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God forbid that Zapiro drew a cartoon with the prophet Mohamed in it that offended a number of local Muslims who’s first reaction is “Blow them Up, Jihad, lets kill all the infidels”, I don’t see Christians stating a war because of a cartoon about Jesus, Yes get upset , tell the newspaper that you are not happy, but don’t make threats, Militants of any religion are dangerous but it sees to be Muslims that have the worst sense of humour when it comes to anything about their religion. There is definitely a double standard for Muslims in other countries as against other religions that want to establish themselves in Muslim countries.

Muslims demand that their laws, religions and customs are allowed in other non-Muslim countries, that Sheira law is what they be judged on and a mosque be built on just about every street corner, but just you try and be a Christian in a Muslim country and see what happens to you, churches are not allowed, religious freedom is banned and Gid forbid you should mention the prophet Mohamed in the incorrect context. I understand that you are serious about your religion but if you live in a foreign country either abide by there rules or go live in one of you Shithole countries that seem to be the strongholds of extremist Muslims. In fact your just like mad Bob and his ilk that decry the west and all that it stands for but sends his kids to European schools, wears suits drives in fancy cars and has businesses in Europe.

So JM is now singing Kiss the Boer, Kiss the farmer, seems that anger management lessons are paying off………..not for long a leopard cannot change its spots, seems that he wants the ANC and the ZANU PF youth to work with each other as he has stated there are now 350 000 people on farms that were once only lived on by a handful of white farmers. This may be so genius but those 350 000 have eaten every twig and leaf and do not produce, so what’s the use of having them on the land??

So apart from traffic problems at the semi final-predictions from the Ventersdorp Blue Bulls supporters club that murder and mayhem would fall upon all whites that ventured into the area, turned out to be crap, “as I knew it would”. From the reports I read it was an awesome day and an experience that many will cherish. That stadium was used by students in the 1976 riots and 34 years later its being used to bring people together, Awesome This weekends S14 final was even better with the bulls deservedly winning their 3rd Final in 4 years. The shebeens were full with white and black supporters and with less than 2 weeks to go before the Start of the SWC there seems to be a little more unity in the country, which is great.

I don’t know if I should be telling you this but Gabby (my daughter) now has a friend (a boy) that has become more than a friend. His name is “wait for it” Stephen, so the lad cannot be that bad. I have met him briefly, but he still has to get passed the interview with Ryan and myself, now that’s going to be fun.

Port Elizabeth aquarium needs R500 000 to fix, revenue has dropped by more than 50% the last year and a bit because it was decided to re-locate the dolphins to Asia, that’s what people went to see, not a few penguins and a couple of fur seals. The Museum at Bay world is not bad, but the aquarium does need some serious TLC, pity that municipalities allow facilities that are tourist attractions to fall to pieces.

Strike action in SA just prior to the SWC is now starting to pee me off, I mean who is next the SWC volunteers (would not put it past them)

My old village is quiet at the moment apart from the wheel nuts from a friends car being loosened and him crashing into the post office as well as Godfrey being on the prowl again for a single lady there seems to be the same old Clarens politics, with that person not talking to that one and being upset if you speak to another person (a bit like nursery school used to be). Spoke to Kelvin (owner of friends), had a long Skype session with Mark on Friday was great. I must actually congratulate Player 24 and Martie as well as the Clarens team that have been putting together a plan for the village to all celebrate the SWC from teaching people to do the Diski dance on the square to getting businesses in the village to buy SWC jackets and arranging donations from the locals (with a new resident donating R10 000, well done) so that all the kids in Kgubestwana get a SWC beanie for winter..

Doug My Brother in law started work on Tuesday at his new job, he is now an accounts manager for a firm that services the parking industry in London, “yes they have a parking industry”, here we have the ex Super Race as car guards. Got a Lekker company car, A Nissan Quashqi/Qhuasaqi oh whatever, but very nice, “almost worth not working for 8 months heh Doug” I know how much you like fancy cars, Ah well suppose will just have to be happy with my Old Kia and Big Boy scooter. Congrats Doug keep hold of that Job as the Island is in for a rocky run, regards the economy according to those in the know. Seems even the queen (no not Elton John, Lizzy) is concerned as you can see from this small insert from News 24.
London - Queen Elizabeth II delivered a sombre message of austerity on Tuesday in a speech outlining the plans of the new coalition government, which include capping non-European immigration and holding a referendum on changes to the centuries-old political system. The queen wore a crown studded with 2 000 diamonds for an event featuring cavalry, Yeoman warders and glittering carriages - including a horse-drawn one especially set aside to ferry the Imperial State Crown to Parliament.

“Now the part that I like is the old biddy is telling her subjects to pull in the old belt and to suck in the economic hurt wearing a Crown that has more diamonds in it than clever people actually living on the island (2000 to be exact). Also what does she mean by Non-European? Is she saying that the island will no longer take people of a darker hue only or people that are not European, meaning Africans, Asians and the Scots? (They have to keep taking South Africans and Irish, so there teams can win). But if they stop taking on the flotsam from the rest of the world who will work? Surely that would mean those lazy gits that are on the dole may have to get off there beer guzzling, chain smoking asses and actually earn a living, if that happens people now doing the work that most Poms don’t want to or cant do will have to return to the land/s where they where born (don’t see that happening as then the mediocre Aussies, South Africans, Zimbabweans etc who scrounge off the system, free babies, free health, subsidized education etc etc may also have to work for a living when they get home)

Had a couple of e-mails asking me to be the bigger person and congratulate the English team for winning the T20 World Cup, so I have decided to swallow my pride and here is a picture that says it best.

Fly up to Gauteng today (Sunday) Ryan and I will be presenting environmental play for Aspen in Gauteng and also 1 show for our head office, will see my folks so that’s great, cannot remember the last time I was on an airplane, possibly when I went to the States in 1995…..looking forward to it, at least wont be any ash problems due to volcanic activity.

Super 14 final was as I have already mentioned AWESOME great to see that the Locals of Orlando have embraced the occasion once again and that The Bulls decided that the Cheerleaders needed to represent the local residents as well, so a new look Blue Bulls Babe outfit was on duty for the day. My only problem about the game is that I was not at Friends in Clarens with the Supporters club shouting the odds and casing total Mayhem.

Think I have told you before about the donkey carts that drive on the main roads in PE, may have even posted a photos, the other day Gabby and I where in a Donley cart traffic jam, gets frustrating, but the donkey’s are cute

Crafty Stuff (my wife’s Internet business) really seems to be taking off, and I know that sometimes she really does not feel that Gabby or I appreciate either her or that she id running a business, So Tania I Love you and am soooooo proud of what you have and what you are going to achieve with Crafty stuff.

A joke for this week that has been adapted from the one sent to me by a friend on the Island (yes believe it or not there is actually 1 person on that windswept, dull piece of rock that does keep in contact with me)

“Sipho was doing 120kms an hour in his Combi down the N1 when a cop pulls him over “what’s up” he ask Sipho ? The limit is 80 on this part of the highway. “Eish” says Sipho as he turns his head to the guys in the back “Five of you will have to get out”

A good environ website that Tania found this week is http://www.greentimes.co.za/ really a great site with loads of useful hints and tips on how you can go green.

Well that’s about it for this week


The Village Idiot

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