Nuf Said

Not much to say this week to be honest, have had a pretty good week at work and have been signed off on another course that I can “fly solo” on so I am pretty chuffed with that.

I met a friend who I have been e-mailing for a while about my book on Daniel Roxo, e was in the PE area so I popped in to Addo Elephant park to see hi, Luiz is a great guy and I am happy that I made the effort to go and see him, spent a few hours chatting and having lunch. It’s so nice to shake the hand of someone that has helped you so much.

Going to Mossel Bay on Sunday, last time there was when Tania and I where on Honeymoon, believe it as changed for the better since I was last there, because it was KAK back then, why are you going I hear you say, well have to do an assessors course so that I can assess people in a practical situation as well as mark tests and exams that students write at end of courses. Not looking forward being away from home, but I am looking forward to be doing the course.

This week was also a sad week for Ryan and his family with the passing of his wife’s dad. The memorial service was held on Friday and Ryan gave an awesome eulogy, I was so proud of him and the way that he managed to keep his emotions under control. For those who don’t know Ryan was a pastor prior to getting involved in the Health and safety field and it shows, Ryan was a rock for the family over this period and an example to us as to how family should stick together in tough times.

Got me to thinking that it must be rough if your not near family when they pass away, Ryan and Kirsten live nearby but the other daughter Leanne lives in Gauteng and while its far away its close enough to get to family in an emergency, can you imagine if you lived overseas and your mom and dad had to pass away, must be really stressful. Remember you never know how long you have on earth and with family so take every opportunity to tell them that you love them.

Tania, Gabby Stephen and I went to Sardinia bay today and just chilled on the beach, must say lekker to be able to go to beach in winter in shorts and a T shirt.

So Sharks scored 3 tries in 6 minutes to beat the Cheetahs and the All Blacks demolished the Wallabies. Seems that Graig Joubert got on the “Banwagon” sending players off and red carding drew Mitchell with 37 minutes of the 2nd half still to go, suppose the sheep shaggers will be crying about that as well, seems the AB’s are unstoppable this Tri nations. Let them win everything this year as is the norm the year before a World Cup and then watch them lose in 2011.

Well gotta go, next week the Diaries will be out on Sunday as usual, have a great week



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