Time to make a difference

They say we should not mix politics and sport and generally I would agree however with events that has recently occurred in South Africa and want to be used by certain sections or individuals in the country to stir up trouble I think that it’s perhaps time to mix the two and show that by supporting your National teams you can in fact influence the politics of the country in a positive manner

Those of us that are old enough to have lived through the Rugby World Cup of 1995 will probably agree that at no other time in South Africa’s history have all population groups been that close together if only we could have harnessed that energy, enthusiasm, optimism and Ubuntu perhaps people like ET, and Julius Malema would not have be given the recognition (that they do not deserve). I guess what I am trying to say is that 15 years later we can use the Soccer World Cup to try and rejuvenate the feeling that we had in 1995. There are many similarities between the Boks of 15 years ago and the Bafana Bafana team of 2010

1. Both teams where playing crap
2. No one gave them a chance
3. They both had coach problems
4. Preparation before the event was not ideal
5. There was political uneasiness and turmoil in the country, having only a year before had the first democratic elections in the country. The Country was on a knife edge.

Unfortunately if you read comments left by readers on the Sports 24 Blogs, newspapers and in general conversation then there are to many South African (mostly white) that have decided due to the fact that they feel Bafana Bafana have no chance of winning or the screw ups of FIFA to purchase SWC tickets they are not going to support the team or the event, In fact I am sure there are numerous whites (many ex-pats living overseas) that are really unhappy we have managed to pull the whole thing together as they wanted to be able to turn round and say “see we told you so” What a Shitty attitude to have, we almost expected the black population to support the Boks and Rugby in 1995 but we are not prepared to do the same for football in 2010.

I may not be attending Freedom day celebrations today (its just not my thing) but I am encouraging all South Africans who do not consider Soccer to be a sport they would normally watch or support to show Bafana Bafana that we are behind them, that they do have the majority of South African supporting them. I for one cannot wait for the start of the World Cup I have tickets to games and what I cannot see live I want to go and watch at the fan park at St Georges park, especially Bafana Bafana games where I will be wearing my football shirt with pride, blowing my newly purchased Vuvuzela with gusto and waving my national flag with absolute delight

Bafana Bafana I know that you will surprise many of us this SWC but even if you lose every game I am proud to be watching you in my country in one of the most spectacular sports events that this country will ever host, the only event I think is bigger is the Olympic games. So from this Mulungu and his family good luck Bafana we are behind you every step of the way.

So this week was my first full week at work… feels weird that for the first time in 30 years I have a job that I don’t have to work weekends and get Public holidays off…….AWESOME. Doing plenty of studying as well to try and get myself up to speed as fast as I can. Must say it feel good to go to work though.. Again this week had a number of friends call or e-mail to say congrats (thanks guys, much appreciated) all of the immediate family “except those that seem to have lost my e-mail address” are ecstatic and really happy for me, with all supporting me 100%. Its awesome to know you have such great family…….Thanks guys “Love YA”

This was in the news a couple of days back “Cape Town - About 3 000 known British soccer hooligans will be barred entry to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup, national police commissioner, General Bheki Cele said on Thursday. (And I thought that there was no anti social behaviour in Shangri la?)
We had some good rain on Wednesday night (about 60mm) and the one road that I take for work (sounds good “for work”) goes over a low level bridge and she was flooded so got caught in a traffic jam (First in PE) luckily “wif a Skooter” its easy to extricate oneself and find another route, even with the hold up took me 15 minutes to get to work, Yes I know in Clarens 15 minutes in a vehicle and you are In Bethlehem, but compared to Gauteng and Slaapstad its not bad.

Attended a workshop at Gabby’s school given by the Headmaster Mr Vermaak about living with a teenager and how you can avoid killing them and ending up I jail. Was very informative and nice to see that as the parents of a teenager “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”, next months topic will be how to beat your teenager and not leave marks. So parents its not just the Terrible Twos that you have to navigate through it’s the Terrible Teens as well, only with a teenager its more difficult in making them do what you want. All good though as that’s what parenting’s about “Love you Gabby”

Job going well so far, next week spend 5 days doing a Trainers course, so looking forward to that, must say I am nervous but hopefully I will pass the course. The week after that I have to be signed off on a course that I have already attended (I think Ryan will be the facilitator) and if you think that it will be easy because Ryan is my Brother in law “I have news for you” It will not be, but what’s great is that Ryan is so good at what he does I can only learn from him and benefit from points that he picks up on that I will need to improve. This is a huge learning curve for me and I never thought that at the age of 47 I would be changing career paths in such a drastic way. As I said its nerve wracking but at the same time I am enjoying the new challenge.

Signed all the paper for house in PE so holding thumbs that the house in Clarens also goes through otherwise we is a bit in the proverbial crap, it would seem though that the pieces of the jigsaw are starting to fit together.

Sports news for the week is hat SA will be hosting the Championship 20/20 league in September ……..Thats great as they will be playing games in PE. So Inter Malan will be playing Bayern Munich in the final on 22 May. Think there is now 39 days left to start of the World Cup ………….I cannot wait.

Stormers beat (no sorry bliksem’d the Blues 42 to 14)
Bulls beat the sharks
Sharks lost (put on a good display though)
Cheetahs won again against the Blues
Lions lost (now 11 played , 11 lost)
Proteas busy playing India in World 20 20 cricket championship, lets hope they win.

Well that’s it for this week. Have a great week ahead and Be good

Village Idiot

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