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So what’s up at the Village idiots Household this week, that you could possibly be interested in?

Well we have a new member of the family, he arrived on Friday or rather let me say rescued from the local SPCA, he is 3 months old, give or take a few days and has just made himself at home, not that his new sisters Pepper or Black cat are very happy, but they will just have to build themselves a bridge…..To get over it. we have named him Mischief and it’s a very apt name.

Work is going great, got a great mark on my Safety Management exam 94.5% so I was pretty chuffed. This week I am doing invigilation work on Monday, On Tuesday Ryan and I have to do the Environ show for clients and Wed/Thursday I am presenting Introduction to Occupational health and safety with Ryan sitting in on the course to see if I can be signed off to train on my lonesome with this particular course. Next week I am in Mossel Bay for 3 days (nope not holidaying) doing an assessors course. Looking forward to it.

Weather here not that bad, mild but not freezing, unlike reports from Clarens that it has been has been FREEZING, going up to the old stomping ground at end of August to do a book promotion and see the old gang, have a drink or two and eat some world famous Chicken Strips at Friends. Comments getting back about the book have been favourable, so I have started back on the Daniel Roxo book and want to try and have that published by next year.

Gabby and her Boyfriend had their 2 month anniversary dinner at Stephens house on Wednesday (so sweet. Must say Stephen is a great kid ( and not just because of his name). He has manners he really cares about Gabby and he knows that I own a 9mm handgun should he break her heart.

Taught Gabby to ride the scooter this weekend, she was apprehensive at first but is now flying around like Valentino Rossi, must say looks good on a bike, so she needs to learn how to ride one properly if she is going to get one when old enough.

I am still having SWC withdrawal symptoms and it sometimes feels surreal that we had it at all, I mean we waited so long and two weeks have gone since the last game and it feels that it was forever ago. Ah well will have to get excited about something else. Well Other sport for the week is

Unlike the team of 1939 it would seem that the German Vettel does enjoy Poles as he achieved yet another one for the German GP at Hokenheim this weekend. Its just a pity that he has not converted to many of those poles into wins, as I cannot see myself living through 2011 knowing that Tiger Hamilton or his compatriot Button are F1 champs.

So what’s happening with Schummie, I really thought that he would light a fire under everyone’s arses and get the dreary GP circus back on track, but alas that as yet has not happened………So what’s the reason, don’t know but hopefully this year he will use as a learning curve and next year he will put the car into 6th gear and race again.

So the Boks are 3 for 3 that counts for losses as well as consecutive yellow cards against the men in green and gold, must also be a record that in each game we have been reduced to 14 men in those 10 minutes the opposing team has been able to go over the whitewash twice. Perhaps we should juts send on 14 and give the opposition a 14 point lead at the beginning of the game and then de Villiers can plan his tactics around that. Dissapointed does not even come close to how I feel and yes I have heard the arguments, lets lose this year and next year we will win the cup again, look it happened in 2006 and in 2007 we where the world champs. I don’t like it when the Boks lose………..period, I don’t want Frikken excuses I want the team to win to perform at their best I am sick of hearing the same old crap for de Villers and Smit about how they should play better we did not play well, we should not worry as we can still win the tri nations……Get Frikken real, we are crap at the moment and we need to dig deep, if I was the captain or the coach of that team I would not be singing Kumbia my Lord at half time, it would be fire and brimstone full of expressive expletives and the general message would be die on the field or don’t bother coming off it …………..And that’s all I have to say about that”

Got this off the net about Caster “Ise Man Ja”

London - British athlete Jenny Meadows says Caster Semenya's return tocompetition has not been accepted by her fellow 800 metres runners.

According to the Guardian website, Meadows, who won bronze for Britain at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Berlin last year (in which Semenya claimed the gold medal), has always been sympathetic to the plight of the South African, who faced questions over her gender following her world title victory, but she doubts other athletes will follow her example.

"I don't think there is acceptance, to be honest," Meadows said. "When I raced in Gateshead I know some of the other girls were saying: 'Oh, so Caster's back,' and the tone of their voices was sort of: 'What's it going to be like with Caster back?'

Meadows has been critical of athletes who have been "less gracious" in responding to the controversial case, which concluded when the International Association of Athletics Federations cleared Semenya to run this month. Immediately after the world championship final last year two competitors publicly questioned Semenya's gender.

"Just look at her," said Mariya Savinova of Russia, and Elisa Cusma Piccione of Italy went one step further, saying: "I am not taking (Semenya's win) into consideration – for me she is not a woman. I am also sorry for the other competitors ... It is useless to compete with this and it is not fair."Meadows says even before that race the mood in the call-out room was uncomfortable, with athletes "staring and laughing" at Semenya.

Maybe Helium can get Caster to play for the Boks, they need something or someone to frighten the Opposition now that Bakkies has been banned for 2 months. Would make a good inside centre and bet her “Tackle” is bigger than some of the smaller Boks who seem to be letting opposition through at will.

Well Done Pakistan, at least someone beat the Aussies this week, first time in 15 years they have won a test match against the sheep shaggers and inside of 4 days, got a bit close near the end but came out as 3 wicket winners.

I see that Jacque Fourie got a 4 week ban for a spear tackle and the Housebreaker Cooper only got 2 weeks (perhaps the time he spent at the cops answering questions is deemed at time served) Perhaps someone need to tell the Aussie selectors that you don’t actually need to be a criminal to play for the country……….That was only needed to become a resident in the early days.

Congrats to Louis Oosthuizen (Eastern Cape boytjie) for winning the holy grail of Golf and I do hope he enjoys his new ride (a Lekker Trekker)

Oh well that’s enough of me boring the crap out of you, have a great week and don’t forget to fly your flags on Friday.

How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?
”They Take The Psychopath”


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