The silence is deafening

Put your hand up to your ear and listen………….What do you hear? Silence from that clown JM, after saying he had not been gagged and would not be gagged by either president Zuma , the ANC or any of its structures this week has been void of any TV, Radio or Newspaper coverage of South Africa’s number one Ass@#%e, take away his platform and he is nothing, that’s how to deal with his ilk.

With tensions still running high in Ventersdorp an entreupaneur moved into the local townships and sold Ventersdorp survival kits….apparently they have been selling like the proverbial hotcake with one resident commenting that not only will it help against unwanted attacks but it was also very comfortable to wear.

Gabby went back to school this week and we had her at the hospital on Tuesday with a suspected fractured arm, turns out it was just a bad sprain and she needs to wear a brace for a while. Must say was so nice In the school holidays not to have to drive to school every day (saved petrol to). Now I thought I had see it all until Tuesday when driving down a busy road taking Gabby to school I came across this scene……yeah I know “Only in Africa” (see photo at top of the Blog.)

  • Came across this product in our local Builders Warehouse and was actually to scared to ask what its for ! Could be the cheap alternative to Viagra?

    The local radio station are holding a competition where you have to write something about SWC 2010 this was my effort (did not win) but thought I would bore you with it anyway

    Our time to share

    Soccer supporters coming to South Africa are going to share in the best World Cup that has ever been hosted. South Africans are a naturally welcoming and friendly people and more than anything else this is the lasting memory that I would want anyone coming to watch Soccer in South Africa to take back home with them. I believe a trip to South Africa and Port Elizabeth would be wasted without experiencing the following

    Take a taxi ride
    Watch a match at a local Shebeen, meet the locals drink a quart and eat Chees en Yama
    Soak in the atmosphere of how Africa celebrates a World Cup
    Buy a Vuvuzela and blow it with abandon
    Experience South Africa’s unique diversity. In people and landscape
    Don’t be shy to introduce yourselves to the locals, we will be interested in where you come from and want to learn more about you, your country and your culture………”over a beer of course”

    I would also like to see all South Africans to take this opportunity to show their pride in hosting the World Cup. Support Bafana Bafana, wave our flag with gusto. Blow the vuvuzela with enthusiasm, sing our anthem with passion, but above all be proud that South Africa was chosen to share our awesome country with the rest of the world. Make a point to find overseas supporters and welcome them to South Africa and thank them for making the trip.


    Bought tickets this week for the World Cup game, stood in a qeue for nearly six hours but managed to get tickets for Greece vs South Korea and a quarter final game. I must say it was a pleasure standing in the line and listening to the excitement of the people young and old, male and female, black white, Indian and coloured and how positive they are feeling not only about the event but South Africa in general. If any negative comments where being bandied about its how FIFA are hijacking the country and dictating to the South African public (something that we don’t like). I was standing with Toko and 2 of his mates from Varsity and if they represent the future of South Africa then I have no doubt that we will have a great future……..(Thanks guys it was a Jol waiting in line with you). A message for all those detractors (many being South African, living overseas) out there that said South Africa could never pull this off. I have news for you, this is going to be the best ever and you are not going to be part of it, I have tickets and will be part of history, I will be able to say “I WAS ACTUALLY THERE”.

    To the British press
    We wont be letting you host it (as suggested a while back) because we can do a good job
    I was not attacked by Machete wielding gangs while standing in line to buy tickets and don’t expect to be during the world cup either
    Tell your supporters to bring their smiles and positive attitudes and to leave the stab proof vest for next time they visit London or some other Poxy UK city.
    No race war and bloodbath as per the Daily Star on 9 April has or will occur.

    On Monday 12th I celebrated my (yes celebrated) my 24th Wedding anniversary. I have known Tania for 29 years and married for 24… year is silver anniversary now I don’t know about Tania but all those years ago when we said we do we where mere children and not even close to 25 years of age and her we are 24 years later still married (although I am sure Tania has had her moments of wondering why) Any way Tania I love you more today that when we first met.

    Received this from a friend, has to be one of the better ones that I have seen lately ,,,,,,,,,Subject said Octopus (my apologies to the Octopus). Seems JM is starting to hang himself………all he needed was the rope. Easiest way to stop JM in his tracks is for the media to stop giving him a platform to speak from……..without the media he is nothing.

    Received a couple of photos of the environmental play that Ryan and I did a couple of weeks back. On way to East London to do it over a couple of days at Aspen in East London. I was last there in 1989 so looking forward to seeing the place again.

    Talking about the environment, we have had all sorts of natural disasters this year and now we have Volcano ash that has closed Europe down, no planes in our out (suppose thats ok for me as have no travel plans to the Island). The movie 2012 looms to mind, Ryan has suggested that we have new year at the top of the Drakensberg 31/12/2012……….if you have seen the movie this was the only place on earth that escaped the catasaclysmic events that hit the earth

    Sports round up for the week

    Stormers tonked the Chiefs in their own back yard 49 to 15
    Bulls lost 19-12 to a spirited Reds team (the Bulls played crap)
    Cheetahs lost (big hiding again) 45/6
    The Sharks won 32/28
    The Lions lost (against the sharks) now are 9 for 9 (9 games /9 losses)
    Chinese F1 GP (Button, Hamilon, Rosberg)

    Received this in the mail as well this week……….Jury is out if I think its funny or not, what do you think ??


    Still the Village Idiot.

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