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You know the old saying behind every great man there is an exceptional woman, well due to Sunday having being National Woman’s Day and August being woman’s month I thought that I would dedicate this Blog (well most of it) to all those women out there that have been an inspiration to friends, family, countries and nations. We as men do not give you enough credit for all the contributions that women have made or have achieved in the sport, political and business world.

I know that I am guilty of not always telling my wife how proud I am of her, especially with regards to the setting up of her internet company, “Crafty Stuff” that has over the last year shown tremendous growth and I know will one day be a huge success. Tania had a stall on Saturday on the square and she did very well with both selling and sourcing contacts for the business.

I also received a nice story from Steelwings that will go into a local paper about lady bikers and Harley riders in particular (Steelwings are coming again in November and we are really stoked that they have again chosen Clarens as the venue for their National rally) anyway with the articles where a few photos of lady bikers, now I don’t know about you other gents, but there is nothing sexier than a lady on a bike and if she happens to ride it herself, that’s even better. Yes that is probably a sexist utterance/statement but to me a lady in tight “leffers” or a “jeanpant” is just soooo much nicer than some dude.

Women have also become huge sports fans, when in the old days at stadiums and pubs you would only see the “ouens” shouting and screaming for their favourite sportsman, these days many seats are filled with the fairer sex who are just as if not more knowledgeable about the players and rules than the men. Friends as you may be aware is the place for locals to hang out and watch the rugby and of the usual 20 or more people that turn up for the games almost half are ladies of the village.

Talking about Rugby the Aussies played well but the Boks just seem to be on another level at the moment, long may it continue, watched the rugby at Friends ‘as usual” and the usual suspects where present, with a few new faces joining us this week. Perhaps it was because we had arrange Friends world famous chicken strips for snacks It was nice to see Garth join use as well as Eve and Bernie, Glen and a gent who had watched a game a while back with us who joined in the fun. Mark is going to start a facebook group called “the Clarens rugby supporters club” we where saying from humble beginnings, Mark and I we now have at least 20 –25 people joining us or the rugby, we have even had to start bringing in our own fold up chairs. So if you are in the vicinity and there is a good rugby game on, give us a shout and pop in to say hi. OH Yeah we have one thing to say to Player 24 (Cheetahs 25 , Bulls 15 J)

I bath every day, as do most people, but I have to admit it never ceases to amaze me how much fluff can gather in your belly button, on Friday as I was driving to a meeting in Bethlehem and I was scratching my tummy “as one does when driving to the “holy city” and I pulled out a lump of fluff that I could have re-carpeted my house with. So I have to ask where does it come from, I mean do the fluff bunnies visit at night and load up the belly button with all the lint they can find lying around the house ??. I suppose we will never know as its in the same league as the washing machine “two socks go in, but only one comes out”

You may remember last weeks Blog that had Super Bok wanting you to vote for Clarens, so I have to ask “did you”? The reason I am asking is that I received an e-mail on Thursday to say the Zastron is still first but Marquad (population 7) is now second with Ladybrand and Vrede battling it out for 3rd place. Clarens is not even in the top 10, I am to scared to ask what other villages are on the list, surely there must be a mistake, I sent the e-mail out to hundreds, Eish electronic newsletter and Clarens connection newsletter also sent out an appeal yet we are not even on the list never mind in the top 3. So Please SMS Village dorps, your name, Clarens, your cell number and send to 34115. VOTE FOR CLARENS “YOU CAN DO IT”

Took a trip to Afri Ski on Sunday with the family, Mark and his sister, unfortunately Kathy could not come as the shop was to busy. Had a bit of a kak start when the vehicle we where going to use decided to die, but after that things looked up. There was a lot of snow at Afri ski and plenty or people as well, but we had a good tine freezing our feet and asses off. After a few hours though “enough is enough” and a piece of advice if your going to play in the snow wear the right shoes, otherwise your feet feel like they are going to fall off, mostly we bum boarded with Gabby, Mark and I also trying or hand at snowboarding, “its not as easy as it looks” I got caught in a snowdrift and luckily had a SPATULA to dig myself out.

This week the Village Idiot is eating Humble Pie, after weeks of giving a local gent, his staff and the publications they represent stick, it was decided after a very amicable meeting were all parties were present that enough is enough and instead of butting heads and making life unpleasant for all involved that we should put the past behind us and look towards the future. I must say that this is something that my wife has been pestering me to do for a while now, but Pride is as they say “one of the seven deadly sins”

“So ladies and gents please accept my sincere apologies for any discomfort or embarrassment that I may have caused yourselves or the publication that you present and I look forward to a new era of co-operation between us.”

I think Wolverine is losing it, I asked him to find me proof of someone smoking TIC (the drug that is so popular in the Cape Flats, but apparently making its way in to the more affluent of areas). I am not sure if he has a hearing problem, or is just DOF but he came back with photographic evidence of a T-T smoking. “Talk about keeping abreast of a situation” (photo was not available at time of this Blog going out)

I also caught Graeme the owner of Clarens Rocks shop air guitaring outside of his shop "ok it was posed" but Clarens does "Rock"

A couple of quotes from Jeanelle to end off this week’s Blog

“Normal is a setting on a washing machine”

“Ah the patter of little feet around the house. There’s nothing like having a midget for a butler.”

Have a great week and remember if you have had an argument with someone don’t let it get out of hand, ‘leave pride at the door” and sort the problem out, you will feel better.

The Village Idiot.

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