Déjà Vu

Monday I get to work to start with day 1 of SAMTRAC and at 8.45am Ryan and I are informed that the gent who presents SAMTRAC in El is sick and has lost his voice, so one of us needs to get our asses to El to present the course. ..........”not going to happen in 15 minutes” was my immediate reply, so to cut a long story short I presented day 1 of SAMTRAC PE and then flew to EL in the afternoon to present day 1 and 2 of SAMTRAC on day 2................Nothing is ever easy for old Dunkley. Remember doing this a few months back when was asked to go to EL to present SAMTRAC day 1-3 due to the trainer there being sick. Got a NC (non conformance) for that assistance, but this time the presenter sat in so he could sign me off on the 3 days that I did in EL.ust be the first trainer to have presented day 1 twice on the same week to 2 different groups in two different cities. Had to fly to EL as was quickest way to get there. Before I joined NOSA I had not flown in years but since then I have been flying around the country on a regular basis.

As always enjoyed staying at Tindale Lodge (If you ever find yourself having to go to East Slumtown/East London then you have to stay at Tindale Lodge) with Carl, had dinner on Monday at Ocean basket..............etc etc , but Tuesday was just awesome a Crayfish and steak Braai was the order of the day, I can’t tell you when I last ate crayfish.........I was like a kid in a candy store, must have had at least 12 tails......”YUM YUM YUM”. Not to mention the steak, chops , wors and a Millers or two.

Flew back on Thursday to present day 5 in PE on Friday, it was pouring down with rain when we had to board the plane (twin prop turbo that cruises at 500kms per hour) SAA Air link....................or Scare link as I like to call it. Why is it that they always park the plane that you have to board when its raining the furthest away from the airport terminal? Surely they could park it right at the terminal door after all its East London we are talking about not OR Tambo. During the flight water started to drip on my head from the bulkhead, I am still hoping it was  the aircon unit that was leaking and not the plane.............I was too scared to ask.      
 I see JuJu (Julius Malema, just in case any of you have been in space for a while)has or wants to become a farmer as he has 20 cattle, well that’s a good thing because if he is going to become a Boer 0farmer) perhaps he will encourage his delinquent followers to stop singing the song ‘Shoot the Boer” because he could be the target of their affections.
The gent that last year spilt his drink on Jacob Zuma  was fined R8000 on Tuesday for the offence, seems that he was leaning over a balcony at some horse race last year (Durban July) and he spilt some of his whisky as JZ was walking past.............was seen as assault on the President by the judge and he received a R8000 fine a suspended sentence and I think he has to attend AA classes.................MMMMM not sure that I am happy with a judgement like that, especially if it was not done on purpose.  
So Bryce Lawrence (that F%$*&ing cheating ref) won the NZRU referee of the year award...........”should we be surprised”? Hell no, after all it was his KAK refereeing that enables the All Blax to play Australia and get into the final were they just  and I mean just beat France. Apparently his guide dog was the runner up.

Some other news for this week would be the following.

1)      We have nearly collected all the presents from the wish list tree at the office for the kids at MTR Smit children’s home, it’s just so awesome to see the tree with all the presents underneath (see picture.............how cool is that)  

2)      Ryan (my brother in law/Brother is now the training manager for the Eastern Cape, well deserved promotion and think he will do a good job.................Yep its a tad strange that he is my boss, but hey Shit happens as they say in the classics and I have had and done my time as management, now I just want to earn a decent salary and do what I do best................train.

3)      Saturday afternoon Ryan and I went to a local pool bar and had a few games of pool, Ryan had a coke or two and I had a “lemonade” or two (“read Black label draughts”) Must say was nice to spend some time with Ryan out of the office, as we have not done so for a long long time, but with Xmas holidays coming up, hopefully we will get to a lot of stuff together. 
4)      Went to a local mall yesterday and they had the newest SLK Merc on display, just out of curiosity I asked the well heeled  salesman what the price was , as he looked me up and down as one does when a really poor person asks you a question...............he replied “its only R734 000, to which I replied “quick as a wink” “is that with the cash discount or not”? That car is nearly worth as much as my house...............Oh to be filthy rich.  Also saw at Game (now part of Wallmart) a sign outside the door that said if You need assistance with the wrapping of parcels then just ring the bell and someone will come to assist you.............’Guess what”.............”Yeah no Frikken bell”  

Sunday (today 4/12/2011) is my dad’s birthday and last time this year we were in Gauteng for Christine’s wedding (Christine is my Niece) and to celebrate my dad’s birthday on the same day..was a Lekker weekend.   
Today Tania and I went to St Georges park to go and have a look at the market that they have there and we picked up a couple of books and Tania scored a Salad spinner at a fraction of the price of a new one................Gotta love it when you go to a market and you find what you’re looking for and at a good price. 

Some of you may have read articles on the Blog when I first got to PE about Prince Alfred’s Guard (a local military unit) well today that had a wreath laying ceremony at St Georges at their monument, just by chance we were there and for once I had my Camera with me, so I took a few photos. 

Next weekend is IRB World Sevens at the Nelson Mandela bay Stadium and Ryan and I will be attending, should be great and now I can also say have been to a IRB world 7’s tournament, not as many people in stadium as Twickenham had last year (Doug attended that one) as the Stadium only holds 48 000 but should be a blast never the less.   

Well that’s about it for this week, have to prepare for Week 2 of Samtrac and see if my daughter is going to be at home anytime in the near future, its holidays, so she is sleeping over at Friends and going to different places. Tomorrow she is going to Storms River with her boyfriend and his family.

to end off this is what a Q7 Audis rim looks like  after the wife has hit a pothole at One Hundered  and Plenty kilometers an hour......Ouch, thats going to cost a few Rand". 

Have a great  week and remember only 20 shopping days left to Xmas.

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