We speak with forked tongue.

Johannesburg - The African National Congress has offered to help President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF win the next elections in neighbouring Zimbabwe, press reports said on Sunday."We are willing to assist in coming up with election messages and strategies that would deliver victory," ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe told Zanu-PF's annual congress Saturday in Zimbabwe's second city Bulawayo, The Sunday Times reported."It is important for Zanu-PF to regain lost ground and continue to represent the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe," he was quoted as saying. Observers voiced surprise at the offer, since Mantashe has frequently criticised the autocratic rule of President Robert Mugabe, 87, who has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. So what do the ANC want ?? Bob in power or a MDC in charge..........this is the kind of statement that Juju got into trouble for. 

I see that another Shaik syndrome has reared its ugly head------------ “Pretoria - Disgraced former police chief Jackie Selebi, taken from prison to undergo tests on Monday, is in a "quite serious" condition, his lawyer said. Selebi's visit to Pretoria's Steve Biko Hospital was to do with the medical condition he suffered when he arrived at Pretoria Central Prison a week ago, Wynanda Coetzee told Sapa."It's quite serious," she said. "It will not get better."

I have a couple of questions is his lawyer also a Dr?  And if so he must charge a fortune. also why was it that he looked the picture of health until he got the verdict? If he gets a medical parole he can go and play golf with Shabir. Sick my ass he is just scared of geting shagged by Bubba. 

I see that Mr. “I did not kill my wife” Dewani is also using the Shaik syndrome defence so as not to get extradited from the island to SA................ “Think of something original bro”. Saw a T shirt the other day that said “Dewani Tourism..............Holidays to die for” 

With one South African drug mule (Janice Linden) being put to death by China this week, it was not a day later when a Eastern Cape resident ‘Babsi Nobanda was apprehended by Thai officials for attempting to smuggle 1.5kg cocaine into that country in her dreadlocks. Thai officials spotted white powder in her hair and she was stopped. Apparently over 600 South Africans have been arrested this year for being drug couriers. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Linden or any of them for that matter..........They peddle death they must reap the consequences of that. Surely you understand if you smuggle drugs into a country that has the death penalty for that crime and you get caught the chances are that they will actually go through with the sentence. An excuse that’s also bandied about is that “they did not know what was in the case”....................... 

BULLSHIT  surely if you are  approached at the airport and offered $10 000 to take a suitcase through customs then an alarm bell or two must go off and you say to yourself... “this is too good to be true” that’s because it is. And you just have to know that the Chinese will not bow to anyone, especially South Africa, we may have granted the chinks black status so they can benefit from BEE but they don’t take shit.....So drug mules take the execution of Linden as a warning, take drugs to China , get caught you are going to die.  

In Belgium this week (That peaceful country in Europe, you know that continent where everyone flees to because it’s so safe).............. “Liege - Nordine Amrani, the lone-wolf gunman who died after killing four people including a baby in a crowded Belgian square on Tuesday, had a long criminal record but not one of mental instability. The 33-year-old Amrani was well known to police before he went on the rampage in the eastern Belgian city of Liege, opening fire on families shopping for Christmas and youths leaving end-of-year school exams, also wounding more than 100 others before his own demise. (our prayers and thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones and to the injured).

Forgot to tell you last Blog but last Sunday was driving down the highway at 120 and passed a car were the woman was driving and feeding a newborn baby all at the same time (and who said women cant multitask).

We have a pool league at work and I managed to finish top of the league, but only just, we usually play on a Thursday when most of us are in PE, sometimes we are spread far afield, while we are not experts by any means our games have improved somewhat and must say I really enjoy Thursday pool afternoons.....With a beer or two  of course.  

Friday 16/12/2011 was a great Summer day in PE (was snowing in London, that according to by Brother in law over there “Its always fun” when it snows........well each to their own) Anyway I digress, mowed the lawn and then went to Sards (Sardenia bay) took the sand board for a test drive and its really not that hard. It was also opening of season in PE, so we met up with Ryan and the clan at Hobie beach to watch them send a lot of R up in smoke. 

Saturday was another awesome day and after taking Gabby and Ricky to Blue Water Bay at 8am, so they could be at work by 8.30am Tania and I then chilled, relaxed by the pool and watched cricket, later watched a DVD and then went for a pub dinner and a couple of drinks at Barney’s  with a walk around the Boardwalk after. Had a steers ice cream and have to say it must be the fastest melting soft serve I have ever had the displeasure to eat, thank goodness it was not 30 degrees out there otherwise it would have ended up as a puddle on the floor before I got it anywhere near my mouth.

Scored 2 x R400 shower heads on Saturday, ‘Free, Gratis and Verniet” as they say in the Classics, Eskom were swopping old shower heads for better water flow, use less electricity shower heads and due to the fact that I have probably assisted in a few of their directors being able to buy beach houses for cash I though “what the hell” if its free I want 2.

The Protea’s wiped the floor with Sri Lanka in the 1st test , by day 3 it was all done and dusted, that ensures Sunday is not another lie on the couch and vegetate while watching cricket. Woke up late today (Sunday) and then Tania and I did some Xmas shopping at the local malls, must say was not as busy as I dreaded it would be, but still busy. Was in Boardman’s looking for stuff and came across the Jamie Oliver range of pots, pans, plates, wine glasses etc etc............Frikken expensive as well I may add, did he invent those items ?.....NO he just put a red dot on the pan and moved the handle 2 inches to the right and now wants to charge a fortune for the privilege.

Have started with book again (The Phantom of the forest) will I ever finish it you ask ? well to be honest I don’t know, I get all enthusiastic and then stuff happens and I get sidetracked, who knows hopefully one day it will be for sale in a book shop near you. 

This weekend was the Clarens Jubilee, fun, music and beer at Ricks place, its become an institution and wil look up the story I did for the Speckled Spleen when I was writing articles for it, thats before I told the stripper she could not spell and was asked to Go..................But thats not another story, its another book, check out some of the older Blogs from 2009 you may get what I am talking about. 

My dad is in Ethiopia at the moment on business, told my mom that Addis Abbaba (Capital of Ethiopia) is like any major city in the world, bustling, high rise buildings world class hotels etc, but the outskirts are not so lekker. He flew up North to see the mines that he has to do work for and says that the countryside is interesting. He is staying at the Sheraton Hotel and I believe that its very luxurious. Next year he is on the way to Australia for another job that the company has got.  

Sunday afternoon met up with Ryan and the clan at Sards and had a lekker time, snorkelled , sand boarded, body surfed and threw the Frisbee, must say have had an awesome 3 days of weather and hopefully it will continue.  

Well that’s about it for the week, Next Sunday is Christmas day so there may or may not be a Blog, we shall have to see. So only 6 shopping days left to Xmas 2011 (Shit this year has flown).

Sent by my friend Jeanelle.................... “I decided to burn some calories today............so I set a fat kid alight”

Have a great week

Ciao and “Tata Hoer” 


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