"Waiting waiting waiting for the bus"

If I thought that packing up a house, packing a removal truck and then travelling 830 kms with 3 semi-comatose cats was stressful, then I was in for a surprise. But let’s start from the beginning. The removal van arrived only an hour later than we had been advised and they started to pack; this to cut a long story short took almost 10 hours. The truck left and we then stayed with Dave and Barbara. We had locked the cats in our bathroom with their food and baskets, ensuring that the window was securely locked.

Waking up early on Wednesday morning we went to pick up the cats only to find that he black cat had managed to somehow open the bathroom window and escape. Luckily the other 2 cats had not decided to join the jail break; gabby found the cat after 20 minutes of calling her and searching the garden. A tranquilising paste was then syringed into their mouths and we sat for 5 minutes to watch their legs go wobbly and start to sway like customers of friend after a good Friday night party. The car loaded we headed off to PE, THE CATS ONLY HOWLED FOR ABOUT 4 HOURS SO the rest of the trip was not too bad. Arrived in PE met Tania’s dad at the house and the made the cats comfortable, only to find there is no electricity in the house, no big problem as we are only expecting the truck on Thursday at 1pm. . ………………… Thursday arrives and we call the truck to find out he is going to arrive around 2-m, we then try to sort out the electricity. To cut another LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG story short the truck broke down, got 3 x punctures and by 9pm was still 150kms away from PE, but the good news was that we eventually got the electricity on around 5pm. The cats are however not impressed as they have not been outdoors since Monday afternoon.

Friday morning and I go to find te truck that has broken down again outside of PE, manage to get it started and then drive at 20kms an house to the house, some 25 kms away, this as you can imagine was not conducive to my already HIGH stress levels and made many new PE friends while driving home, seems that the Mr. Bean salute is rather popular here, “and this is the friendly city”? OK so now the truck is at the house and time to unpack (this took a fraction of the time that it took to pack the van)

So now the hose looks like the aftermath of a 75% off everything Mr Price home store sale. First set up the beds and then start unpacking the boxes, it’s Saturday afternoon and the place is starting to look better but far from finished. I have to go back to Clarens to tie up loose ends etc so Tania will do the rest. I have a Great wife.

The trip to Clarens was not Lekker as had to leave Tania and Gabby behind, it is however always nice to go for a long ride, it’s probably the first 100 and last 50 kms that never seem to end. All in all 890kms from PE to Clarens, another 110kms and I would have qualified for an Iron Butt (that’s if you ride 1000kms in 12 hours or less). Whether was ok between Grahamstown and Jamestown it was like riding through a furnace it was so hot, from there I managed to keep away from the rains except for a stretch between Ladybrand and Clocolan.

What could be punted as a new adventure sport to 2010 tourists is a trip between Hob house and Rouxville in a fast moving vehicle and see if you can avoid the potholes, to make it even more exciting perhaps ensure the holes are filled with water to heighten the adrenalin aspect. “COULD THE PEOPLE IN THE FREE STATE GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE PLEASE GET IN A CAR AND TRAVEL THAT ROAD, IT’S A DISGRACE AND NOT CONDUSIVE TO BRINGING TOURISTS TO THE REGION”.

The last 250kms from Wepener to Clarens all I saw was a Millers in front of me this spurred me on to get to Friends and it was so nice to walk in and see Kelvin and Brian, get such a great welcome and be handed a Cold Millers. I do think that it’s probably the furthest that someone has ridden to get a Millers from Friends restaurant

So I suppose you want to know how is PE, well so far has certainly lived up to part of its name the ‘Windy City” and the place just loves speed humps and traffic circles, its also a bit hard getting used to traffic lights, we have 5 between our house and Tania’s folks (2.6 kms) they also seem to put speed humps either side of traffic lights. Our house is 8ooms from a Builders warehouse that is the size of the Metropolitan Mall in Bethlehem and there are also a number of other shops nearby. 1.5 kms down another road are 2 shopping malls that I think Clarens could fit into with a movie house that has 10 cinemas (yes 10 and they show the latest movies)

So what’s been happening in Clarens since I was away? It seems that Friends has hired midget Pole Dancers to entertain its clients.

I also received these photos with translations.

The Village/City Idiots free piece of advice for the week is ‘Don’t use Elliot to remove you”

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