There is always 2066

I came back from the St Georges fan park last Saturday having watched Germany give there old foe England a foot balling lesson, the 3 lions did not roar they “meowed”. Yeah I know what some of you are going to say “if that goal had been allowed they would have been a different outfit, well I agree the goal should have been given, but all that would have done would to see them lose 4-2. The Germans came out to play and play they did, the better team by far on the day. Overweight, overpaid and over the hill, I cannot believe that players of that calibre are paid the sums of money that they get. England may have invented the modern game, but they sure as hell are not anywhere close to being ???

So this now begs the question if 1970, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994. 1998, 2002, 2006 and now 2010 have not been the years for the Poms to reclaim the glory days of 1966 when will that actually happen? I can see the drunken louts now crying into their warm beers going on about the goal that wasn’t and how in 2014 will be the year, dream on dream on.

All I can say is that I am really happy that the two biggest conflicts ever fought where actually not football games because we would all have been wearing funny steel helmets and have little black moustaches. The English team in this SWC like most others in the past where mediocre and proves a point that the English in general are mediocre, they celebrate mediocrity and coming second or not just quite making it, that’s why they have so many foreigners running the country for them, because the Poms themselves are either on the dole in the pub or in a foreign country celebrating the teams mediocrity.

I believe that the 3 lions are being replaced by 3 tampons…..”why you ask” , well this world cup has been the worst period that they have ever gone through. The jokes doing the rounds about the Poms and how crap they play are good and I have seen a number of really funny jokes at the expense of the overpaid English team. And now the islanders will know what the Germans felt like in 1966 with the Geoff Hurst Goal that wasn’t.

Saw Holland play Brazil on Friday at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium “FRIKKEN AWESOME” wow that was a game and I shared it with Ryan, so that was all good. Sorry Tania could not join us, but really did not think she would get so into it, that has been awesome for me to see Tania be so enthusiastic about the SWC….thanks my Angel you know that I love you, but you always seem to surprise me even more, I am so lucky to have you as my wife XXX

Must say the statement from Sepp Blatter would be to costly to install monitor for games is ridiculous as before the teams had started back for towards the halfway for the German goal kick we had a seen a replay of the incident at least twice, even a blind person could have seen it was over the line, so have a 3rd referee as we do in rugby and the Ref can refer items like that as well as diving, unnecessary red cards.

Seems that Uruguay also had the hand of god assist them on Friday against Ghana, Sanchez the cheat decided to swat the ball off the line as it was about to go in seconds from the end of extra time that would have won the match for Ghana to see them reach the semi finals of the SWC, a first for any African team. The resulting penalty taken was not well executed and Uruguay won the penalty shoot out, I think that the rules should change if you deliberately handle the ball on the line then the team should be given a goal.

We have also been attending any games we can get to at the local Fan park and that has also been fun, we saw Germany give Argentina a good hiding on Saturday and look forward to watching the 2 x semi finals as well as the Final there

The two week SAMTRAC course was hard but well worth it, met 3 great people and become friends, so that was an added bonus. Ryan as expected was a great trainer and really made the course interesting. I pretty confident that I passed, hopefully I will have done enough to get a distinction.

The Book ‘Clarens Chronicles” has started to sell and I am petty pleased as to how many so far. Still want to do a book signing in Clarens and hopefully sell some more. Tania and I also decided that we want to contribute R made from the sales to local children’s charities (Clarens) as its important that we put back into the community. So if you have not bought a copy, please do so.

I have, after 5 attempts managed to see the 12 x 8 meter flag on Donkin reserve and its pretty impresive, the flag pole must be the height of the actual light house.

Received a few phone calls from Clarenites this week , so that bhas been cool, also going onto Facebook is keeping me up to date on what is happening in the village, although I believe a certain someone feels that now that I have left the village I should perhaps keep out of what is happening there.. that’s there opinion, but Clarens will always have a special place in my heart and without trying to brag (okay just a little) I feel that I played a part in promoting the village and helping to get it to where it is today on the map, along with many other unsung heros in the village. Unfortunately its always a couple of the same usual suspects that try to grab the limelight and make it look like they alone have been responsible for the growth of the village…..but lets not get back on that subject again, as could end up with another lawyers letter.

This school holidays I have started to feel like my folks did when they drove me to friends houses, movies etc and picked me up at night, actually its quite cool, waited up till nearly midnight the other day as Gabby and a posse of friends and a couple of parents went to the fan park to watch a game and listen to a rock group I have never heard of (yep sound like my dad). Gabby is turning Into a young woman, has a boyfriend called Stephen (and he is a nice kid) he also knows that he will lose the ability to reproduce in the future should he decide to take advantage of my only child J, seriously he is a nice lad and he and Gabby seem to get on so well……Aah young love.

Well gotta go, keep well for the week ahead.


The Village Idiot – AKA S.P.A.D ( Stephen published author Dunkley) Thanks jeannele

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