When records meant something

Wow some great South African performances in the Rugby this weekend, watched the Stormers/Crusaders and the Bulls/Sharks game at the local watering hole, Ryan was in Gauteng doing a course this weekend so did not have his company, but sure next weekend we will be watching a couple of games together. Now I do not profess to be an expert on Rugby, Cricket etc but I do know that when you have played 11 games and have lost all 11 (yes I am talking about the Lions) it is perhaps time to look at another franchise from South Africa. If I had any say (and I don’t) the Lions and the Cheetahs (my home team) should be merged once again (I have still got a cats flag and cap somewhere) and then give a franchise to The Eastern Cape (Southern Spears). Many people are against this, but I think that we need a Premier club in the Eastern Cape (we have a R1.4 billion rand stadium) and after the World Cup no one to play in it. Before anyone says but they wont be any good. My response is “KAK”, how can you say that before you know who will be in the team and surely they could not do worse than lose every game in the Super 14 (the lions will not win a game this season, which I believe in itself will be a new record for super rugby) and end at the bottom of the log. My money is on the Stormers to take the Super 14 title this year, just shows how good a coach Rassie Erasmus is, as he also managed to do good things with the Cheetahs.

I know records set are meant to be broken, but my question is surely a record should not be easy to break, otherwise any Tom Dick and Lithuania could do it . it would seem that the record set by New Zealand of 17 consecutive test wins and matched by South Africa’s has been broken by Lithuania who to date have not been defeated in 18 games . They have played such Rugby powerhouses as Holland, Belarus, Andora and Serbia. Now call me old fashioned but that does not count as having broken the record let them play real rugby teams and then we can discuss the situation

As a matter of interest New Zealand held the record after winning 17 test matches between 1965-1970 and the Boks managed the same to jointly hold the record between 1997 and 1998 (just shows you how much rugby they are playing now compared to when New Zealand held the record)

Protea’s busy playing the Indians in their 20 /20 game at the moment ( 39 for 2 after 7 overs at present) and then they play Afghanistan……………..Afghanistan? I thought the only sport they played there was hide and seek “Bin Laden” and “drive the infidel out of our poppy fields” A game they have been playing from time immemorial. Surely there must be another team that could have put in the tournament? I have never ever heard of Afghanistan and cricket mentioned in the same sentence ….Ever. Is the team made up of British, American, Australian and New Zealand troops who are seeing service there? I am all for smaller countries being encouraged to participate at international level but surely for the World Cup T20 a better team could have been found……………..Just asking.

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