The Poms are at it again

What is it with the British Press surely they are not that jealous about SA hosting the World Cup that they need to keep sticking in the boot? Yes the ET murder has heightened tensions but I believe that the average SA citizen will not allow white or black racists to destroy this country. Here is the latest from the great press that the island dwellers have to read on a daily basis (and people wonder why I cannot stand the place well maybe now they will)

UK SWC 'threat' article slammed
Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance on Tuesday condemned an article published in the British Daily Star newspaper under the headline "World Cup machete threat".

The article claims that "machete gangs (are) roaming the streets" of South Africa after AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder, that a "civil war" could erupt, and that South Africa's hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is under "threat", DA spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko said.

"The article opens by claiming that England fans could be 'caught up in a machete race war at the World Cup in South Africa', and goes on to state, as fact, that 'FIFA would be left with a total nightmare if civil war erupts', as if this is a scenario that could realistically play itself out," she said.

"It is difficult to see how this could be viewed as anything less than an unashamed attempt to turn British tourists off the idea of visiting South Africa.

"South Africa takes security of its citizens and tourists seriously and is fully confident about staging the biggest event in the world not just successfully but at a new standard of excellence."


Although the Daily Star was traditionally associated with sensationalist reporting, this particular report went far beyond mere embellishing of the facts.

"It simply makes them up as it goes along," Mazibuko said.

"These sorts of claims are self-evidently false to South Africans familiar with the local situation, but they create the real possibility that foreign readers, potential tourists, and even investors, will have their opinions on South Africa inalterably skewed.

"The Daily Star claims that a civil war in South Africa could threaten our World Cup, but the truth is that the most serious threat to our World Cup is inaccurate propaganda, dressed up as factual reporting, that frightens away tourists in their thousands," Mazibuko said.
Tensions have been running high this week with the right wing showing their colours….literally (Vierkleur and old SA flag) and blacks dancing with joy that Eugene Terblanche is dead; this has led to scuffles between AWB members and blacks in Ventersdorp. To be honest I am not surprised at the black population’s happiness giving his past record and of those that have followed him. I just find it incredulous that the AWB are now crying about the fact that they feel threatened and unsafe because the army, police etc is all black (how do they think the black population feel when it was all white?)

Surely those whites that support AWB ideals cannot believe that they will ever be the government again, surely they know that they will never be granted their own homeland in SA, I understand their frustration at losing control of the country of losing the importance of their language that they rightly need to protect, but those people that you see on the TV are dinosaurs and holding onto a past that even when they where the race group in control of the land (even then they could not achieve what they want to do now). I just pray that some Nutter does not get hold of a automatic weapon and go to a crowded place to take revenge on what will be innocent people that in turn will ignite a spark and consequences that none of us can afford. Those that think we will do well in a civil war and come out of it as victors should perhaps think again…it would be over so fast.

I would like to know what must Madiba be thinking of all of this tension and the ANC Youth leader (One Cell Malema), especially after all those years in jail and having preached reconciliation when he was President. I am sure he is shaking his head and wondering how idiots such as JM came into his Party.

A friend of mine’s daughter went overseas and her dad had told her that if she met someone over there he had better be of the same ilk (white) so she found a guy that was not only white but had the same interests as her spoke English, German and Italian, was not shy to express himself and was looking forward to coming to SA to open a business… friend was ecstatic….thats until he got the photograph.

Got my tickets for the World Cup game England Vs Slovakia, were not expensive, they even sent me a picture of the seats position

This week Gabby came home from Gauteng, she had a ball and was spoiled rotten by my folks, Sister and Niece.

Kirsten’s birthday was on Friday and Lois birthday is on Monday (Also Tania and my 24th wedding anniversary) so Sunday we had tea at Ryan’s place to celebrate all 3 occasions. As far as I know Daniel has not done any major damage to himself this week,

Did 3 days training (Intro to SAMTRAC) for those who are not in the know with the lingo it means (listen to me I sound like I know what I am doing) it’s the intro to Safety and management training, really enjoyed it and even managed to pass the test with a credible 94%.

Newcastle United played themselves into the Premier league this week, and they have a month to spare, hopefully they do not sell all their good players and can make all us Geordies proud again……..’Hway the lads”

Looks like I will be publishing the book on Clarens, just trying to get some people to advertise in the book to make it more economical to print. Tania doing a lot of work on it at the moment… think the writing is the hard part…….thats nothing, it’s the putting it together that is the nightmare. Hopefully the book will sell. Otherwise family will be getting the same Birthday, Xmas etc etc present for many years to come.

Have a new song for Jacob and Julius, it’s a new struggle song and will help in the combat of aids and unplanned pregnancies its called “Condomi wham” ………”Bring me my contraceptive”

Talking about Clarens bumped into a friend that I played squash with in the Village (Anton Grobbelaar) He owns the Art and Wine gallery in Clarens, so was a nice surprise to see him. Also I got a photo from Meatbomb doing the Zip line in Clarens (he did it twice) proud of you my mate and the fact you managed to stay attached this time……it’s a lot more fun when you go all the way across don’t you think?

Sports roundup for this week
Bull won
Stormers won
Cheetahs got a hiding
Lions got a hiding

News flash just in: It seems that ET may have been involved in homosexual relations with little boys and in particular one 15 year old black boy who has been accused of his murder (could this be why he was found naked and dead on his bed?) Now at the moment these are alleged allegations, but wouldn’t it just take the cake if the Primo South African Macho White Supremacist was actually bonking little boys (and to make it worse black ones) if its true I cannot wait to hear the AWB spin doctors talk there way out of this one. (Gives Oh Ry perd a whole new meaning)

Q) What is the difference between the Lions and a Samoosa ??
A) Samoosa has got 3 points !!!!!!!!!!!

Only 60 days to go to the World Cup…..Ryan the kids and I met Zakumi the other day…he was not very talkative but we still managed to talk him into having his photo with us.

Quote for the week: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”

Ciao the Vidiot Illage

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