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I am sure with this Blog I am going to step on some toes and probably pee a few people off…………….To bad , I am sick and tired of all the negativity about SA , the World Cup etc etc. and want to start the Blog with a quote that I read.

“The More we’re willing to learn about each other, the better we’ll get along”

Very profound I hear you say who said that Socrates. Plato, Einstein?...............NO it was John Smit the Springbok captain and if a Front row forward can come up with something so insightful then who are we to argue?

To be honest I am just so sick and tired of hearing South Africans (majority white) that are moaning about the World cup , how it has cost so much and what they could have done with all of the money, how its not going to benefit the country how kak Bafana are and they don’t stand a chance of winning a game, how we are going to be raping and murdering every overseas supporter that steps off the plane etc etc………….Yes there could have been other things that the money could have been spent on but for goodness sake, it’s the Soccer World Cup, lets live the moment, lets enjoy the fact that all the world will be watching South Africa, lets get behind Bafana Bafana…..So what if they are not the best team in the world…….They are however our team and we should be proud of the fact that we can watch them play in a World Cup at home. I will never get the chance to do that again and even if you cannot get to see Bafana play buy a ticket for another game. I cannot wait till the 15th of April to buy a ticket I want to feel the excitement, blow my Vuvuzela (even if a minority of stuffy shirt elitists) don’t want to hear them I want to proudly wave my country’s flag, sing my anthem, wear my Football shirt and live the moment with fellow South Africans as well as Overseas visitors.

The recent killing of Eugene Terblanche has right wing up in arms……..but thankfully they have retracted their violence threat, but lets be honest apart from going around targeting innocent people what power do they have now in this country. I am more worried about the racist Julius Malema…..this is a person that if allowed to run wild and open his mouth before his brain is engaged could cause huge problems…..So its up to us the average South African to ensure that he does not do that. We need to start having respect for each other and as Ryan and I say at out environmental play change our ATTITUDE.

Our Attitude sucks we are never happy if something is good then we complain if its bad we complain…..we complain about the municipality, schools, etc etc but we never want to come up with a solution or volunteer to help. I have had the opportunity to assist a school in Clarens with sports and Ryan and I in PE are working with a NGO with NOSA to teach children in township schools about the environment……So I challenge you to go out there and get involved in your local communities, MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Now here is where I am probably going to upset a few people……perhaps even friends and family and I will admit that I can be and have been a racist when it suited me……….but unless we are prepared to try and change and make the effort as well as the first move this country will always allow a minority of Racists (whether they be white, black, Indian or coloured) to prosper and grab the headlines.

Many people are so ready to say how bad the ANC government is but they are probably as much to blame as the ANC. I hold no brief for the ANC and hell yeah they have made mistakes ………..but the NP government also had their idiots and I remember that a few where caught with there hands in the cookie jar………..but to many white South Africans that was ok why…………well first of all they were white and they also use the excuse everything worked………I wonder if people have ever wondered why everything worked in SA? Could it be because the whites had it and the blacks did not. The previous government did not give a shit if millions of people lived in shacks with no elect or water so Eskom did not run out of electricity and had extra capacity because millions of SA citizens did not have the luxury of switching on a light, the present government while not getting their programmes 100% correct have given millions of South Africans access to what should be a basic human right (along with sewage and fresh water)

Now I want you to be honest……….If you had been treated like black people had from 1948 - 199 in your own country you would also have been an ANC cadre wanting to get rid of the racist government using any means possible………….I know I would have. Would you have been happy being treated like shit all your life and being told that your stupid when many a white folk are thicker than mud had jobs that was blatant job reservation…………..BEE is I believe not working as it only seems to benefit a small majority (The black diamonds) and I can understand the poor section of our populations frustration at lack of delivery from the government but lets see…………..When the Poms ruled SA all the good jobs and the business opportunities where taken up by English speaking people, then after the Afrikaners took power in 1948……….Guess what? ………….Job reservation and advancement for the Afrikaner. Someone said to me the other day (and do not necessarily agree with it) The Afrikaner after 1994 went from Super race to Car guard.

Many people I know say Look at this country, this is crap, that’s crap, Blah Blah Blah but this is actually what they wanted. They wanted the Black government to fail so they could smugly go “See we told you so” but why did those people not help or be constructive instead of waiting for the government to fail.

I know that many people will pick my arguments apart, I am being naïve, simplistic etc etc, I know but we have to stop pointing fingers at everyone else but ourselves, we have to stand up and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And yes I know we have problems, we have challenges we have assholes like JM and others fuelling the fires. Yes farm murders are horrific and need to be dealt with, Yes we have corruption but we need to also look at the good points in SA of which there are many not least its peoples……who on the whole all want what I want. Stability, a home, a job, food on the table and a future for my child.

A quote I read somewhere: “We are not just citizens of a country we are in fact the custodians of it, a countries future and that of its children are in our hands”

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