the International Association of Athletics Federations cleared Semenya to run this month. Immediately after the world championship final last year two competitors publicly questioned Semenya's gender.

"Just look at her," said Mariya Savinova of Russia, and Elisa Cusma Piccione of Italy went one step further, saying: "I am not taking (Semenya's win) into consideration – for me she is not a woman. I am also sorry for the other competitors ... It is useless to compete with this and it is not fair."Meadows says even before that race the mood in the call-out room was uncomfortable, with athletes "staring and laughing" at Semenya.

Maybe Helium can get Caster to play for the Boks, they need something or someone to frighten the Opposition now that Bakkies has been banned for 2 months. Would make a good inside centre and bet her “Tackle” is bigger than some of the smaller Boks who seem to be letting opposition through at will.

Well Done Pakistan, at least someone beat the Aussies this week, first time in 15 years they have won a test match against the sheep shaggers and inside of 4 days, got a bit close near the end but came out as 3 wicket winners.

I see that Jacque Fourie got a 4 week ban for a spear tackle and the Housebreaker Cooper only got 2 weeks (perhaps the time he spent at the cops answering questions is deemed at time served) Perhaps someone need to tell the Aussie selectors that you don’t actually need to be a criminal to play for the country……….That was only needed to become a resident in the early days.

Congrats to Louis Oosthuizen (Eastern Cape boytjie) for winning the holy grail of Golf and I do hope he enjoys his new ride (a Lekker Trekker)

Oh well that’s enough of me boring the crap out of you, have a great week and don’t forget to fly your flags on Friday.

How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?
”They Take The Psychopath”


The Village Idiot

Rest well Snowball

This week we lost a friend who passed away after a big accident, its only been a few days but we miss him already, our friend was not very talkative, but did like to be involved in much that we did, he would be waiting at the house when we would get back from the shops or the beach, was always bumming food from us and could sleep for hours. He wasn’t very old either, only 42 in human years. Snowball our cat and friend was put to sleep on Monday after having his jaw broken in a fight with another cat in the street. We miss him and hope that he is in kitty heaven with a full bowl of food, a sunny place to rest his bones and fond memories of all the love that he received from the Dunkley family.

I don’t know about you but I am having serious withdrawal symptoms now that a week has nearly passed and the SWC is no longer with us, I was happy that the Tri Nations had started but with the current forms of the Boks I am not so sure anymore, with two games played and the all Blacks putting in 8 tries against us, but don’t worry folks because according to Helium, its not a train smash. I personally believe that John Smit should no longer be in the team, he has done his time, served the tem and his country with honour, but he is no longer the man that should lead the Bokke. I mean how can he just stand there and listen to the Ref giving Ritchie Mcaw his second final warning and not say anything………sucks to lose against The All Blacks. I see that Helium is also blaming the referees now.

“When I get older I will get stronger they’ll call me freedom just like a waving flag….so wave your flag so wave your flag”. Fridays is now FLY THE FLAG FRIDAY so remember to show your pride in the country by flying the flag.

Seems it has been cold in Clarens as this picture proves, Thanks Mr Schlup. Clarens has been cold but so has PE, was 2.5 degrees on Tuesday morning, the coldest morning temp that anyone can remember in over 30 years.

While it was great to see Nelson Mandela at the final of the SWC on Sunday last week (well done Spain) it was also to me a harsh reminder that he is very old and to see him like that made me feel that perhaps we need to give this great man some peace and quite and not keep pulling him out for the world to see when we need to, he is not a mascot, he is an ICON and I don’t care if you feel he should have been hung in the 60’s, if he had SA would have been a lot worse country to live in. I wish that I could meet him, shake his hand and thank him for being the man that he is. Happy Birthday Madiba, thanks you for all that you have done for South Africa I just hope that we can make the country the one that you wanted to see , we are not there yet, but we are trying.

The Dunkley family are fine, gabby started school again, is still madly in love with Stephen (her boyfriend) I am busy at work , but loving it, Tania is busy with Crafty stuff and overseeing installation of solar geysers etc etc. Had a couple of calls this week from Clarens Friends, Thanks Natalie and Werner, great to hear from you, Tania also saw Hettie from Clarens.

Well that’s about this week, not really in the mood to write to be honest with you, don’t forget to buy a Clarens Chronicles book if you have not done so already.


Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?
Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?
Why is it that doctors call what they do 'practice'?
Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavouring, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?


The Village Idiot

Blink of an eye

Seems like only yesterday that the SWC 2010 started, I am not sure about you but now that the competition is nearing completion and the interim government of FIFA is looking to hand back power to the South African Government I am already having withdrawal symptoms and find my self flipping through the sports channels for my daily soccer fix, the other day I was so desperate I found myself fixated on a game of Jukskei being played in Poffadder.

So what did the SWC bring us apart from the obvious boost in economy and a chance to showcase SA to the world? Well to me the biggest positive aspect from this month long Soccer fest was the fact that as South Africans we seemed to bond. I had the opportunity to watch a number of games at the local Fan Fest and it was great to see the ‘Gees” of both White and Black South Africans. No aggro no hassles just that common bond “soccer” This past month reminded me of the heady days of 1995 when the Boks won the Rugby World Cup…for a moment in time we where together, “One People, One Nation” but somehow we let that impetus slip, the biggest legacy I want to see from the SWC is that we have learnt that as Black and White citizens we share the same hopes, dreams and fears and as a united country we can achieve just so much more. I recently watched the movie Invictus and in it there is a quote that I believe sums up how we will ensure that this country is the best that it can be………”For South Africa to achieve greatness all South Africans need to exceed their own expectations”

Regards the SWC itself, 2010 was the tournament where form and reputation was thrown out the window, I do not think there has a been a tournament with so many surprise results and shock exits, while the Soccer has been great and I have been fortunate to attend 2 matches at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth it is the words of Alex and Patrick, 2 visitors from Switzerland that we met at the St Georges Fan park that will stay with me for many years to come. ‘We where told not to come to South Africa, due to it being unsafe, we have met only good people and cannot start to tell you how beautiful this country is, we will be back, but we will be bringing back lots of friends”.

Tonight I will be at my local fan park with thousands of other South Africans cheering on the two teams in a celebration not only of the “beautiful game” but also what we as a country have achieved In hosting this event, we can hold our heads high, not only have we hosted the second biggest sporting event in the world we have done it well, perhaps with one exception, yep the fiasco in Durban on Wednesday, but on a brighter note Durban also produced a miracle with Italian Luigi Lyingbastardini arriving in SA on a wheelchair but managing to get out of it and run across the Moses Madida stadiums football field while the Germany/Spain game was in progress. I see he was wearing a superman suit and clutching a Vuvuzela, so perhaps the Vuvuzela has healing powers (yet another use for the now world famous Vuvuzela)

Well what can we say about the Bokke, I was perhaps lucky that I had to lay a wooden floor and did not have time to watch the match, I don’t even want to watch the highlights…but according to “Helium” we don’t have anything to worry about, this is all part of the plan. Let’s see what next week brings. I do believe that de Villiers should have been more specific when he told Bakkies to use his head in this game. I don’t know about you but I think that this just may have been the last time we see Bakkies in a Bok jersey……….you can be tough and an enforcer but you have to be smart as well, an attribute that I don’t believe he has.

Caster has been cleared to run against women again after “Medical Help”……….The doctors feel that the operation was a huge success and that there should now not be as much drag as before allowing Caster to post better times. It will also mean that a third toilet facility won’t need to be implemented at track meets Male, Female and Unknown.

A couple of Blogs back I mentioned that the UK could be in for a harsh time regards the economy now that the conservative party had won the election n(well sort off) and this article that was on news 24 confirms that
This will apply obviously only to those that are born lucky and who no matter what will be able to live the life of a ?? while clutching to their South Africaness…but enough of that.

I was watching the news (yes I do that sometimes) and I was shocked to see that their was another manhunt for a man who had gone on a shooting spree but when cornered by the police shot himself. Why was I shocked I hear you ask, well it was in the UK, images of heavily armed police men and women flashing across the screen, I was under the impression that you could not get a firearm in the UK, in fact you have to register your knitting needles juts in case you get a tad peeved with a neighbour and decide to knit them a jersey. So I suppose the UK is not such a safe haven for those who believe that nothing bad happens there.

Seems that those South Africans living overseas in the UK are bragging about the 30 degrees in London ………Whoop dee Frikken doo, it was 28 degrees here in PE on Friday and its winter. It must have been summer then in the UK on Saturday so hopefully they did not miss it and enjoyed it.

I came across a website the other day by some ex-pat scumbag that needs to stay overseas that was going on about how crap SA was and how he was so pissed off that SA had managed to pull off the SWC……….he had been hopeing that the black government would fail and the world would see what rubbish they are. I sent him a reply o his site, which I cannot share with you as it was rather rude, needless to say I gave him a piece of my mind and told him that scum like that should rather stay where he is and make the people of that country miserable.

Book sales seem to be good and at the end of August Tania, Gabby and I will be going to Clarens to do a book launch and watch SA vs Australia at Friends with friends, eating chicken strips, drinking beer and generally misbehaving. Get to see my mate meat bomb as well, so cannot wait

Work was great this week and next week will be doing a number of things, so I am looking forward to that. By mid August I will hopefully be signed off on another 3 courses, so its nose to the grindstone and learn learn learn.

Saturday Ryan and Keith helped us to put down a laminated floor in the master bedroom, hard work but looks great.

Slow week this week, so not much news. Have a great week ahead


The Village idiot

There is always 2066

I came back from the St Georges fan park last Saturday having watched Germany give there old foe England a foot balling lesson, the 3 lions did not roar they “meowed”. Yeah I know what some of you are going to say “if that goal had been allowed they would have been a different outfit, well I agree the goal should have been given, but all that would have done would to see them lose 4-2. The Germans came out to play and play they did, the better team by far on the day. Overweight, overpaid and over the hill, I cannot believe that players of that calibre are paid the sums of money that they get. England may have invented the modern game, but they sure as hell are not anywhere close to being ???

So this now begs the question if 1970, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994. 1998, 2002, 2006 and now 2010 have not been the years for the Poms to reclaim the glory days of 1966 when will that actually happen? I can see the drunken louts now crying into their warm beers going on about the goal that wasn’t and how in 2014 will be the year, dream on dream on.

All I can say is that I am really happy that the two biggest conflicts ever fought where actually not football games because we would all have been wearing funny steel helmets and have little black moustaches. The English team in this SWC like most others in the past where mediocre and proves a point that the English in general are mediocre, they celebrate mediocrity and coming second or not just quite making it, that’s why they have so many foreigners running the country for them, because the Poms themselves are either on the dole in the pub or in a foreign country celebrating the teams mediocrity.

I believe that the 3 lions are being replaced by 3 tampons…..”why you ask” , well this world cup has been the worst period that they have ever gone through. The jokes doing the rounds about the Poms and how crap they play are good and I have seen a number of really funny jokes at the expense of the overpaid English team. And now the islanders will know what the Germans felt like in 1966 with the Geoff Hurst Goal that wasn’t.

Saw Holland play Brazil on Friday at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium “FRIKKEN AWESOME” wow that was a game and I shared it with Ryan, so that was all good. Sorry Tania could not join us, but really did not think she would get so into it, that has been awesome for me to see Tania be so enthusiastic about the SWC….thanks my Angel you know that I love you, but you always seem to surprise me even more, I am so lucky to have you as my wife XXX

Must say the statement from Sepp Blatter would be to costly to install monitor for games is ridiculous as before the teams had started back for towards the halfway for the German goal kick we had a seen a replay of the incident at least twice, even a blind person could have seen it was over the line, so have a 3rd referee as we do in rugby and the Ref can refer items like that as well as diving, unnecessary red cards.

Seems that Uruguay also had the hand of god assist them on Friday against Ghana, Sanchez the cheat decided to swat the ball off the line as it was about to go in seconds from the end of extra time that would have won the match for Ghana to see them reach the semi finals of the SWC, a first for any African team. The resulting penalty taken was not well executed and Uruguay won the penalty shoot out, I think that the rules should change if you deliberately handle the ball on the line then the team should be given a goal.

We have also been attending any games we can get to at the local Fan park and that has also been fun, we saw Germany give Argentina a good hiding on Saturday and look forward to watching the 2 x semi finals as well as the Final there

The two week SAMTRAC course was hard but well worth it, met 3 great people and become friends, so that was an added bonus. Ryan as expected was a great trainer and really made the course interesting. I pretty confident that I passed, hopefully I will have done enough to get a distinction.

The Book ‘Clarens Chronicles” has started to sell and I am petty pleased as to how many so far. Still want to do a book signing in Clarens and hopefully sell some more. Tania and I also decided that we want to contribute R made from the sales to local children’s charities (Clarens) as its important that we put back into the community. So if you have not bought a copy, please do so.

I have, after 5 attempts managed to see the 12 x 8 meter flag on Donkin reserve and its pretty impresive, the flag pole must be the height of the actual light house.

Received a few phone calls from Clarenites this week , so that bhas been cool, also going onto Facebook is keeping me up to date on what is happening in the village, although I believe a certain someone feels that now that I have left the village I should perhaps keep out of what is happening there.. that’s there opinion, but Clarens will always have a special place in my heart and without trying to brag (okay just a little) I feel that I played a part in promoting the village and helping to get it to where it is today on the map, along with many other unsung heros in the village. Unfortunately its always a couple of the same usual suspects that try to grab the limelight and make it look like they alone have been responsible for the growth of the village…..but lets not get back on that subject again, as could end up with another lawyers letter.

This school holidays I have started to feel like my folks did when they drove me to friends houses, movies etc and picked me up at night, actually its quite cool, waited up till nearly midnight the other day as Gabby and a posse of friends and a couple of parents went to the fan park to watch a game and listen to a rock group I have never heard of (yep sound like my dad). Gabby is turning Into a young woman, has a boyfriend called Stephen (and he is a nice kid) he also knows that he will lose the ability to reproduce in the future should he decide to take advantage of my only child J, seriously he is a nice lad and he and Gabby seem to get on so well……Aah young love.

Well gotta go, keep well for the week ahead.


The Village Idiot – AKA S.P.A.D ( Stephen published author Dunkley) Thanks jeannele
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