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If Julius Malema was given another brain cell it would be very very lonely, “what a chop”………..obviously thinks he is “the man” but he is becoming more of a clown as every day goes by. His support base are illiterate unemployed lost era want everything but not prepared to work for it assholes….even the PAC don’t like him and those geniuses want to ‘Injure him till he dies” isn’t it ironic that the Agricultural union (white people) who you would think would want to hang him from a telephone pole are using the court route but the PAC youth league (Black people) are wanting to kill him……….”Only in Africa my friends only in Africa” I also hear that J M is saying he lives on handouts (what from government tenders) I hope SARS are taking note of all these multimillion R hand outs he is getting, I think he probably gets handouts because I think he is to DOF to get a proper job. (try this link for more insight into this pratt Julius Malema) http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Julius_Malema

My Friend Jeanelle and I have come up with a few songs that Julius may like to listen to when he is not colouring in.
1) Shaggy - - It wasn’t me
2) Michael J and Paul M - - Ebony and Ivory
3) Dozi - - Oh Ryperd
4) Elvis - - Love me tender
5) Back in Black - - ACDC
6) Beat it - - Michael J
7) Dare to be stupid - - Weird al Yankovic
8) Under Pressure - - Queen
9) Live it up - - Mental as anything
10) Money for nothing - - Dire Straits
11) Jannies got a gun - - Aero Smith
12) Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benatar

Tania’s mom fell last Sunday at Church and we thought she had broken her arm, luckily just a bad sprain….My mom fell a couple of weeks ago. My mom had to drive herself home as my dad was in Limpopo, my sister was with clients and I am in PE. Tania drove Lois home and then from there Ryan, Tania and dad took her to the hospital at Greenacres.

This got me to thinking how hard it must be for loved ones living overseas to not be close to their families………... Not only is it a problem if there is an emergency with a mom or dad or a family member but it also works the other way round what would happen if your family overseas were involved in an accident or picked up an disabling disease………….One may not live close to family in SA (Tania and I certainly did not for many years)…..…but at least we where in the same country and a plan can be made if needed. Overseas whether it be Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc etc is a tad further and while we may think that all those people overseas are making a fortune, the reality is that it also costs much more to live there than here and while travel is not as expensive as it is in SA you still have to have a few grand spare to fly out and then its time of work, who looks after the kids……………etc etc.

Also just growing up with family is pretty Lekker; I am really enjoying Daniel, and while I never really knew Becky and Miceala because I was in another part of the country and while SKYPE is ok it cannot replace that one on one interaction. It’s also very nice to be able to get to know them and see them on a regular basis as well. FACEBOOK is great and keeps us in touch I hear you say….I am not on facebook, does not interest me one bit in the least. So if you are not on Facebook you don’t get to see pictures and family or their kids growing up. Cyber space as I have already mentioned is not quite the same as touching, holding and playing, but maybe that’s just me being old fashioned?.

Tania and I babysat Daniel on Monday while Ryan and the girls went to Micaela’s Gymnastics competition and she got a gold medal (well done Micaela) Daniel at the house helped us to water the flowers and I took him for a ride on the scooter, Tania also had him model the new caps she is making. Was nice to have him here, he wore me out on the front lawn with running around, kicking the football and having to swing him around and throw him in the air. (Daniel just don’t tell mom how high okay!!)

While its great that law and order prevails in the first world countries and heinous crimes like double parking and parking in the incorrect place are high on the agenda of anti-social behaviour to stamp out, I do perhaps think these Poms where a tad hasty and over zealous in removing the vehicle in question (what do you think?)

Pepper our one cat was having a mad half hour on Tuesday and was running around the garden chasing a bird (something she never does) and she fell in the pool, (her back end got soaked, wish I could have seen it)

The Taxi boss who lives 3 houses down from us was in Court again on Tuesday and there was not as much Kak as last Monday… he must have got bail however as the road in our cul de sac was full of his celebrating cronies and henchmen. “No I was not going to tell him to keep quiet”

Ryan and I did a few more environmental awareness plays this week, really enjoy doing them and working with Ryan. We have to go and do a few shows in East London in April, so that’s going to be Lekker

I have never seen a bakkie with burglar bars on its canopy windows before ……..well not until I came to PE……Strange but true.

On Tuesday is Kelvin’s court date (Kelvin is my friend from Clarens that owns Friends Restaurant (yes the Greatest chicken strips on the Planet). He is on a charge of grievous bodily harm (I think). Kelvin Bro you have many friends and people that care about you….you know the circumstances and what happened. I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and holding thumbs that all goes well.

I see Caster Semanye was on the TV this week as she/he/it has brought out an inspirational CD for all other Transvestites that got caught winning gold medals running against real women…………..That is a DUDE, there is no ways it’s a WOMAN……..As South Africa’s Greatest comedian said Caster Semanye “He is a woman” well done Julius (what a pratt) Jeanelle and I came up wit a few songs that we think should have been on the CD

1) Beautiful lie - - by 30 seconds to mars
2) What’s up - - by 4-non -Blondes
3) Freedom - - by George Michael
4) Lola (just listen to the words of the song)
5) Billy Joel - - sHE’s always a woman to me
6) Can you feel it? - - Michael J
7) YMCA - - The Village People
8) Brass in pocket - - The Pretenders
9) From a distance - - Bette Middler
10) Change - - Tears for Fears
11) Im’e your man - - Wham
12) Dude (looks like a lady) - - Aero Smith
13) Enola Gay - - OMD
14) I still haven’t found what im’e looking for - - U2

Friday Night we had rain, an actual thunderstorm……….Wow. Elton John was performing at the university sports grounds so the people got wet……..apparently Elton had said a couple of weeks back that God is gay……….Perhaps the big mans way of say ‘how gay is this”? We should hire Elton to do a concert in the catchment areas around PE for a month or so and he could break the drought.

Saturday was my 47th Birthday so for those that missed it thanks very much……… that’s you all off my Xmas card list (Nah just kidding) apart from family calling (well most of them did, some didn’t bother)………Mark called me so that was great and Kathleen Skyped me as well. I received a few SMS’s and also had a long chat with Natalie……….I really enjoy speaking to Natalie as she is such a great lady and seems that the Clarens Brewery is really doing well………That’s just great, but as I told Natalie I hope that the extra beer is being sold and Meat Bomb is not drinking it himself (he he). This week I have had a craving for Chicken Strips and an ice cold glass of Clarens Blonde. So 47 and no job……………feel a little depressed if the truth be known…..but I am the man of the family so I need to be strong and not show that I am stressing or worried…..(manly men don’t do that). Luckily I have a great wife and daughter as well as parents and parents in law some great friends so that helps. Had a braai and family came over as you can see Daniel wanted to braai and blow the smoke away at the same time. Got a lekker shirt with W.A.L.G on it for those who pay attention when reading the Blog it stands for "Whenwe Agricultural Lads Global" (its Ryan and my new scooter gang)

Forgot to tell you a couple of weeks ago I was on Algoa radio I won a competition that was supposed to get me a belly dance from one of the presenters at the radio station but due to the cricket (Pro 20 final) it was postponed…………still waiting for the dance…….just like my friend think I am going to get stiffed on this one.

Gabby flew up to Gauteng today (Sunday) to visit her grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousin, sure she is going to have a ball. Gabby arrived safely and had a good flight (although it took off 30 minutes late, think could not get the battery started) At PE airport you sit up in the wimpy an watch the people get on an off the planes, was really busy today as had 2 planes at the airport.

Sports results for the Week
• Cheetahs got a hiding from the Reds on Friday night
• Sharks won by two points on Saturday (two in a row now for the natal boys)
• Lions lost
• Bulls won (top of the table still)
• Stormers had a week off
• Australian GP: Button, Kubica, Massa, Alonso (Schumie came 10th)

Saying for this week: “When I want your opinion I will remove the Duct tape”.

Well Thhhhhhhhhhats all folks, have a great week.


The llagevi tiod

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