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While some of the stars playing in the world cup undoubtedly have oodles of talent many have obviously also been to acting school and a few I suspect even to beauty school…………what a bunch of drama queens if any of them decided to start playing rugby they would not last 5 minutes. I also don’t think that I have seen so much diving since watched the 2008 Olympics (aquatic disciplines). I was also thinking that I would like to see an International rugby player walking up to Jonathan Kaplan or a linesman after a call had gone against them and say you are a big %$#@&*^%$#@ and I hope that your %$*&@#$ falls off, that person would be off the field faster than an Indian driving through the Free State in the 70’s and 80’s.

I was not able to get a ticket for the Bafana/France game in Bloemfontein, but I think I actually went one better and that was to watch the game on a 75 square meter big screen at St Georges Fan Park in Port Elizabeth. My bother in law and wife met up with me at the park and at 3.30 already a large number of people where heading towards the gates, by the time the game started there must have been 10 000 people there by the end of the first half, that number had doubled, it was just an experience that I was privileged to be part of and one that I will never forget, it was strange going home as I did not know if I should be happy that we had won or sad that we had lost and been the first host nation team to go out of the SWC in its 80 year history.

It seems just yesterday that the SWC started and we are already at the last 16 teams. There have been a few surprising results as well as upsets this year France out, Italy out, USA in. Stars such as Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and Drogba not lighting up the field as we had hoped, this world cup has in my mind left some reputations as well as world rankings in tatters

Match of the next stage has to be the game today between Germany and England, it’s usually a cracker of a game in any tournament they meet in, “could that be from that little tiff they had in the 1940’s I wonder”? My Prediction is Germany to win on penalties. The Pommie fans after beating Slovenia where full of themselves and after 12 hours of drinking and behaving like louts really believe that they can become the 2010 Soccer world champs. Bloemfontein will see perhaps the biggest police presence in the SWC to date; they have even called army to assist in keeping the 2 sets of fans apart.

“It would seem that the World cup has turned out just like WW11, the French surrendered early, the Italians are in retreat mode, the USA arrived at the last minute and the British are left to fight the Bloody Germans”

My predictions for teams in the Quarter finals.
So who will win the SWC that Bafana are now out, well my money is on Brazil and not Brasil as many supporters shirts in South Africa have it spelt. It also does not hurt that the Brazilians probably have the best looking supporters, although I have to say apart from a couple of Kiwi ladies that have taken there blouses off to expose a couple of frilly bra’s the eye candy in the stands has been rather disappointing, hopefully as we get closer to the Semi finals the talent (on and off the field) will get better.

Boks played much better against the Italians this week and 55 /11 was a fair indication of the match, Bryan Habana matched Joost vd Westhuizens try scoring record of 38, but has a way to go before he matched s the number of fluzzies that Joost has scored with. I see that there was another ex pat playing for Italy, that was born in the Eastern Cape, perhaps next year instead of the Boks playing a Barbarian team , they could set up a fixture of Boks vs South Africans playing for other international teams……”just a thought”

On TV a couple of nights ago they showed the “homesick” expats all blowing the Vuvuzela at Trafalgar square and the Lord mayor of London trying to blow one, replete in a South African scarf, seems the Poms like the plastic noise maker and have had to ban it at Wimbeldon (perhaps if they had let them be used the two tennis players would not have taken 11 hours + to knock a small green ball across a net) “How Boring”. They spoke to a few Poms who like the Vivazulu, vuvezula, viverziller, vuvooozerla…………”it’s a VUVUZELA you pasty Pom” So far have managed to collect 115 uses for a vuvuzela, perhaps another book in the offing ?? as you can see vuvuzelas have been annoying people since the rennaisance

This week the house in PE became ours, well that’s not 100% true as the Bank manager also owns some of it, but nice to know we can start paining, putting up pictures etc.

The Village idiot became a published author this week and had his book. “The Clarens Chronicles” delivered, is actually exciting to see your name on a publication that more than 10 people will read, My sister loves it……thanks sis. I now need to get to Clarens to do some promoting and selling, otherwise for the next 50 years family and friends will be getting a copy for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas Easter etc etc

Attending SAMTRAC this week, not as easy as I thought it was going to be, plenty of work, also did not help I missed a day from being sick, so having to catch up. This week coming will be hectic with assignments to be finished, learning in class and studying for 3 hour exam on Friday. Nervous that I will not do well; want to get a good pass.

Is my moms birthday today (Sunday) not able to be there to celebrate with her in gauteng, but we called her this morning and gave her our love and know that she will have an awesome day. Love you lots mom may you have many many many more birthdays.

Had a visit from Sandy, Shanem Keegan, Kelsey and Duke this week, they are on a road trip and they popped in to say hi and stay with us for the evening, was really great to see them and catch up on whats been happeing in the village. I also got to have a blonde (with Tania's permission) A clarens Blonde from Clarens Brewery, all thats missing from the picture are Friends Chicken strips.

Kirsten’s (sister in law) dad has taken really ill this past week and I know it has been really hard for her and the family, while we do what we can to help it’s a big burden for Kirsten and family to carry. This brought home that all of our parents are getting older and unfortunately frailer, so its important that at every opportunity you tell them you love them and hopefully when the time comes and we know days are few we are near enough to be able to be with them and comfort them, must be very hard for those living overseas and having parents in SA should there be a problem.

I have seen a number of accidents in PE since moving here 6 months ago, 2 last week at the same traffic light, yesterday Keith was involved in a accident not to far from home, he was on his way to collect jumping castles when 2 kids ran straight accross the road, one he struck and she hit the windscreen, te emergency services and police where there very quickly and the child that took the brunt of the car is ok and no serious damage. Thankful that dad and the children are ok, Guys when you driving in SA look for the pedetrians as well.

Had a Wimpy breakfast this morning R38.00 and its not a bad price for what you get, but look at this menu from wimpy (1972) (and I bet we complained about the prices then as well)

Well that’s my ramblings for this week; enjoy the soccer (Go Germany, Go Argentina)

Have a great week

The Village idiot
(Now an author)

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