Whats in a name ?

Tuesday I rode to Umtata some 530 kms to the East of PE. Getting to EL was a  doddle but the trip to Umtata  as I have just said was not  Lekker probably due to  due to a combination of traffic, stop and goes, animals of various sizes and species crossing the roads, multitudes of school kids walking back from school and it was cold. I think also my brain had decided in EL that the trip was over so the road ahead was always going to be a stretched out affair. Have to be honest stretches of the road are awesome and a bikers dream, but the Triumph was not holding the road as she normally does and the air filter that I badly need to change (is on order from mud island) is making the bike splutter at lower revs, which means I have to keep the bike above 5 000 RPM or use the choke to achieve that at low speeds. I  also have not seen so much road kill on the roads since I watched deliverance.

Got into Umtata at peak hour and it was like the start of a manical car race, with taxis, cars, buses and pedestrians all vying for space on the road as well as the sidewalk. It was like a combination of Frogger, and Need for Speed with all the participants on Acid. I eventually manage d to find the guest house (Cumberland guest house) do yourself a favour if you are ever looking for accommodation in Umtata then DONT ‘ I repeat” Don’t call them.....................”What a dump”. the base of my bed was too small for the built bed and headboard, as you can see by the photograph

It’s always difficult to go to new places and find the guest house and venue your training at but when you decide to not have street signs as well, then it becomes a little if a mystery tour. What should have been a 5 minute 2km ride from the guest house to Coca Cola lasted 15 minutes and I rode 7 km’s avoiding potholes of various sizes including Sloote (that’s Afrikaans for trenches).

I now never need to go to Nairobi, Lunada or some other God forsaken African City up North as the trip to Umtata showed me what a real African city looks like, while Umtata was bad Butterworth was wall to wall street vendors, people animals and cars all vying for space on the road or sidewalk.  I also know what it would feel like to be the only white person left on the planet

Trip to ERL on Wednesday afternoon after training was as frustrating as on Tuesday a trip that should take 2 hours took me close to 3 .........................was nice to see Carl and Glenda again (Owners of Tindale Lodge) as have not been to Tindale lodge for a while. The ride back to PE on Thursday was uneventful and I rode as hard and fast as I could to get back in just over 2 hours. (310 kms)

Did my first ever moderations on Tuesday morning at the office before I left for Umtata, I passed my Moderators exams so now I can assess as well as moderate exams in the Occupational Health and Welfare   

Friday (27/4) was Freedom day in SA so as is the norm we get a holiday, 18 years ago South Africa had its first democratic election and the ANC came into power and while they have managed to do some good they have also managed to F%$k a number of things up as well.  Here are the ANC’s all-time 10 most disturbing quotes as sent by a friend.

1). "We've been standing here for 26 seconds and nobody has been raped."  2). "[The ANC is] more important" than the Constitution. "No political force can destroy the ANC - it is only the ANC that can destroy itself... "[the Constitution is only there] to regulate matters." 3. "We need to look at the question that is posed, understandably I suppose: does HIV cause AIDS? AIDS the acronym stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Now I do believe that is a sensible thing to ask: does one virus cause a syndrome? A virus cannot cause a syndrome. A virus will cause a disease." 4.) "God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed. It is even blessed in Heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back. We should not allow anyone to govern our city [Cape Town] when we are ruling the country." 5.) "I did not join the struggle to be poor." I 6). "The African National Congress congratulates the people of Zimbabwe for a successful 2002 Presidential Election."

7). "I think it's very important for coloured people in this country to understand that South Africa belongs to them in totality, not just the Western Cape. So this over-concentration of coloureds in the Western Cape is not working for them. They should spread in the rest of the country ... so they must stop this over-concentration situation because they are in over-supply where they are so you must look into the country and see where you can meet the supply." 8). "I, for my part, will not keep quiet while others whose minds have been corrupted by the disease of racism, accuse us, the black people of South Africa, Africa and the world, as being, by virtue of our Africanness and skin colour - lazy, liars, foul-smelling, diseased, corrupt, violent, amoral, sexually depraved, animalistic, savage - and rapists." 9.) "Same sex marriage is a disgrace to the nation and to God. When I was growing up, ‘ungqingili' [homosexuals in isiZulu] could not stand in front of me, I would knock him out." 10). "This rot is across the board. It's not confined to any level or any area of the country. Almost every project is conceived because it offers opportunities for certain people to make money. A great deal of the ANC's problems are occasioned by this. There are people who want to take it over so they can arrange for the appointment of those who will allow them possibilities for future accumulation."

We received this in the post , now it’s not something you receive everyday (especially if you are living in “Civilised” countries)   but is typically South African. I have to say that the whole ceremony (it was to mark the 2nd anniversary of Mr’s Hani’s husband’s death over a year ago. Some of you may remember the Blog that I wrote about this, if not you can go to www.thediariesofavillageidiot and search for “So where did I go wrong”) was very tame. I was expecting a horde of people to be singing and dancing followed by a mad chase of some poor goat  along the cul de sac by people brandishing large panga’s and a assegai or two..............”nothing of the sort” it was a quiet affair , in fact the Hillbillies that now unfortunately live behind us made much more noise last public holiday and there were only 4 of them.     

I see the major discussion topic this week has been the postponing of the E-Tolls on the Gauteng – Pretoria (or Tshwane, depending on your politics) for a month, it would seem that only 10 000 of a possible 300 000 road users have actually registered for E-tags.( The implementation of Gauteng’s e-tolling system will be postponed for a month, after an agreement between the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the ANC, the ruling party and the union federation said in a joint statement on Thursday 26/4/2012)

Here are some  thoughts  about this whole fiasco. I feel a legitimate action against a forced upon tolling without provision of alternative routing is justified in not paying, registering or complying regards the E tag system you have all but  agreed, in principle, that it is lawful and constitutional to "take over" existing infrastructure, add one lane and then charge a fee to use any of the four. Previous tax funds paid for and funded these roads, is there a reimbursement for this? No, there is not

If SANRAL was to provide a new route, which did not remove peoples  freedom of movement, it may  be supported and road users could then make a choice to continue with the existing roads or utilize new ones. SANRAL have however stolen or hijacked the motorways for profiteering and greed. The toll roads are a theft from the general public, a compounded tax on your after tax income and worst of all an infringement on our rights as a South African Citizen.

Saturday Ryan and I played good Samaritan and assisted Lindy (one of our work colleagues) to move house. So had two gym sessions on Saturday. I have put on 2kgs now since starting the gym.............hope it’s that muscle that’s putting on weight.  

As if the fact those little monkey faced shits in the Far East cannot get their dicks up without grinding up some Rhino Horn leading to the decimation of the Rhino population I now read that Lion Bones are in big demand because the Tiger bones the Chinese use for other medicinal purposes are almost extinct. So now not only will the Rhinos be hunted but the Lions will also get their turn............so advanced yet so backward. Also I am a tad pissed off with the Chinese because I have not been able to ride my scooter for the last month......................”why is that the Chinese fault” I hear you ask?..............Well have you tried lately to buy a scooter or motorbike battery?..............Good luck as they are in very short supply this is because the Chinese closed down 5 of the biggest battery manufacturers in the world due to lead poisoning. This means that scooter batteries are like hens teeth and the situation is only expected to get worse before it gets better.  I mean this is the same people who used tanks to crush a student demonstration and regularly persecute Tibetan monks, now they get a conscience and decide that they can’t kill people with lead poisoning anymore......What am I going to do about my scooter Slant eyes ?????? 

Report from News 24:......................Johannesburg - South Africa should push for a "decent" and "responsible" trade in lion bones or risk losing its wild lion population to poaching in the future, according to a report on Saturday. The Saturday Star reported that there was a surging demand for lion bones in Asia. "There is a market, a need for lion body parts and this will grow in exactly the same manner as the market for ivory and rhino horn," said Dr Herman Els, manager of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association. "If you don't do a decent responsible trade... we will not achieve the situation we want..." Lion bones were sought as a replacement for tiger bones and used in traditional medicine, the publication said."The Chinese believe there's a medicinal value attached to these animal parts and will continue to use them.      

Super Rugby this weekend saw the Stormer’s beat the Western Force 17/3 the Lions lost 20/34 against the Brumbies. And the Cheetahs once again managed to squander a huge lead against the Highlanders  (21 points in fact) with a mere 20 minutes to go by 36/33. It also does not help when your kicker misses 3 x penalties (1 right in front of the posts)........So pissed off.

Sunday (today) was go to gym and then Tania Gabby and I went to St Georges park to go look at the flea market there, then we took a drive to the main beachfront to search the local market there for Fudge (Tania and Gabby have been craving it). After buying about 5 kgs each we then dropped Gabby off at her new boyfriend (Bradley) and then Tania and I went to Sards to sit on the sand dune ,watch the  sea and have a beer or cooler in Tania’s case.    
Interesting observation regarding Affirmative Action: "South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in favour of the majority who have complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect themselves against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others."

and, a word recently coined to describe South Africa's current political situation.eneptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy)   - A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Well that’s about for this week, I have to work tomorrow but I will be off on Tuesday, its MAY DAY.....Wekkers day in South Africa, well at least I have something to thank the Commies for. Oh have you seen the new car on the road? Its what I call a Tunmmer......................Yes a Tummer, “A Toyota Hummer” "Ugly looking thing".

It dont matter if its black or white (as Michael would have said)

Rode to Grahamstown on Sunday, had a great ride, love that road and the Triumph seems to take like it too as she takes on a life of her own when the throttle is opened. 

Popped in to the Pirates pub (see BLOG Friends and Family for more info on this famous or infamous establishment) but I need to say that many a parent probably shit themselves when son or daughter come home with the boyfriend/girlfriend that are of a different hue then their  own offspring. Plenty of mixed dating  going on and while this may shock some of the older generation or the more racist of the population  it does show that the younger generation dont give a shit.....................which is generally the general attitude of the youth of today anyway.

I was booked at the Whitehouse so after the beer I headed in that direction, I was able to find it this time unlike the Last time I was there and had to get a police escort having got myself terribly lost. There was however a silver lining to the cloud, I found Pirates. I rang the gate intercom but no one answered I called the contact numbers on the gate and eventually got a gent who said that he would send someone soon to come and assist. Stupidly enough I thought someone would be coming down from the main house or perhaps just press the gate button for me to be able to enter. Well 15 mins later a car pulls up with Anastasia (no not the singer) and her mom    so to cut a long story short the owners of the guest house are getting divorced and the gent that answered the phone was the husband and he was in hospital as he had just undergone knee surgery (I did not as to whether this had been inflicted by the wife or not).

I was given the choice of moving into a small cottage on the property or going to Anastasia’s hotel  (The Victoria Hotel and Mews) that is in town itself, I opted for door B and followed them to the hotel. Was built in 1849 and has been used as a hospitality venue of some form or another since that date, with periods of good and bad dotted in between.      

I trained at the Grahamstown National Monument and must say its a really nice venue (beats training in a shebeen or a shack church any day of the week). Had a good group of students and had the Deputy minister of Safety and Security attending a SAP “Stomach in Chest out” we need you to be fit to catch criminals Rah Rah pep talk.......................She was only 2 hours late so perhaps the next Pep talk should be about Punctuality......................”just a thought”
Some news this week

Johannesburg - A 57-year-old Cape Town man died when his light aircraft crashed outside Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, Eastern Cape police said. Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said the man was flying alone in a two-seater aircraft when its engine failed and it crashed at Greenbushes, outside Port Elizabeth. "He died at the scene," Labans said.

We are really in good hands with ministers like this
KwaZulu-Natal MEC for co-operative governance and traditional affairs Nomsa Dube called on the national department of science and technology to investigate the causes of lightning after seven people died in lightning strikes. We will do an investigation and talk to the department of science and technology on what is the cause of the lightning, and if it only happened to the previously disadvantaged as I have never seen any white people being struck by lightning." said Dube. She was visiting Mpumazi in Eshowe where seven people from two families died after being struck by lightning on Sunday.  "Scientists from the department could perhaps help us and come up with instruments that could help community members protect themselves against lightning. "The department has dealt with floods and fires, but lightning was new to us," said  Dube. (SO now Lightening is also racist as it seems to only kill black people...............mmmmmmmm)

Johannesburg - Suspended ANCYL president Julius Malema issued a challenge on Saturday to those within the ruling party who were trying to silence him, the SABC reported. "We know that undemocratic processes are those that are intolerant to different views, those that use state power to deal with those that disagree," Malema said. He said these elements had unleashed all state institutions against him as they would do anything to silence him. "If they want to arrest me, I've got an address, they are welcome to come and arrest me," he said. Malema said he was not breaking any rules of his suspension by addressing Limpopo youth league elective conference delegates from his home. "When you visit me here and you want me to engage with you, I do so without any fear or favour because this is my house," Malema said. Ii also seems that JuJu owes the taxman a few R......he he, love it.

Nkandla - South Africa's polygamous President Jacob Zuma on Saturday celebrated his sixth wedding in a second day of weekend festivities filled with traditional Zulu culture. The 70-year-old formalised his relationship with long-time fiancee Bongi Ngema on Friday with Zulu song and dance while dressed in leopard skins and carrying a shield surrounded by men in similar warrior attire. The businesswoman became Zuma's fourth wife in Nkandla, deep in the KwaZulu-Natal countryside, where on Saturday she handed presents to Zuma's family at his homestead in a gift ceremony. Friday afternoon's tying of the knot was followed by a glitzy western-style evening reception with a tiered cake where the couple donned formal wear in a marquee erected on the grounds of a local school. The couple have a seven-year-old son and Ngema joins Zuma's three other wives to become one of four first ladies with all spouses attending the marriage. Earlier,

Its the Ironman today (Sunday) it’s when  thousands of mentally challenged people decide to do a 3.8km swim (in the ocean) a 180 km cycle race and a 42 km run (all in one day). This year they estimate some 6000 escaped mental patients will attempt the course. This is a huge growth from 2004 when only 420 participants arrived to test their bodies and minds against the tough course. The fact  that 9 years ago we had 420 and today 6000 says to me that we either have  many more fit people or the number of mentally challenged persons in the country has grown rapidly. Its expected that this event will bring in R50 000 000 into the economy, but its not without sacrifice from us sane residents who have to put up with road closures for most of the day and it means that we can’t get to to our favourite beach.............not that I would want to because the weather is really KAK , its cold, overcast, windy and it will rain again (did so early this morning) so not only do you have to battle the body and mind the elements have also come to the party today and are throwing a huge middle finger. Having said all that I did think that I should also attempt the Iron man this year and I did. I have to say it was hard, took me far longer than I thought and I will have to purchase new clothing due to the abuse it took over this attempt, perhaps even new equipment.   

It’s my father in laws birthday today (Sunday) so we popped in at his place and had a braai.........yes we said the B word and that can only mean one thing .......................Yes your right bad weather. It did not rain but it was windy and as I have just told you the weather today is not the best. However we made the best of it and had a real Lekker visit

Yesterday (Saturday) was my Niece Ambers 3rd birthday, unfortunately she lives on the Island so her SA family are not able to join in on the festivities that she had on the day. From the Facebook photos it seems that she had a picnic tea party with some of her friends and Douglas’s family as most of them now live on the Island, so as it must be she had a really Lekker or Spiffing day as they say in the classics. Who knows if Doug and Nicole ever come back to live in SA (which I doubt) we will get to celebrate a birthday or two with Amber.     

Was supposed to go to EL today for a few days but looks like I will be going to Umtata for a day on Tuesday.......could change as our schedules get changed at a moment’s notice at present.(If i do go will let you know what is was like in next blog)

Super Rugby this week saw the Stormers beat the Reds 23/13 The Sharks where beaten by the chiefs 12/13 and the Bulls managed to   just beat the Brumbies 36/34 after a awesome last 12 minutes by the Brumbies. The Lions and the Cheetahs had a bye this weekend.

I see that Everton drew 4/4 with Manchester United to keep the Premier league title chase in flux with only a few games left to decide who wins. Man City are 5 points behind Man u so they are hoping the Red Devils will slip up.........Me too..

Ok well that’s it for this week

Have a great week ahead and for South Africans  enjoy the long weekend .

Friday the 13th

Triskaidekaphobia (from Greek tris meaning "3", kai meaning "and", deka meaning "10" and phobia meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is fear of the number 13; it is a superstition and related to a specific fear of Friday the 13th, called paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.

This Friday some people would have been so  paralyzed with fear they simply will not have got out of bed. Others l steadfastly refuse to fly on an airplane, buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip. It's Friday the 13th, and they're freaked out. "It's been estimated that [U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do," said Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.

The number 13 has been unlucky for centuries. Some historians peg the superstition to the 13 people who attended the Last Supper (neither Jesus nor Judas came out of that one O.K.), but ancient Babylon's Code of Hammurabi omits the number 13 in its list of laws, so the superstition dates back to at least 1700 BC. Thirteen is so unlucky, in fact, that in 1881 an organization called the Thirteen Club attempted to improve the number's reputation. At the first meeting, the members (all 13 of them) walked under ladders to enter a room covered with spilled salt. The club lasted for many years and grew to more than 400 members, including five U.S. Presidents: Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Despite the club's efforts, triskaidekaphobia (that's fear of the number 13) flourished; even today, most tall buildings don't have a 13th Floor.

The number's association with Friday, however, didn't take hold until the 20th century. In 1907, eccentric Boston stockbroker Thomas Lawson published a book called Friday the Thirteenth, which told of an evil businessman's attempt to crash the stock market on the unluckiest day of the month. Thanks to an extensive ad campaign, the book sold well: nearly 28,000 copies within the first week. In 1916 the book was turned into a feature-length silent film. Wall Street's superstitions about Friday the 13th continued through 1925, when the New York Times noted that people "would no more buy or sell a share of stock today than they would walk under a ladder or kick a black cat out of their path." Some stock traders also blamed Black Monday — Oct. 19, 1987 — on the fact that three Fridays fell on the 13th that year. The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimates that $700-$800 million dollars are lost every Friday the 13th because of people's refusal to travel, purchase major items or conduct business.

Then came Jason. In 1980, Paramount Pictures released Friday the 13th (tagline: "Fridays will never be the same again"), a slasher flick about a series of murders at a summer camp. Apparently Jason, born on Friday the 13th, chooses that date to take revenge on oversexed campers much like the ones who allowed him to drown in Crystal Lake. So much for trust falls and lanyard-making. Friday the 13th grossed almost $40 million at the box office and inspired a long-running franchise: Friday the 13th Part II; Friday the 13th Part III; Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (it was not); Friday the 13th: Jason Lives; Friday the 13th: The New Blood; Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan (he left the summer camp?); Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday; Jason X; and 2003's Freddy vs. Jason. Maybe the number 13 isn't so bad after all.

Friday the 13th Myths:

• If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die. • A child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life.  • If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die.

Friday the 13th Anecdotes:

• In 1913, a New York pastor tried to assuage couples' fears by offering to marry them for free on Friday the 13th. • In 1939, a small town in Indiana forced all black cats to wear bells on Friday, Oct. 13. When the measure seemed to work (nothing bad happened, at any rate), the town continued the practice for the next three years. • At the time, Oct. 13, 1989, was the second largest drop of the Dow in history. Nicknamed the Friday-the-13th mini-crash, these days it's not even in the top 10. That might be the scariest fact of all.

News this week

Johannesburg - Building was halted at the Sandton construction site of the new home of embattled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema a week ago, according to a report on Friday. Beeld newspaper reported that Malema was allegedly unable to settle debt of R400 000 owed to his building contractor at the end of March, after which the company decided to transfer its workers to another project in Bedfordview. According to Beeld, Malema tried to transfer money from two accounts to pay Kwandisa Construction, but his second transfer failed. The SA Revenue Service had also reportedly approached Kwandisa Construction with queries about Malema's financial affairs.

News earlier this week was that Robert Mugabe was on deaths door somewhere in Singapore, the Devil is probably shitting himself having had Gadaffi, Kim Jung as well as Bin laden  arrive recently. I would  like to as you all ask a favour and that is we  all Pray for the Cancer family at this stage. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for that Cancer family to know one of its own has Mugabe disease.

 Bissau - Guinea-Bissau's interim President Raimundo Pereira was arrested by troops during an apparent coup bid in the troubled west African state, one of his bodyguards said on Friday. "He was arrested at his residence on Thursday evening by a group of soldiers... and taken to an unknown destination," the bodyguard said. Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior was also arrested after his residence came under attack on Thursday night, his wife said earlier.

SA: it would seem that JZ the president of SA will be putting us hard pressed tax payers under even more pressure by marrying his 4th wife next weekend. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder how many kids we will be supporting after he is no longer president, perhaps for Zuma becoming president was more about the state (read taxpayers) paying for his extended family long after he is no longer “EL Presidente”

 Still going to gym and having weighed myself after a couple of months I weigh 1.5 kgs more...............I was under the impression that I was supposed to lose weight but it would seem that I have added the weight due to muscle growth.................MMM when I find the muscle that has grown will advise and take a photo.

Rugby this weekend say the Sharks not getting the “Blues” as they beat the Blues 29/23. The Stormers lost their first game of the season 24/31 against the Crusaders. The Cheetahs lost 33/39 against the top placed Chiefs after a great game and the Bulls beat the Lions (as expected 32/18. At present SA teams are 2nd ,4th, 8th, 11th and last.

Off to Grahamstown this afternoon to do training on Monday and Tuesday and I think I am going to EL next week. Weather looks like it may get wet so hopefully it stays away.

Well off to the gym, going to see if I can find that muscle.

Have a great week

Hot Cross BUNny

Before I forget Happy Easter to all those that are reading this Blog, hope you had or are having a Lekker (that means nice for those non South African readers or ex South African residing in a foreign country and have forgotten the taal).

So last Sunday it was April Fool’s day and I forgot to add this into my Blog (probably because we found a box that had someone’s ashes in it, first time I have ever brought a dead person home and hopefully the last)..................

Talking about April Fools here is a little info about the origins of this day that is celebrated in so many countries in so many ways.  
The history of April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day is uncertain, but the current thinking is that it began around 1582 in France with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX. The Gregorian calendar was introduced, and New Year's Day was moved from March 25 - April 1 (New Year’s week) to January 1. Communication travelled slowly in those days and some people were only informed of the change several years later. Still others, who were more rebellious refused to acknowledge the change and continued to celebrate on the last day of the former celebration, April 1.

These people were labelled "fools" by the general populace, were subject to ridicule and sent on "fool errands," sent invitations to nonexistent parties and had other practical jokes played upon them. The butts of these pranks became known as a "poisson d'avril" or "April fish" because a young naive fish is easily caught. In addition, one common practice was to hook a paper fish on the back of someone as a joke.

This harassment evolved over time and a custom of prank-playing continue on the first day of April. This tradition eventually spread elsewhere like to Britain and Scotland in the 18th century and was introduced to the American colonies by the English and the French. Because of this spread to other countries, April fool’s Day has taken on an international flavour with each country celebrating the holiday in its own way. In Scotland, for instance, April fool’s Day is devoted to spoofs involving the buttocks and as such is called Taily Day. The butts of these jokes are known as April 'Gowk', another name for cuckoo bird. The origins of the "Kick Me" sign can be traced back to the Scottish observance.

In England, jokes are played only in the morning. Fools are called 'gobs' or 'gobby' and the victim of a joke is called a 'noodle.' It was considered back luck to play a practical joke on someone after noon. In Rome, the holiday is known as Festival of Hilaria, celebrating the resurrection of the god Attis, is on March 25 and is also referred to as "Roman Laughing Day." In Portugal, April fool’s Day falls on the Sunday and Monday before lent. In this celebration, many people throw flour at their friends. The Huli Festival is celebrated on March 31 in India. People play jokes on one another and smear colours on one another celebrating the arrival of Spring. So, no matter where you happen to be in the world on April 1, don't be surprised if April fools fall playfully upon you.

Talking about fools, seems that Julius “what a retard” Malema who has again been suspended from the ANC is living up to his spoilt child, militant persona from local news “Suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema addressed the congregation at a Good Friday church service in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, according to a report. This was despite being barred from doing so as per the conditions of his temporary suspension from the ANC. The SABC reported that Malema had spoken out against what he called "individuals trying to silence him" at a second church service which he had attended”. (Perhaps we should just rename him Boomerang, because the F%^ker just keeps coming back.)    

So far this year and this was the figure at Tuesday 159 Rhino have been killed so some far eastern ‘Fucktard” can get a hard on and pomp (that’s bonk for you non Sefafrican readers), last year the figure was 448 . the poaching has got so bad that a game farm near Jeffery’s Bay (70 kms from PE) was robbed last weekend and when the dim-witted thief did not find money in the till of the bar he broke into, he must have thought he had scored a luck when he saw the Rhino head on the wall......................This Shit for brains then sawed off the fibreglass horn of the decorative head......................What a tool.   

In 2000 seven  Rhinos were poached years after that the numbers were 6, 25, 22, 10, 13, 24, 13, 83, 122, 333,  so far this year more rhino’s have been slaughtered than  the total number from 2000 – 2007. How do we stop this carnage?..........................’I wish I knew” because so far nothing seems to be working and I don’t see how selling CD’s books, wearing black on a Friday, signing petitions or putting stickers on the back of your car  will stop the indiscriminate slaughter. Perhaps we need to find the people who use the rhino horn to get a boner and cut that it off........Talking about animals, Wednesday the 4th of April was World rat day........”who knew” we have a rat and had no idea, oh well will just have to try and remember for next year..............”not”

Finished SAMTRAC training this week, with the students writing their 3 hour written assessment on Good Friday (hopefully it will be good and they will all be found competent). Had a small Braai (throw raw meat on an open flame, for the none “Sefrican” readers) after we had finished. Had a good class and having spent 2 weeks with them you get to become friends.

Gabby has gone to Easter Camp in Kirkwood, about 200kms away from PE, she is probably having a ball with mates, we all went last year, have to say really glad that I don’t have to do it this year, not really my cup of tea. Gabby seems to be having fun as we have only heard from her twice so far this weekend

Saturday was  go to gym day , so spent some time sweating and straining my muscles (sorry muscle), then Tania and I went to the Main beachfront as the yearly Easter Splash Festival is on, runs from 6th – 9th of April.  Was same old same old with same stalls selling the same shit with only 1 or two stalls that sold anything of worth. you do however get to see some interesting characters walking about, like the photo of this dude who had his Gene Paaant tucked up like board shorts. Went to watch some rugby with a couple of mates at Sgt Peppers (the owner as you may have guessed is a huge Beatles fan)

Super Rugby scores for South African teams this weekend was that the Sharks had their asses handed to them by the Hurricanes 42/18 was the final score. The Stormers beat the Highlanders 21/6  much to many people surprise, The Cheetahs beat the Lions 26/5 and the Bulls just beat the Crusaders 32/30 with the Bulls hanging on at the end for a well deserved win. The super 15 log top 3 is after round 7 1st Stormers 2nd Chiefs and then the Brumbies in 3rd. The Bulls are 4th, the Sharks 9th , the Cheetahs 11th and the Lions (not really surprised at this 15th). took this photo of a gent that i would not have thought would wear pink, however being a Bull fan this is now not the case, with many a man gladly donning a pink shirt to support his  team every weekend.    

News from across the world (info from news 24)

Washington - A US Navy F-18 jet crashed into a low-rise apartment building in Virginia on Friday triggering an inferno, military officials said, with emergency responders rushing to the scene. The two crew members successfully ejected from the jet which ploughed into a populated area in the eastern coastal tourist resort of Virginia Beach, the Navy confirmed on Twitter but there was little word on civilians in the area. Reuters reported that six people had been injured.

Beijing - A Chinese schoolboy sold his kidney for an illicit transplant operation and used the proceeds to buy an Apple iPhone and iPad, state press said on Friday. The 17-year-old boy, who was paid 22 000 yuan ($3 500), was recruited from an online chatroom and is now suffering from kidney failure and in deteriorating health, the Xinhua news agency said. A surgeon and four others have been arrested and are facing charges of illegal organ trading and intentional injury.

Paris - The French interior minister has said he fears a serial killer is on the loose after a series of murders in an outer suburb of Paris.  Claude Gueant, speaking on French radio Europe 1 Friday, said "maximum resources" would be used to find the perpetrator. Investigators are looking into four murders that have taken place in the Essonne region of the capital since November. Authorities say the same firearm was used in three of the murders, according to a police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing policy. In the latest murder on Thursday, a killer fled on a motorbike after shooting a 47-year-old woman in the head. French authorities are on heightened alert after a string of murders in southern France last month by a gunman on a motorbike.

Time to stop petrol panic, NO strike has yet been called, Food and Fuel prices to soar, Police close filling stations, Don’t Panic............Sound familiar, yep I bet your saying headlines for SA newspapers, well ladies and gents you would be wrong, these are headlines in UK (the land of milk and honey) newspapers. So it would seem that petrol shortages have seen the police have to be deployed to stop people getting aggro and the sale of jerry cans has soared as people are hoarding fuel.  Seems that the Pommie government urged people to fill up their cars and stock up on petrol due to a strike that may be coming up. Also it seems that the Island may be in or heading for another recession.  (A jerrycan is a robust fuel container originally made from pressed steel. It was designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use to hold 20 litres of fuel. The development of the jerrycan was a significant improvement on earlier designs, which required tools and funnels to use. The poms called it a Jerrycan as Jerry was a disparaging word for Germans, in Germany it was called the Whermachtkannister ) Despite the common mistake that jerry comes from the sound the Ger in the word German makes, Jerry actually refers to the Helmets worn by the Germans during WWI, which to their opponents resembled Chamber Pots, or Jerries. (So let it never be said that you don’t learn shit from this Blog)

Sunday I went to the gym again and then Tania and I did some window shopping  and checked out the book shops at the local mall and had a Lekker breakfast at The Mugg and Bean, the weather today is English Summer as its wet and coldish, Autumn is here as the trees are starting to lose their leaves, today’s temp is  min 10/ max 20, Tania checked on her phone for the temp in Clarens min 3/ max 19 interestingly enough the website indicated that there is a Clarens in South Africa, Switzerland (Paul Kruger died there) and also one in France and Mauritius (that I did not know).

Well that’s about it for this week, hope you and your families are having a Happy Easter and that the week ahead will be a good one for you all.  but before I go a question



49 not out

So the Village Idiot (ex) had a birthday this week  and turned 49, Yep I know hard to believe that this youthful looking gent could be nearly 50, but as they say in the classics “Strue”

So I see that Dewani has contracted both "Selebiitis" as well as "Shaikamonia" and will not be sent to come and visit Bubba and his mate Vaseline in the near future, he is apparently still mentally unwell somehow i do beleive that he is not that unwell and is using this as an excuse.

This week I have been facilitating SAMTRAC and with only a small group I have enjoyed the one on one contact, have a nice group and hopefully all 4 will pass. The new SAMTRAC has been upgraded from last year and the students now do group work, individual assignments as well as a Summative  assessment on the last day, which happens to fall on Good Friday, so guess who will be working that day......................Yes you have hit the nail on the head .............’Moi”

So how did the SA teams do in the Super 15 this week.........well the Cheetahs came from behind to stun the hurricanes 47/38 but its justice as the Cheetahs have played well this season and last year at Bloemfontein the Canes beat the Cheetahs by 3 in another high scoring game 50/47, the Sharks held onto a win over the Brumbies and won 29/26 The Lions lost against the Crusaders 23/13 and the Stormers pipped the Bulls 20/17 at Newlands

As Adele would say “Rumour has it” Sonny Bill Williams wants go to  Cape Town and maybe play for the Stormers. Very interesting last year he was welcomed by the Stormers fans (well, the coloured section that is) as if he was a conquering hero so perhaps the  Western Province and Stormers brains trust, may seriously consider it.

Went to gym on Saturday and Sunday and starting to see that results of the hard work, not that I look like Adonis, but I am not in that bad shape for a 49 year old. I can now actually say that I am more in shape than Old Arnold “I will be back” Schwarzanegger

Can you imagine being the winner of this .................”Oh what would I do” ? The record $640m lottery prize that sent the United States into a gambling frenzy reportedly had at least one winner early on Saturday as local media said the winning ticket had been sold in the state of Maryland. The winning numbers - 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 with Mega Ball 23 - were announced at 03:00 GMT on Saturday. Hell I don’t want to even convert it into R’s as don’ think my calculator would be able to handle it, I recently won R10.50 on the lotto............still wondering what I will buy with all that R

Had a Braai at House on Saturday for my birthday and Ryans who celebrates today (April Fools day), weather was the normal Dunkley/Brewerton Braai day and it pissed down with rain, but we did score a luck and  by the time we ate the weather had mellowed a little. Rob my mate from Clarens who has moved to PE joined us, so was lekker to see him.

Weather on Sunday (today) is Great, went to Sardinia Bay and had a swim and just chilled with a beer, Gabby and I were swimming in the lagoon and we found a wooden box in the rock area, the box was screwed shut so we had to bring it home to see what was in it, Money, Drugs, jewellery were some of the suggestions , imagine our surprise when we opened it there was a bag of someone’s ashes................Yes someone’s ashes, Holy shit now we have to make a plan to take them back. Surely if you throw someone’s ashes away in the sea you open the packet and do it or if you want to  put them in a box then put something heavy in it and don’t throw it away in a shallow lagoon..........  

Saw this cartoon, that I thought was very good.

Well lazy this week, so not much else to say.

Have a great week


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