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Seems like only yesterday that the SWC 2010 started, I am not sure about you but now that the competition is nearing completion and the interim government of FIFA is looking to hand back power to the South African Government I am already having withdrawal symptoms and find my self flipping through the sports channels for my daily soccer fix, the other day I was so desperate I found myself fixated on a game of Jukskei being played in Poffadder.

So what did the SWC bring us apart from the obvious boost in economy and a chance to showcase SA to the world? Well to me the biggest positive aspect from this month long Soccer fest was the fact that as South Africans we seemed to bond. I had the opportunity to watch a number of games at the local Fan Fest and it was great to see the ‘Gees” of both White and Black South Africans. No aggro no hassles just that common bond “soccer” This past month reminded me of the heady days of 1995 when the Boks won the Rugby World Cup…for a moment in time we where together, “One People, One Nation” but somehow we let that impetus slip, the biggest legacy I want to see from the SWC is that we have learnt that as Black and White citizens we share the same hopes, dreams and fears and as a united country we can achieve just so much more. I recently watched the movie Invictus and in it there is a quote that I believe sums up how we will ensure that this country is the best that it can be………”For South Africa to achieve greatness all South Africans need to exceed their own expectations”

Regards the SWC itself, 2010 was the tournament where form and reputation was thrown out the window, I do not think there has a been a tournament with so many surprise results and shock exits, while the Soccer has been great and I have been fortunate to attend 2 matches at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth it is the words of Alex and Patrick, 2 visitors from Switzerland that we met at the St Georges Fan park that will stay with me for many years to come. ‘We where told not to come to South Africa, due to it being unsafe, we have met only good people and cannot start to tell you how beautiful this country is, we will be back, but we will be bringing back lots of friends”.

Tonight I will be at my local fan park with thousands of other South Africans cheering on the two teams in a celebration not only of the “beautiful game” but also what we as a country have achieved In hosting this event, we can hold our heads high, not only have we hosted the second biggest sporting event in the world we have done it well, perhaps with one exception, yep the fiasco in Durban on Wednesday, but on a brighter note Durban also produced a miracle with Italian Luigi Lyingbastardini arriving in SA on a wheelchair but managing to get out of it and run across the Moses Madida stadiums football field while the Germany/Spain game was in progress. I see he was wearing a superman suit and clutching a Vuvuzela, so perhaps the Vuvuzela has healing powers (yet another use for the now world famous Vuvuzela)

Well what can we say about the Bokke, I was perhaps lucky that I had to lay a wooden floor and did not have time to watch the match, I don’t even want to watch the highlights…but according to “Helium” we don’t have anything to worry about, this is all part of the plan. Let’s see what next week brings. I do believe that de Villiers should have been more specific when he told Bakkies to use his head in this game. I don’t know about you but I think that this just may have been the last time we see Bakkies in a Bok jersey……….you can be tough and an enforcer but you have to be smart as well, an attribute that I don’t believe he has.

Caster has been cleared to run against women again after “Medical Help”……….The doctors feel that the operation was a huge success and that there should now not be as much drag as before allowing Caster to post better times. It will also mean that a third toilet facility won’t need to be implemented at track meets Male, Female and Unknown.

A couple of Blogs back I mentioned that the UK could be in for a harsh time regards the economy now that the conservative party had won the election n(well sort off) and this article that was on news 24 confirms that
This will apply obviously only to those that are born lucky and who no matter what will be able to live the life of a ?? while clutching to their South Africaness…but enough of that.

I was watching the news (yes I do that sometimes) and I was shocked to see that their was another manhunt for a man who had gone on a shooting spree but when cornered by the police shot himself. Why was I shocked I hear you ask, well it was in the UK, images of heavily armed police men and women flashing across the screen, I was under the impression that you could not get a firearm in the UK, in fact you have to register your knitting needles juts in case you get a tad peeved with a neighbour and decide to knit them a jersey. So I suppose the UK is not such a safe haven for those who believe that nothing bad happens there.

Seems that those South Africans living overseas in the UK are bragging about the 30 degrees in London ………Whoop dee Frikken doo, it was 28 degrees here in PE on Friday and its winter. It must have been summer then in the UK on Saturday so hopefully they did not miss it and enjoyed it.

I came across a website the other day by some ex-pat scumbag that needs to stay overseas that was going on about how crap SA was and how he was so pissed off that SA had managed to pull off the SWC……….he had been hopeing that the black government would fail and the world would see what rubbish they are. I sent him a reply o his site, which I cannot share with you as it was rather rude, needless to say I gave him a piece of my mind and told him that scum like that should rather stay where he is and make the people of that country miserable.

Book sales seem to be good and at the end of August Tania, Gabby and I will be going to Clarens to do a book launch and watch SA vs Australia at Friends with friends, eating chicken strips, drinking beer and generally misbehaving. Get to see my mate meat bomb as well, so cannot wait

Work was great this week and next week will be doing a number of things, so I am looking forward to that. By mid August I will hopefully be signed off on another 3 courses, so its nose to the grindstone and learn learn learn.

Saturday Ryan and Keith helped us to put down a laminated floor in the master bedroom, hard work but looks great.

Slow week this week, so not much news. Have a great week ahead


The Village idiot

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