By the numbers

So I thought (yes I do think at times) that I would give you some fun facts that have to do with numbers, dates or percentages before I get to the Blog this week.......”Why” you ask? Well mainly because I don’t feel like taxing what’s left of my last brain cell. Sort of feel like the Salticrax advert...........I only have one brain cell left for the year and I need to ?? it as best I can this last couple of weeks of 2011. 

90% of poison exposures occur in homes, 480 hours is the current world record for non-stop rocking in a rocking chair (some people have too much time on their hands), Nails grow 1cm every 100 days, 1845 is when the first chewing gum factory was established, 1964 was the year that self adhesive stamps were issued, It takes 12 years for Jupiter to orbit the sun, In 2010 11.3 million tourists visited South Africa.

41  is the number of years that Fred the oldest known goldfish lived to, The average person takes 10 000 steps a day, The Hawaiian alphabet only has 11 letters, 10:1 is the ratio of termites to humans on earth, the most expensive cow was sold for $1.3 million, A Orca whale can hold its breath for 15 minutes, There are 30 000 schools in South Africa (not all are functional have books, desks or teachers but that’s beside the point), in 1931 Harley Davidson and Indian were the only two American manufacturers producing commercial motorcycles, in 1500 the yoyo was used as a weapon in the Philippines.

118.1 decibels is the loudest burp ever recorded, A Boeing 747 - 400 has 6 000 000 parts (a tad scary when you think the people making the parts usually have given the lowest quote to make the part/s), 3900 metres is the length of the world’s deepest mine (it’s in Carletonville, South Africa), the tin can (for preserving food) was invented in 1810, 500 000 tons of dog crap is deposited in the streets of Paris annually, the Slinky toy was invented in 1946 and 250 000 000 have been sold to date.

A Penguin can jump 1.83 metres in the air, 7 Billion (yes Billion) hotdogs were eaten in the USA during summer (that’s about 818 hotdogs per second) , In 1675 the then king of England (whoever that was) banned coffee houses as he claimed people met there to conspire against him, 80% of the brain is water, instead of being relatively solid (that actually explains a lot), the average life of a taste bud is 10 days,  72 muscles is the number needed to produce human speech, it takes 500 years for plastics to break down, 5 million puppies are born in the USA every year, A leech has 32 brains (who knew?),  250  people have fallen off the leaning tower of Pisa (lent over to far perhaps?) 40% of McDonalds profits come from the sale of Happy Meals, A dog has 100 different facial expressions, most made with the ears, And  a bee must visit 4000 flowers to make one tablespoon of honey( no wonder it’s so Frikken expensive)

The good news for the week is that I have been signed off to present SAMTRAC, which is a 10 day management course, must say was hectic, but thanks to the encouragement of Ryan work colleagues and other family members I managed to survive and be found Competent (I know me being found competent is a strange concept to some of you  but miracles do happen). I have come a long way in 18 months and its not been easy. To be honest I have been a real dick this year and not been the best person that I could have been so 2012 I have many bridges to mend.

We delivered the presents that we collected for the MTR Smit children’s home this week and I think they were gobsmacked that we had not only managed to get every child there a Xmas present we in fact managed to get each one what they wanted for Xmas, but not without hassles I must add............ some of the clients who took Xmas tags did not come up with the present (even after repeated request)...’SO WHY TAKE THE TAG IN THE FIRST PLACE’ is the question one asks.  

This weekend was the IRB 7’s in Port Elizabeth with the Bokke losing the final 26/31 against the All Blax. Didn’t get to go to the 7’s as Ryan could not make it and the weather was so Kak on Friday with the wind blowing so hard on Friday night that I thought  the house would get blown over, so I decided to clean out the garage instead (yes I know what you’re thinking) . Saturday arrived with overcast weather but then the sun came out and it turned out to be an awesome day. Must say that lately the weather has really been shit  in the Eastern Cape.

Pirates my South African football team won its first Telkom knock out challenge last night (Saturday) beating Bidvest Wits 3-1 at the Moses Madiba stadium in Durban, apparently 70 000 supporters  attended the game. Well done pirates another trophy for the cabinet. 

Gabby has got a job at a restaurant in Blue Water Bay, her boyfriend is the manager there so when she is that side of the world she will be working. Good for her to earn ,money and se that R does not just appear from the heavens.    

Today (Sunday 11 December 2011) took all the crap we chucked out of the garage to the local dump, tried to get the Triumph to start (giving me hassles), put up dart board on the patio and marked a stack of HIRA papers that have been waiting for my attention. Weather reverted back to being overcast and miserable in the morning but got better during the day ...................Think that is what this summer is going to be like.  
Next week is my final week at work for the year, then its holidays until the 9/1/2012, don’t start working as have to fly up to JHB to attend a training conference for a few days. Must say my Battery is seriously flat and this holiday could not come at a better time. I have bought a 2nd hand sand board so this season we will be trying out hurtling down the many large sand dunes near the house and hopefully not do too much damage to ourselves (will keep you posted)

So be good boys and girls, don’t forget to think about those less fortunate than yourselves over this festive season and there is only 13  shopping days left to Xmas day.   


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