Zany stories from 2011

Among offbeat and zany stories from the year just about to end are the following..................."Enjoy"

- The bad news for a group of employees in a Canadian technology company was that the firm was closing down and laying them off. The good news, received the same day, was that 10 of them had jointly won the equivalent of 7.1 million dollars in the state lottery.

- Faced with a school ban on boys wearing short rather than long trousers in hot weather, a 12-year-old British pupil registered his protest by showing up in a skirt.

- A woman in Sicily who had put off paying a three-year-old parking fine got a shock when she opened a letter telling her it had shot up to 32,000 euros, including interest. An absent-minded official had typed in the date of the violation as '208', rather than '2008', and the computer had done the rest.

- Following a trend set by Knut, a cuddly polar bear cub, and Paul, an octopus that was touted for predicting World Football Cup results, a German zoo promoted Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum. Alas, the squint-eyed marsupial died in the course of the year, but not before her photo had drawn millions of laughs on the Internet.

- Also in Germany, an enterprising cow named Yvonne escaped from a herd about to be slaughtered and spent three months evading both the police and the media in the southern region of Bavaria. When caught, she was given refuge in an animal sanctuary.

- A French government minister got his fingers in a twist while using the micro-message Internet site Twitter both for personal and public missives. "When I get home, I'm going to bed, exhausted. With you?" Eric Besson tweeted - in a message received by his 14,000 online "followers".

- Fans of the local football team in the southwestern French town of Dax were bemused when their website was attacked by hackers sending them vengeful messages in German. The protesters had mistaken it for the official site of Germany's main stock market index, the DAX.

- At a press conference during a visit to Chile, Czech President Vaclav Claus could not resist an elegant pen that was lying on the table in front of him. A video showing him slipping the instrument into his jacket became a viral hit on the Internet.

- British power stations recorded one of their biggest surges in energy demand ever just as live TV coverage of the country's royal wedding was drawing to a close. Engineers attributed the excess to around a million people putting on their electric kettles at the same time to make tea.

- The central Asian nation of Uzbekistan organised a key university entrance exam for all students on a single day. Just as the event began, the country's five mobile phone operators shut down all text-messaging services, citing "urgent maintenance" but in fact nipping in the bud any possibility for students to use them to cheat.

- Radio listeners in Israel heard their foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, being interviewed from the comfort of his home. As the interview ended, they clearly heard the sound of his toilet flushing.

- A poverty-stricken 75-year-old woman in the Caucasian republic of Georgia cut off all Internet access in both her home country and neighbouring Armenia when she inadvertently sliced through a cable while foraging for scrap metal.

- A huge electronic counter set up in London's Trafalgar Square to provide a 500-day countdown to the start of the city's Olympic Games not only stopped functioning, but started going backwards.

- A young girl in Australia who used an Internet site to issue an open invitation to her 16th birthday party had to cancel it after 200 000 people said they were coming.

- A Dutchman who drove his expensive sports car at almost 300 kilometers (180 miles) an hour on a Belgian highway was caught because he couldn't resist putting a film of the exploit, along with pictures of the speedometer and commentary on the type of car, on the video sharing web site "YouTube".

- A 36-year-old woman in Italy filed for divorce just a month after getting married. The reason: her new husband had insisted on bringing his mother along on their honeymoon.

- Chinese TV viewers thought there was something familiar about a sequence on the news supposedly showing the country's warplanes going through their paces. And there was: it turned out that the footage was from the hit US film 'Top Gun'.

- A group of white doves released from the Vatican during a sermon by Pope Benedict XVI refused to play their roles as symbols of peace. Rather than soaring up into the air, they simply flew straight back in through the window.

- A man arrested for credit card fraud in South Korea was found to have kept a detailed diary of a long career of burglaries, containing the addresses of houses he had broken into and details of what he had taken. His home also contained many of the stolen items.

- Students attending a class on human sexuality in a Chicago university found themselves watching a real life demonstration involving a naked man and woman and an electric vibrator.

- The organisers of an arts festival in Australia were red-faced when a huge helium-filled balloon sculpture representing clouds was torn from its moorings and soared off into the sky.

- Attendees at a United Nations meeting were bemused to hear the foreign minister of India waxing lyrical about Portuguese-speaking countries. It was only after speaking for three minutes that he realised his text had got mixed up with that of his Portuguese opposite number.


"Soppi Koppi”

The Binnelanders (the inside grounders is the literal translation, but means people who live in the interior of a country) invasion of PE has begun with the number of foreign number plates (GP. MP and FS) having significantly increased in the last couple of days, the fact that cars are now doing u turns, driving at 12 kms per hour and just stopping for no apparent reason also tells us that outsiders are in our midst. At least they can’t walk 4 abreast down the middle of the road like they do in Clarens.

What is a “Soppi Koppi” I hear you ask well it’s from the Afrikaans “pasop jou kop” or in English “mind your head” as this is what the dads in Clarens told the kids sitting on their shoulders as they walked into a shop, this was then colloquialized as here comes a “Soppi Koppi” and you then knew that that person was not a local.

I made up some flyers for the Binnelanders using our beaches this year, thought I would share with you 

1)Don’t swim in the sea - More than 99% of shark attacks happen in large expanses of water, also known as oceans. AN easy way to tell if you’re in an ocean or not is to taste the water- it will taste like salt  2) Swim alongside fat people - Make sure you always have a fat person next to you in the water, odds are you will be able to swim faster than them thus increasing your chances of escape. 3) Sun block - replace the sun block of the person next to you with BBQ rib sauce. 4) Don’t go in the water without a knife - as soon as you spot a shark start stabbing the person next to you and as soon as they are bleeding swim away as fast as you can.  5) Listen carefully - every shark has a theme song - if you hear da-dam da-dam da –dam then swim for your life, If its fast like this - dadam dadam dadam then stop swimming – you’re screwed.

Seems that this gent was lucky and did not follow any of the rules that I suggested above, however he was in a kayak fishing so perhaps I need to set some new rules for those people as well.

A Kayak angler has survived to tell his own shark's tale after one took a nip out of his boat, the Herald Online reported on Thursday. “The shark came from underneath me, the same way it klaps (hits) a seal. I never saw him until it happened," Werner Coetzee, 35, told the newspaper about the encounter which took place just off Noordhoek in Port Elizabeth just before dawn on Wednesday.

Coetzee said after the great white shark emerged out of the water it knocked him and the front of his boat so hard that he was flung up into the air. "I have a Pinnacle kayak which takes a big punch, but he knocked me and the front of the kayak about 2.5m minimum out of the water,” he said."My kayak and all my tackle weigh 38kg and I weigh 102kg - so you can imagine." Coetzee said when he landed back in the water, his kayak landed next to him but upside down.

"That was when I saw it was a shark. It was about four metres long. He was just a few feet away from me, biting into the front of the kayak."“We eyeballed each other and I saw him change his attention from the kayak to me." Coetzee said he then started pulling himself onto the hull of the boat. “I lay there for about a minute, although it seemed like much longer, waiting for the next hit. But it never came.” Coetzee said the shark moved away - probably because he did not regard the fibreglass the kayak was made out of as a delicacy. "He obviously didn’t like the taste of fibreglass and that is why he moved off.” Coetzee said two of his fishing rods and his sunglasses had not been as lucky as he had - they disappeared during the attack.
Spent a “lui lekker” (lazy nice) week collected a gym on Monday and had some tea with Ryan etc.................A gym you say what you going to do with a gym? Well I am going to get Buff so I can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (oh hang on I already do, I mean have you seen pictures of him lately?) that’s why I want to exercise. Tania says I am having a midlife crisis as I want to get fit, I seem more interested these days in sports cars (especially cabriolets) and want to get a tattoo.........maybe she has a point.  

Tuesday was a trip to Sards with gabby and a few of her mates, wind was a tad “breezy” but we had a pleasant enough time sand boarding and getting sandblasted. A couple of spectacular wipe outs by myself and another guy called Stephen had the onlookers laughing as we ploughed up the sand with our faces. One wipe out I landed on my ass so fast that I thought I had spent the night with Bubba (not a lekker feeling I can tell you). you may think that you cannot pick up speed on a board down a sand dune, but let me tell you it all depends on the following 1) how well you have polished the bottom of the board 2) how steep the sand dune is and last but not least how far you lean back to pick up speed. You can go from 0  - 60 faster than it takes for a Los Angeles cop to pepper spray Rodney King     Rest of the day was taken up chilling by the pool and sucking down a millers or two (okay it was 3)

So Kim Jung (whatever) the 2nd , the dictator of North Korea died suddenly, no one seems to know why. Well the Village Idiot may not be a Dr but I do know that lack of breath is usually the reason. All I can say is that its not been a good year for dictators, tyrants and terrorists  - Bin Laden, Gaddafi Bob (ok he did not die but he was seriously pissed at the Nando’s advert) and now Kim Jung, just show you that becoming a despot cannot be a good “Korea” move, get it “Korea/Career”   move.............Yeah I know “assume the position”  Barrack has done soooo much better than GW Bush in ridding the world of dictators. Not that he had anything to do with 2 of them but I am sure he will take the credit, after all its re-election time soon.  I see that the Yanks left Iraq on Tuesday and by Thursday the rag heads had stated to blow each other up (65 dead)..........”Ah well you can take democracy to Iraq but you can’t make them like it”, watch this space the Kurds and the Sunni Muslims will be killing each other at regular intervals and Iraq will slide back into the days of the Stone it or not they need a dictator to keep them in line. 

By Thursday the shops in PE were pumping with a capital P. We went shopping for last minute items and for Xmas lunch in the morning and I swear that shops put the prices up of produce on purpose over the festive season. I mean R18 for 6 lychees “are you Frikken serious” Gabby wanted some Cherries so we took a handful (was 300g) and cost R40............WTF, Gaby was told to eat them sloooooooooooooooooowly.   
Friday woke up at 10am.............yeah I know lazy sod. Rest of the day was taken up by going to a couple of shops and then just chilling, Tania baked for Christmas day and Gabby worked on her Bitch Book.......Don’t ask. 

Christmas eve day (Saturday) I again woke up at nearly 10am then took a leisurely stroll to Walmer mall (about 1.5 kms from the house) to buy bread that we need for Xmas lunch. The mall was pumping and it’s amazing to see how many people leave Xmas shopping up to the last minute........Xmas trees, decorations, toys etc etc. Must say was a nice festive atmosphere to the mall with a number of people dressing in red or wearing Santa hats or antlers (each to their own). On the walk back it struck me that while our Northern Hemisphere cousins are used to shopping in outdoor markets I do enjoy the fat that on the walk back to my house at the side of a busy road you can buy wood, fruit, Nguni cow skins, Bali sarongs, wooden garden furniture and even bongs.  Tania and Gabby prepped for Xmas lunch and I drank a millers or two. 

Had Xmas Dinner at Ryan’s with the family and then today we woke up (not sparrow’s fart for a change........that’s one joy of having a older kid and we don’t work in the hospitality business anymore), we don’t have to get up early cause Santa has arrived. Opened pressies spoke to the family in Gauteng and then got ready to host the family for Xmas lunch.   Must say while nice to have the PE family here we did miss seeing my Family in Gauteng and Nicole, Doug and Amber who are in London. 

Seriously pissed off with Post Office, the parcel we sent to the family in Gauteng they will only be able to get next week as the post office they use is classed as an outlying (read too small to bother about) and the parcel we sent is now waiting in Germiston to be dispatched, my dad offered to go and fetch it but that’s not allowed.    

Hoping to have 12000  hits on the Blog by December 31st, so tell any friends out there that want to broaden their horizons to read the Blog.  

Anyone who reads this Blog and lives in London here is going to be industrial action on the underground so don’t go on the tube on Boxing day in the UK otherwise you could be standing on the platform with your finger up ur ass till new years. Was apparently 11 degrees in London on Thursday (thanks “Acudoug”), reports of island dwellers running to the nearest common or park and stripping to skivvies, socks and sandals were rolling in all day.........we celebrate Christmas in July they were celebrating Summer in December.

Why is the 26th of December called Boxing day (In SA  Boxing day was re-named  Day of Goodwill in 1994) is it because all the family get together on that day, drink and end up boxing each other? Nah not for all families, let the Village Idiot educate you......................  Traditionally, 26 December was the day to open the Christmas Box to share the contents with the poor.  In the UK many poorly paid workers were required to work on Christmas Day and took the following day off to visit their families. As they prepared to leave, their employers would present them with Christmas boxes. During the late 18th century, Lords and Ladies of the manor would "box up" their leftover food, or sometimes gifts and distribute them the day after Christmas to tenants who lived and worked on their lands. (Wow that was so nice of the Lords and Ladies of the Manor). In Southern Australia the 26th is called Proclamation day, in Namibia its Family day and in Ireland Boxing day is also known as St Stephens day. 

So who was St Stephen you may well ask, well again let me edumacate you all    Stephen lived in Rome and was the first man to be killed for believing in the teachings of Jesus. His story is told in the Acts of the Apostles 6: 1 to 8: 2. Some people claim that he shares this day with another St Stephen, who came from Sweden. St Stephen of Sweden is the patron saint of horses. You may also have heard of the Christmas Carol “when  good king Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen”?  
This cartoon was published 1n 1999 that’s 12 years ago and the question as my good friend Danie asked on his Facebook page is ......”So what has changed”   

So to end let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas  or as they say in Talugu:   మెర్రి క్రిస్మస్ !!

We speak with forked tongue.

Johannesburg - The African National Congress has offered to help President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF win the next elections in neighbouring Zimbabwe, press reports said on Sunday."We are willing to assist in coming up with election messages and strategies that would deliver victory," ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told Zanu-PF's annual congress Saturday in Zimbabwe's second city Bulawayo, The Sunday Times reported."It is important for Zanu-PF to regain lost ground and continue to represent the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe," he was quoted as saying. Observers voiced surprise at the offer, since Mantashe has frequently criticised the autocratic rule of President Robert Mugabe, 87, who has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. So what do the ANC want ?? Bob in power or a MDC in charge..........this is the kind of statement that Juju got into trouble for. 

I see that another Shaik syndrome has reared its ugly head------------ “Pretoria - Disgraced former police chief Jackie Selebi, taken from prison to undergo tests on Monday, is in a "quite serious" condition, his lawyer said. Selebi's visit to Pretoria's Steve Biko Hospital was to do with the medical condition he suffered when he arrived at Pretoria Central Prison a week ago, Wynanda Coetzee told Sapa."It's quite serious," she said. "It will not get better."

I have a couple of questions is his lawyer also a Dr?  And if so he must charge a fortune. also why was it that he looked the picture of health until he got the verdict? If he gets a medical parole he can go and play golf with Shabir. Sick my ass he is just scared of geting shagged by Bubba. 

I see that Mr. “I did not kill my wife” Dewani is also using the Shaik syndrome defence so as not to get extradited from the island to SA................ “Think of something original bro”. Saw a T shirt the other day that said “Dewani Tourism..............Holidays to die for” 

With one South African drug mule (Janice Linden) being put to death by China this week, it was not a day later when a Eastern Cape resident ‘Babsi Nobanda was apprehended by Thai officials for attempting to smuggle 1.5kg cocaine into that country in her dreadlocks. Thai officials spotted white powder in her hair and she was stopped. Apparently over 600 South Africans have been arrested this year for being drug couriers. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Linden or any of them for that matter..........They peddle death they must reap the consequences of that. Surely you understand if you smuggle drugs into a country that has the death penalty for that crime and you get caught the chances are that they will actually go through with the sentence. An excuse that’s also bandied about is that “they did not know what was in the case”....................... 

BULLSHIT  surely if you are  approached at the airport and offered $10 000 to take a suitcase through customs then an alarm bell or two must go off and you say to yourself... “this is too good to be true” that’s because it is. And you just have to know that the Chinese will not bow to anyone, especially South Africa, we may have granted the chinks black status so they can benefit from BEE but they don’t take shit.....So drug mules take the execution of Linden as a warning, take drugs to China , get caught you are going to die.  

In Belgium this week (That peaceful country in Europe, you know that continent where everyone flees to because it’s so safe).............. “Liege - Nordine Amrani, the lone-wolf gunman who died after killing four people including a baby in a crowded Belgian square on Tuesday, had a long criminal record but not one of mental instability. The 33-year-old Amrani was well known to police before he went on the rampage in the eastern Belgian city of Liege, opening fire on families shopping for Christmas and youths leaving end-of-year school exams, also wounding more than 100 others before his own demise. (our prayers and thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones and to the injured).

Forgot to tell you last Blog but last Sunday was driving down the highway at 120 and passed a car were the woman was driving and feeding a newborn baby all at the same time (and who said women cant multitask).

We have a pool league at work and I managed to finish top of the league, but only just, we usually play on a Thursday when most of us are in PE, sometimes we are spread far afield, while we are not experts by any means our games have improved somewhat and must say I really enjoy Thursday pool afternoons.....With a beer or two  of course.  

Friday 16/12/2011 was a great Summer day in PE (was snowing in London, that according to by Brother in law over there “Its always fun” when it snows........well each to their own) Anyway I digress, mowed the lawn and then went to Sards (Sardenia bay) took the sand board for a test drive and its really not that hard. It was also opening of season in PE, so we met up with Ryan and the clan at Hobie beach to watch them send a lot of R up in smoke. 

Saturday was another awesome day and after taking Gabby and Ricky to Blue Water Bay at 8am, so they could be at work by 8.30am Tania and I then chilled, relaxed by the pool and watched cricket, later watched a DVD and then went for a pub dinner and a couple of drinks at Barney’s  with a walk around the Boardwalk after. Had a steers ice cream and have to say it must be the fastest melting soft serve I have ever had the displeasure to eat, thank goodness it was not 30 degrees out there otherwise it would have ended up as a puddle on the floor before I got it anywhere near my mouth.

Scored 2 x R400 shower heads on Saturday, ‘Free, Gratis and Verniet” as they say in the Classics, Eskom were swopping old shower heads for better water flow, use less electricity shower heads and due to the fact that I have probably assisted in a few of their directors being able to buy beach houses for cash I though “what the hell” if its free I want 2.

The Protea’s wiped the floor with Sri Lanka in the 1st test , by day 3 it was all done and dusted, that ensures Sunday is not another lie on the couch and vegetate while watching cricket. Woke up late today (Sunday) and then Tania and I did some Xmas shopping at the local malls, must say was not as busy as I dreaded it would be, but still busy. Was in Boardman’s looking for stuff and came across the Jamie Oliver range of pots, pans, plates, wine glasses etc etc............Frikken expensive as well I may add, did he invent those items ?.....NO he just put a red dot on the pan and moved the handle 2 inches to the right and now wants to charge a fortune for the privilege.

Have started with book again (The Phantom of the forest) will I ever finish it you ask ? well to be honest I don’t know, I get all enthusiastic and then stuff happens and I get sidetracked, who knows hopefully one day it will be for sale in a book shop near you. 

This weekend was the Clarens Jubilee, fun, music and beer at Ricks place, its become an institution and wil look up the story I did for the Speckled Spleen when I was writing articles for it, thats before I told the stripper she could not spell and was asked to Go..................But thats not another story, its another book, check out some of the older Blogs from 2009 you may get what I am talking about. 

My dad is in Ethiopia at the moment on business, told my mom that Addis Abbaba (Capital of Ethiopia) is like any major city in the world, bustling, high rise buildings world class hotels etc, but the outskirts are not so lekker. He flew up North to see the mines that he has to do work for and says that the countryside is interesting. He is staying at the Sheraton Hotel and I believe that its very luxurious. Next year he is on the way to Australia for another job that the company has got.  

Sunday afternoon met up with Ryan and the clan at Sards and had a lekker time, snorkelled , sand boarded, body surfed and threw the Frisbee, must say have had an awesome 3 days of weather and hopefully it will continue.  

Well that’s about it for the week, Next Sunday is Christmas day so there may or may not be a Blog, we shall have to see. So only 6 shopping days left to Xmas 2011 (Shit this year has flown).

Sent by my friend Jeanelle.................... “I decided to burn some calories I set a fat kid alight”

Have a great week

Ciao and “Tata Hoer” 


By the numbers

So I thought (yes I do think at times) that I would give you some fun facts that have to do with numbers, dates or percentages before I get to the Blog this week.......”Why” you ask? Well mainly because I don’t feel like taxing what’s left of my last brain cell. Sort of feel like the Salticrax advert...........I only have one brain cell left for the year and I need to ?? it as best I can this last couple of weeks of 2011. 

90% of poison exposures occur in homes, 480 hours is the current world record for non-stop rocking in a rocking chair (some people have too much time on their hands), Nails grow 1cm every 100 days, 1845 is when the first chewing gum factory was established, 1964 was the year that self adhesive stamps were issued, It takes 12 years for Jupiter to orbit the sun, In 2010 11.3 million tourists visited South Africa.

41  is the number of years that Fred the oldest known goldfish lived to, The average person takes 10 000 steps a day, The Hawaiian alphabet only has 11 letters, 10:1 is the ratio of termites to humans on earth, the most expensive cow was sold for $1.3 million, A Orca whale can hold its breath for 15 minutes, There are 30 000 schools in South Africa (not all are functional have books, desks or teachers but that’s beside the point), in 1931 Harley Davidson and Indian were the only two American manufacturers producing commercial motorcycles, in 1500 the yoyo was used as a weapon in the Philippines.

118.1 decibels is the loudest burp ever recorded, A Boeing 747 - 400 has 6 000 000 parts (a tad scary when you think the people making the parts usually have given the lowest quote to make the part/s), 3900 metres is the length of the world’s deepest mine (it’s in Carletonville, South Africa), the tin can (for preserving food) was invented in 1810, 500 000 tons of dog crap is deposited in the streets of Paris annually, the Slinky toy was invented in 1946 and 250 000 000 have been sold to date.

A Penguin can jump 1.83 metres in the air, 7 Billion (yes Billion) hotdogs were eaten in the USA during summer (that’s about 818 hotdogs per second) , In 1675 the then king of England (whoever that was) banned coffee houses as he claimed people met there to conspire against him, 80% of the brain is water, instead of being relatively solid (that actually explains a lot), the average life of a taste bud is 10 days,  72 muscles is the number needed to produce human speech, it takes 500 years for plastics to break down, 5 million puppies are born in the USA every year, A leech has 32 brains (who knew?),  250  people have fallen off the leaning tower of Pisa (lent over to far perhaps?) 40% of McDonalds profits come from the sale of Happy Meals, A dog has 100 different facial expressions, most made with the ears, And  a bee must visit 4000 flowers to make one tablespoon of honey( no wonder it’s so Frikken expensive)

The good news for the week is that I have been signed off to present SAMTRAC, which is a 10 day management course, must say was hectic, but thanks to the encouragement of Ryan work colleagues and other family members I managed to survive and be found Competent (I know me being found competent is a strange concept to some of you  but miracles do happen). I have come a long way in 18 months and its not been easy. To be honest I have been a real dick this year and not been the best person that I could have been so 2012 I have many bridges to mend.

We delivered the presents that we collected for the MTR Smit children’s home this week and I think they were gobsmacked that we had not only managed to get every child there a Xmas present we in fact managed to get each one what they wanted for Xmas, but not without hassles I must add............ some of the clients who took Xmas tags did not come up with the present (even after repeated request)...’SO WHY TAKE THE TAG IN THE FIRST PLACE’ is the question one asks.  

This weekend was the IRB 7’s in Port Elizabeth with the Bokke losing the final 26/31 against the All Blax. Didn’t get to go to the 7’s as Ryan could not make it and the weather was so Kak on Friday with the wind blowing so hard on Friday night that I thought  the house would get blown over, so I decided to clean out the garage instead (yes I know what you’re thinking) . Saturday arrived with overcast weather but then the sun came out and it turned out to be an awesome day. Must say that lately the weather has really been shit  in the Eastern Cape.

Pirates my South African football team won its first Telkom knock out challenge last night (Saturday) beating Bidvest Wits 3-1 at the Moses Madiba stadium in Durban, apparently 70 000 supporters  attended the game. Well done pirates another trophy for the cabinet. 

Gabby has got a job at a restaurant in Blue Water Bay, her boyfriend is the manager there so when she is that side of the world she will be working. Good for her to earn ,money and se that R does not just appear from the heavens.    

Today (Sunday 11 December 2011) took all the crap we chucked out of the garage to the local dump, tried to get the Triumph to start (giving me hassles), put up dart board on the patio and marked a stack of HIRA papers that have been waiting for my attention. Weather reverted back to being overcast and miserable in the morning but got better during the day ...................Think that is what this summer is going to be like.  
Next week is my final week at work for the year, then its holidays until the 9/1/2012, don’t start working as have to fly up to JHB to attend a training conference for a few days. Must say my Battery is seriously flat and this holiday could not come at a better time. I have bought a 2nd hand sand board so this season we will be trying out hurtling down the many large sand dunes near the house and hopefully not do too much damage to ourselves (will keep you posted)

So be good boys and girls, don’t forget to think about those less fortunate than yourselves over this festive season and there is only 13  shopping days left to Xmas day.   

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