It May (an) Happen but then again it May (an) not.

Th1s is the year that the Mayans predicted the world  would come to an end,  So what are the Mayan prophecies for 2012?.  The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012 – but why are so many people afraid of this date?  What is the big deal? (Is it not possible that they ran out of stone or they felt that 2012 some thousands of years away was far enough?)

There are essentially 3 ways that people have translated what the Mayans predicted 

1.  The end of the Mayan calendar means either the end of the earth or doom for the human race.  The level of cataclysm depends on the person, but the idea is that the end of the Mayan calendar is a bad thing.  The ideas used to support this theory are wide and wild – everything from Nostradamus predictions to the NASA solar maximum warning.  Recent credence includes the increasing instances of natural disasters.
2.  The end of the Mayan calendar means birth and renewal.  There will not necessarily be any kind of “event” – cataclysmic or otherwise.  There will just be a new age for mankind and the earth.  The Mayan writings seem to support this theory the most.  There have been previous ages according to Mayan mythology and there is to be a fifth age beginning at dawn on December 22nd 2012.

3.  The end of the Mayan calendar means absolutely nothing.  This is the believe of the ignorant and the apathetic.  The fact that the Mayan calendar means at least a new age is clear.  Reaching the end of the 5126 Mayan calendar is an enormous event in the history of mankind and should be celebrated.
So  who else has prophesied about 2012?

It is said that Nostradamus and the Hopi Indians have similar prophecies…  It is said that the I-Ching (was that the inventor of the till “Ka Ching’s” younger brother?) prophesies and even NASA have 2012 doomsday prophecies.  Is this true?

NO it is not. Nostradamus does have some great predictions that can be attributed to 2012.  NASA has issued an article discussing potentially the greatest solar maximum in recorded history to arrive around 2012.  The I-Ching and Hopi prophecies seem to be connected to 2012 after the fact – although I am preparing a new article that discusses that now.

But ladies and gents all those people are wrong and I am not concerned that the world will come to an end in 2012 because I know for a fact we are still around to at least 2015.....How does “Nostraidiot” know this............Easy having recently watched Back to the Future 11 Marty Mc Fly ( Michael J Fox) goes to the future and its 2015, that’s good enough for me.  But just in case ( I like to hedge my bets), if you have seen the movie 2012 then you will know that the safest place to be on 21/12/2012 would be the top of the Drakensburg Mountains as this is reckoned to be a really safe place by the movie script writers. So methinks I will look at a camping holiday around that time.

This also reminds me of Y2K............................ remember the world was going to come to a standstill at the stroke of midnight 1999 as all the world computers would turn the clocks back and stop operating, it was predicted that planes would fall out of the sky, banking systems would crash, Nuclear missiles would launch themselves staring a nuclear holocausts. The Loonies of the world dug bunkers filled them with provisions and told the rest of us who had decided “hey lets party” that we were doomed and that when the dust had settled only a handful of people (mostly religious nuts or half breeds who sleep with their sisters would be the rulers of the world (what a horrible thought). So what happened , well at the stroke of midnight 1999 as we know the world carried on the loons crept out of their bunkers (and there were a few in SA as well, a family in Nelspruit springs to mind) and felt somewhat sheepish that the world was still running and they had not walked into a apocalyptic hell.   
If today was your last day (great Nickelback song), what would you do. Not an easy question to answer because what you may want to do that last day and what you think other people will expect you to do could differ greatly.  I have been accused as being 'gay" because I like Nickelback, good musicians who lately have been accused of being the best rocker band around but because they are seen as the best the Rock band scene is not as healthy as it should be...............This from a band called The Black Keys (ever heard of them?............No me neither) 

No resolution this year, just decided that I am going to get fit and try and tone up the old body a tad. So with that in mind I started a exercise routine and will see how long it lasts. Really don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger now. (see picture and you will know what I mean)
My Wife and Daughter are part of the Blackberry generation, that’s the generation that BBM each other and don’t talk...............Well they are not that bad, not as bad as some of Gabby’s  friends, but whenever you look up these days someone is on the “eye” pad , the computer or on the Blackberry sending out messages to all and sundry.
So after 2 ducks in the 2nd Test seemed that a seriously pissed of Jaques Kallis arrived in Newlands and of the first day of the test effortlessly tonked 159 runs from the Sri Lankan Attack earning membership of an elite group of batsmen that being only the 11th person to achieve hundreds against all 9 test playing countries  He is also the second South African, after  Gary Kirsten (current national coach and former team-mate Gary Kirsten) who by the way was the first person to ever complete this achievement. Both are Cape Town-born, and this city so nearly boasts a hat-trick of achievers in that regard: Herschelle Gibbs, now no longer part of the Proteas’ Test plans, failed by a whisker to do it. Ironically the only team Gibbs could not record a century against were the very Lankans - the closest he came against them was 92 at Centurion in 2002/03 before he was particularly unfortunately (given the statistical circumstances later to take root) run out! Kallis went on to score 224 before he was out just before lunch on day 2. With the Proteas winning their first Test series at home in 3 years I presume that old Biff will remain captain of the test team for some years to come.
With this being last week of leave (Shit it goes fast) spent as much time as I could at the Beach. Monday took a jog, Tuesday Ryan and I swam, while I was waiting for him I was watching the 12 Kite boarders that were using Sards that day (was a little windy). Actually spent most of the week at the beach, weather has been awesome. With the “Soppi Koppi’s” still this part of the world its actually amazing at what some people will wear to the beach, Here is a hint ladies and gents (but especially ladies) if your scale says ‘One at a time” when you get on it the you should not be wearing a two piece costume, in fact  don’t get surprised if someone covers you in wet towels waters your blow hole and waits with you for the tide to come in so they can help you get back out to sea.
Busy reading another great book on General Custer and Crazy Horse, very interesting read. Ever since I was a little lad (many many many many many.............”shall I go on”? Moons ago)I have always been fascinated by General Custer’s last stand and would read anything I could about that fateful day, while in the States in 95 spent time in areas in the west that Custer would have fought against the Indians but unfortunately did not have the time to go to the site of the last stand in ???. what makes this book interesting is that it parallels Crazy Horse as well as Custers lives and gives great insight into Indian as well as Western society norms and taboo’s of the time as well as the politics.(See Blog  “Head them of at the Pass” on the history of General George Custer) Must say always amazes me that the Aussies and the Yanks were such big voices against Apartheid yet they massacred their own native tribes. Here in SA the Black populations grew and grew and grew. Perhaps we should have had an Aussie or American President for a while?

On Saturday 7 January at Midnight JZ lit a torch in a church in Bloemfontein commemorate the birth of the ANC 100 years ago, Ironic that they should have been formed in a church, seeing that most of the Comrades are in fact Communists..............As can be expected they are throwing a huge party (at taxpayers expense of course) and every freeloading asshole is there to Quaff as much  imported whisky and shove  enough meat down their throats as they can, justifying the expense as “this is what the people would want”.........mmm perhaps houses, toilets, running water , schools for kids and hospitals with trained nurses and medicines  are also on that list? Anyway I am sure they will get pissed , rum amok and rack up huge hotel bills.  So today 8/1/1912 the ANC became a liberation movement.  

I see that Julius “when will he shut the f#@k up” Malema has said that in 10 years he would like to see white domestic servants. Well let me tell you something you Frikken idiot, many whites have been doing their own housekeeping for years already, in fact some wealthier Blacks already hire White nannies and house-keepers Why? Well for one they know that the work will get done properly and they wont be stealing everything that is not bolted down........Yes I am generalizing as there are many very good domestics etc out there that are of the dark green persuasion. When will we ever hear the end of this Idiot ?  News just in Juju is being investigated by the Limpopo police for stealing land (from a fellow African “nogal”) seems that Juju just keeps on trucking.

Well Xmas is over and this Festive season we managed to kill 1232 people (giving us a daily average of 39) for the period 1-31 December, must be honest not sure of that total is just from vehicle accidents or includes Darwin candidates that I mentioned in Blog last week that were sleeping on the road to get a lift. Wonder what the total is over normal months (can’t be that much lower as most drivers in this country drive like assholes anyway) and last year just about every time I went to EL there was someone lying on the side of the road that had been hit by a fast moving car. 
Got a call from a good friend and owner of Clarens Brewery this week, was great to hear from Natalie and hear about expansion plans for the Brewery, they are moving from there present site to a new building that Bruce Marx built on the square. They will brew the beer there as well as sell it. Hopefully will get to see it when we go to Clarens this year for the 100th Birthday. As I said to Natalie, the village cannot have its 100th birthday without its Idiot being there.    

Well one thing that I know is definitely going to happen tomorrow, I am going back to work. Xmas holidays are over and another year awaits. Let’s see what it brings forth, got a feeling that 2012 could be a good one.....................But like Nostradamus, the future predicting monkeyand the Mayan’s I have been wrong before. I fly up to Gauteng on Wednesday so will see the folks which as always will be lekker.

Have a great week

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