Whats wrong with this picture?

So the ANC have managed to push through the {Protection of State information bill) , a little late for Mr. Maharaj I would say. So what does this mean to the average South African?

Well it means that reporters, newspapers as well as other media will be ?? and that means those that are corrupt, enrich themselves by robbing the poor or are sex pest or other deviants will be safe from exposure as “whistle blowers” who have the public interest at heart will be liable to jail time. So who will this bill protect..................Well Dodgy politicians that’s who! That means no accountability and no transparency from our politicians who have been very busy stealing whatever they can with no protection, can you just imagine what they will get up to with no one blowing the whistle on their nefarious activities....................Ah well not much I can do about it so why worry.     

Well this week was in EL for most of the week, had to ride through on Tuesday afternoon after training and got back to PE very late Friday after I had finished training. Weather was ok, for both rides, had rain over the 3 days I was there, but that’s not too bad. Not really much else happened other than on the way I saw my first ever “Pineapple jacking”..............Yes Pineapple jacking. As I was coming around a bend I had to swerve to avoid a pineapple, then another then another, as I came to a long uphill here was a kid sitting on the top of a large lorry throwing pineapples onto the side of the road (some ending up on the road). Obviously they wait for the trucks to slowdown on the uphill’s climb on the truck and grab what they can.......reminded me of the scene in mad max one were the Nomad bikers are stealing petrol from a fuel tanker.  

That was the last time that I will be going to EL for the year, must say while perhaps still not my favourite place on earth it’s starting to grow on me, absolutely love staying at Tindale Lodge, the owners Carl and Glenda are just awesome and its really like home away from home. This week I trained at the Blue lagoon Hotel (on the Larney side of EL) it’s on the Nahoon river and some really expensive properties as you can imagine line its banks. I had a 500ml draught at the Blue lagoon at R21.50 and the day before on the way home popped into the nearby country club and the same beer was R 11.50..............WTF  a R10 difference, I don’t mind paying a little extra for drinking in a Larney place but that’s just taking the piss. 
Sat morning woke up and my initial thoughts were ‘what’s wrong with this picture” ...........it was hot, the sun was shining bright, the skies were blue and surprise surprise no wind. The perfect way to start Gabbys’s 15th Birthday. To start the day we had Cake and T with the PE family, Gabby got calls for the Gauteng family and then it was off to the beachfront so Gabby and Ricky (her boyfriend) could meet up with a few mates at the Super tube place, we also hit the beach and played some American football (nearly died) and then we had a goof and caught some waves(first swim of the season). Tania and I had a drink or two at Barneys and the kids walked around the boardwalk, we met them on the Pier and then it was home to get ready for supper....................Sushi for Gabby and cooked food for the rest of us. All in all a pretty good day.  

Sunday was the Toy run (20th Anniversary) but it pissed down with rain and I decided after arriving at the gathering point that I would not go to the Stadium. A good decision as it rained most of the day.  

Talking about 20th Anniversaries on Wednesday it was the 20th Anniversary of that all time legendary front man of Queen ......Yep Freddie Mercury........can you believe it that 20years have gone by since his death, seems like just a few years ago. I don’t know about any of you but Queen were probably the best group that ever graced a stage and I had the privilege of seeing them at the Sun City Super bowl in the 1980’s.................What a show. 

Well that’s it for this week, next week I start SAMTRAC, hopefully by 9th December I will have done enough to have been signed off to present this 10 day management course, which will hopefully mean a promotion and increase.

Seems that the Poms are getting upset with foreigners stealing jobs from local lazy Poms  at the rate of 12 000 a month and that 1.2 million young Brits can’t find jobs , well here is a simple idea, if you did not let in thousands and thousands of people from countries who your empire once ruled over (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc etc) and give them jobs over your own residents then perhaps you would not have that problem, does not take a genius to figure that one out. Or why don’t you stop paying the Frikken dole and that would mean that people would actually need to get off their asses and get jobs and not leave them open for people escaping their own countries. Look after your own people first , if there is still some pie left over then share it.  

I got a call from a real good friend in Clarens the other day, he was chuffed because he had won a legal battle regards a business deal that went sour in Clarens, so well done bro.
Have a great week.


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  1. Of course, foreigners steal your job. But maybe, if someone without contacts, money, or speaking the language steals your job, you're shit
    - Louis CK


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