Oil be seeing ya

The Oil disaster off the Gulf of Mexico that claimed the lives of at least 11 men is serious, at present the oil slick is bigger than Peru (133million square kms in size) and the problem is only going to get worse as they estimate that they will only be able to cap the well in 90 days time. So a conservative estimate is that its pumping out 1000 barrels a day (220 000 litres) other people are saying its much more than that and remember 1 litre of oil can contaminate up to 1000 000 litres of clean water, this is going to make the Exxon Valdez incident look like a training scenario. The oil is pumping from 1 and a half kms under the ocean, entire fish and marine life species are threatened not to mention what will happen when it hits land in a big way. It’s also affecting the fishing industry with conservative efforts that it is already costing the industry 2 Billion dollars (nearly 15 Billion rand). People now wonder why I am trying to fight for the planet, its because we only have one, we have no where else to go, this is it ladies and gents and when we mess it up totally we will only have ourselves to blame. BP will have to spend some of there Billions of dollar profits to clean up and I think this has the potential to hurt them bad. So if you have shares in BP I would consider selling.

I learnt something new this week and that’s is Afghanistan play cricket…….. And how do I know this? Well they are (sorry were as have been knocked out) in the world T20 championships. They played the Protea’s and restricted them to 139 for 7 and managed to score 80 runs or so against our bowlers. Think goodness it did not rain or we may have seen Afghanistan go thru to the super 8 round. Who would have thought that they had a team, I thought their pastimes where growing poppies for opium, repelling infidel invaders playing hunt Bin Laden and generally coming up with laws to see how much more they can repress women in that society. I mean with that workload where do they get the time to practice? What do they use to practice…………hand grenades and RPGS, I managed to get a photo of some of the team on the way to practice.

I see that Belgium have banned the Burkha, seems that they want to actually be able to see who is blowing them up I that country, I wonder which other countries will follow suite.? Let’s see if the Poms have the Stones (bet you they don’t)

Is Nelson Mandela still alive ??,……………..reason I ask is that I have not heard about him for months. This got me to thinking what would happen if he dies before or during te world cup, would they tell the world or keep him on ice until it had finished. I assume that the powers at be have a recorded copy of an opening address from Madiba just in case he does get very ill or is in fact no longer with us …………..just asking

This week training was stressful but great, I did a trainers course and had to set up a course and present it to the national training director and 14 other students, was a tad nerve wracking but wit support of te family and work colleagues I managed to do a good job, next week I will have to present a course I have attended in the past and then hopefully get signed off on it by a NOSA trainer then I will be able to resent that course myself. (I think Vusi will be my assessor). The next 6 months are going to tax my 2 brain cells and I am sure I will get nervous but I am looking forward to it. the training was at the PE harbour and must say how impressed I was at how clean it was, you can actually see the fish in the harbour, no oil, smells good, they are really trying to look after the environ aspect. 3 car carriers came in during the week and they are HUGE, the one can load 18 000 cars at a time and is more than 9 decks high.

Seems that the advert that Ryan, Keith and I where in shot at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium a couple of months back is going to be used by FIFA and shown on SABC 1 ,2 and 3 over the next while, so keep an eye out for us.

Ryan’s dog seems to want to become a “trampolines” dog as it seems to be able to use the ground as its springboard, just imagine te height it could get if it catually used the trampoline …………. “Red Bull does give you wings”

The new Pay TV that is in SA opened its line for new subscribers and within 6 hours 50 000 people bought decodes (they sold out) just shows that SABC is Crap and that Mweb is to expensive. I wish them all the luck and I will be applying to become a subscriber

This week they had an election on the island, seems they had problems with the election process, long queues to vote etc etc……….and here I was thinking that one of the reasons so many EX South Africans live there and put up with the crappy weather etc was because unlike SA everything works and there are no such things as train delays, pot holes, violent demonstrations, recessions etc etc. The Poms being indecisive as normal could not decide on what party to vote for so now they have a hung parliament with the Conservatives holding 306 seats but needing 326 for an outright majority. Seems that the Liberal democrats now hold the power as with 59 seats are being wooed by both parties (conservative and labour) to form a coalition government, (perhaps we can send Julius Malema to look after things while they sort the problem out?) once they get that sorted out then real fun starts as apparently the economy in the UK is still in the toilet and harsh measures are going to be needed to get it up an running again, could we see “Sefricans” that cant find jobs scurrying back to SA? Probably not, because England is so cool and lost of things are FREE and if they ever grace South Africa again with their presence it will be to show us all how to do things as working in a foreign country gives one International experience and that look really good on a CV. Parking attendant (Sydney Australia), Shelf packer (Austin Texas) Delivery bicycle rider, (London England), Care giver (Hobart New Zealand), Assistant nursery school teachers aid etc etc.

A couple of jokes for this week (oh my gosh they are not politically correct, so all of u living in countries that u need to be Politically correct, just skip this part )

Police in London have found a bomb outside a mosque.
They've told the public not to panic as they've managed to push it inside.
Two Asian heroin addicts have injected themselves with curry powder by mistake
Both are in intensive care...... One has a dodgy tikka and the other one is in a korma

I had a mate who was suicidal. He was really depressed, so I pushed him in front of a steam train. He was chuffed to bits.

Sporting results this weekend

The Protea’s managed to beat Afghanistan (wow) and beat New Zealand thanks to a awesome 40 from 18 (including 5 sixes) from Albie Morkel, but lost to the POMS ( I hate it when South Africa A loses to South Africa B) so now we will have to beat Pakistan

The Bulls/Crusaders game was a classic with Bulls scoring at the death to win. One of the games of the season 40 to 35
Stormers lost to the sharks
Sharks beat the Stormers
Lions made it 12 starts 12 losses a new Super rugby record
Cheetahs won (well done boys)
GP this weekend with Red Bull and Mclaren dominating the qualifying but Hamilton crashed out and Button finished 5th behind Schummi. I don’t want a Pom to win the World title again (please spare us that)
However the biggest news of the weekend has to be the fact that my Niece Michaela won Gold medal for her age group in rhythmic gymnastics (Eastern Cape) beating 100 other competitors….Well done Monkey, we are proud of you.

Sunday was Mothers day, so hope you all called your moms to say you love them. We all had T at Ryan’s place with all the moms and the kids/grandkids together so it was nice.

Well got to go, have a great week ahead

The Village idiot

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