Finally, someone has explained this.

For centuries, Hindu women have worn a dot on their foreheads.
Most of us have naively thought this was connected with tradition or religion,
but the Indian High Commission in London, has recently revealed the true story.
When a Hindu woman gets married, she brings a dowry into the union.
On her wedding night, the husband scratches off the dot to see whether he's won a corner shop, a petrol station,

a curry restaurant, a taxi cab or a hotel in the United Kingdom .
If nothing is there, he must remain in India to answer telephones and provide us with computer technical support

Shocking photo that I received of Lady Gaga arriving at a music award ceremony…now I know this young lady is the new great thing but surely a little decorum is necessary when going out, why would she want to let people see her like this. There have been rumours that Lady GG is in fact a she –male with antics like this I can now see why……………..Shocking

So now I know what its going to feel like when Gabby leaves home ………………….Very Quiet, she is having a ball in Gauteng with the family and don’t think she wants to come back, its been great for her to spend time with My mom and dad my sister and her hubby as well as her cousin Christine and her FiancĂ© Craig…..and I received info this week that Christine is getting married on the 4th of December.

I did another Safety course this week (Advanced OHSACT) at the NOSA offices and I think next week I will be doing Intro to SAMTRAC. I am really enjoying the courses and have learnt so much this past month. I really have been so lucky that Theuns the Regional manager of NOSA has been so kind to allow me to do these courses and I am very grateful………. I may not be working but I am picking up valuable expertise and knowledge by doing this, which to me is better than waiting at home hoping a job will come my way.

Ryan’s B/day was on Thursday and managed to have cake with him at the NOSA offices, I met Ryan at the office after Xavier and I had been to Coega (just outside PE) to do a safety audit at a new construction site, it was very informative as Xavier is an expert in his field and felt very privileged to be accompanying him. Again this is vital free training that I receiving and its hands on. The site we looked at is the area that eventually 50 wind turbines will be erected to create electricity; this is the first one to see if the 50 will be feasible

Book on Clarens (The Clarens Chronicles) will hopefully be out within a month or two, looking good and I am excited that it will be published………..Hopefully people will actually buy it as well.

We had an Awesome Brunch at Ryan’s place for his Birthday was Lekker to just chill out with the family and relax, talk and laugh together, that afternoon we went snorkelling with Ryan and the girls at Schoonies….water was nice and warm and the sea relatively calm…..had loads of fun, Tania took some nice photos of the two girls. I cannot wait for my mom and dad to come and visit us in June…….i am so looking forward to seeing them.

Daniel and his 1st photo: This is the 1st photo that Daniel has taken……appropriate its of his mom, Daniel now calls me Uncle Cheese and whenever I bring out the camera he looks at me smiles says cheese and goes click click (to mimic the sound the camera makes as you take the photo) such a bright Nephew I have and cute as a box of monkeys. Can’t wait when we can go and play cricket and boogie board together. Daniel also held a Shongololo for the first time and all was well until it moved……..Then sheer terror took over….the photos cannot show how he reacted you actually had to be there, thats what I am enjoying at the moment is getting to know the kids up close and personal and I will keep in my memory banks things I can use against them for their 21sts and weddings, as I am sure Uncle Cheese will be the MC for those events………You had better be nice children!!!

New word in the English language thanks to a SABC 3 news reporter who was talking about the Easter weekend all over the world….mainly to celebrate the “Cruxification” of Christ and the French also celebrate this by having gourmet chocolate and hosting a myriad of eater egg hunts. Now I know I may not be that clued up with regards the Bible but I do not think prior to the Crucifixion of Jesus they had an Easter egg hunt??................But maybe I am wrong!

While PE is drying up Gauteng have had rain non stop for 3 days……just does not seem right…but that is Africa

On Sunday Tania had a market at St Georges park and I went with, weather was not the greatest but she did ok…..Very proud of the wife and I am lucky to have her by my side.

Daniel cut his head on Sunday climbing into the car and had to have his head super glued and stitched…………I am sure Daniel is going to be a regular visitor to the emergency room. Ryan said he was very brave.

Sports roundup for the week
Stormers lost
Bulls Lost
Cheetahs Lost
Lions had a bye weekend
Sharks won (3 in a row now)
Malaysian GP was won by Vettel, followed by Webber, Kubica and Suttill.

With only just over 2 months from the World Cup I cannot wait to go and buy tickets on the 15th to watch a game………..But I am getting sick and tired of hearing all the whiners out there and I will do a specific Blog on this issue………But I have to say that to go and watch a world cup game on SA soil as a South African will make me very proud……….Its not the same if you do it in another country.

A concerning note this week is the Murder of Eugene Terblanche on his farm just outside Ventersdorp on Saturday……….Political leaders from across the spectrum have called for calm and hopefully their followers listen. While I was never a fan of Eugene, no one deserves to die like that and hopefully President Zuma will reel in Malema and his ilk as there is no room in this country for them.

Sayings for the week: “The Grass is not always greener on the other side” And “Family are more important that fortune”.


The Village Idiot who it has been suggested becomes the City Millionaire (Thanks Jonathan) well what do you my multitude of readers (all 10 of you) think should I leave it as the Diaries of a Village idiot or change it? Let me know on
I would like to leave you with this, my mate Mark AKA Meatbomb, I am told by my wife was when he had his accident falling off the ZIP Line actually training for the S.A. S only in this case it stands for Slide And Splat

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