"The gods must be crazy"

If you read last weeks Blog you will have read that my mate Mark (“sorry” Meat Bomb) decided to try and become the first man in Clarens to cross a large donga sans any wings, or an attached mechanical device and in the process nearly killed himself. Well it would seem MB has nine lives as this is the 4th incident in his lifetime that a guardian angel has been looking over him. However as is the norm in the village we rarely let a life threatening accident get in the way of making jokes about it. We now have a new greeting for MB, if you see him coming you say here is Mark and everyone in the vicinity looks up.

Mark is now famous and was recently interviewed by The High Flyer Magazine (HFM) and not to be confused with the FHM (due out in March 2019) but I have managed to get an advanced copy so thought would give you all an exclusive sneak preview.

HFM: So Mark or can we call you Meat Bomb / how does it feel to be a celebrity in Clarens?
MB: It’s great and Meat Bomb is just fine.
HFM: So what was the first thing that went through your mind when you hit the ground?
MB: “My Ass”
HFM: “Ha ha” , So for our readers how would you describe yourself ?
MB: I would say I am a really down to earth type of guy and some may even say well grounded.
HFM: We hear that you have had a number of calls offering stunt jobs and Boswell Wilkie are considering you as one of your new acts can you confirm or deny those stories?
MB: Well it is true I have been approached by a company but negotiations are “up in the air” at the moment, hopefully I will know soon because I am flat broke.
HFM: We believe that a local pub has created a shooter called the “Horton Drop Zone”, is that correct and what does it consist of ?
MB: that’s correct, its part Aftershock, Jagermeister, Jack Daniels and Tabasco in a shot glass, you then pour Red Bull into a beer or Zombie glass, hold the shooter glass over the red bull, drop it in and slug it all back.
HFM: Any after affects ?
MB: Yes, if you have to many then you can land on your ass, “oh but then I have done that already”
HFM: Do you take drugs?
MB: “laughs sheepishly” well I was partial to a MCM (mountain cabbage muffin) every once in a while, but since the fall I seem to be looking for a line every now and then.
HFM: what is your worst attribute?
MB: I tend to just drop in on people without appointments
HFM: What are your plans for the future?
MB: Well now that I have a Meat Bomb Award (MBA) I thought I would spread my wings, rise to new heights and see if I could land a decent job, something like a branch manager would be ideal.
HFM: Now that you are in demand and have speaking engagements in places like Marqurad, Lindley and Canaveron, what airline do you use ?
MB: “One time” airlines

HFM: We always ask the celebrities we interview a few questions about their favourite things, so that we don’t leave the reader “high and dry” so to say, so if your ready here are the questions the readers would like to have answered.
MB: Yeah lets go
HFM: Favourite colour
MB: Actually I have two, Black and Blue
HFM: Favourite movie
MB: Drop Zone
HFM: Favourite TV show
MB: So who’s line is it anyway
HFM: Favourite band?
MB: Actually I have two, Smashing Pumpkins and the Crash Test dummies
HFM: Favourite clothing line?
MB: That would have to be hang 10 and I also like Nike Air shoes
HFM: Favourite song/s?
MB: “Free falling” or “I believe I can fly”
HFM: You’re Idol ?
MB: Evil Kenivel
HFM: If you could own any car what would that be?
MB: Your readers may think this is nuts but I have always been partial to the Mazda 323 (tree to tree).
HFM: favourite drink?
MB: Well up until the Drop Zone was concocted it was RED BULL, but its great that the new shooters still can give me wings.
HFM: Favourite internet site?
MB: The Darwin awards.
HFM: What 3 words would you never use again given the chance?
MB: Oh that’s easy “ile go first”
HFM: What’s your favourite food?
MB: Squash, which also happens to be my favourite sport.
HFM: Favourite saying?
MB: “Beam me up Scotty”

HFM: Well thanks very much Meat Bomb its great to land such a celebrity for the magazine especially someone who seems to have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

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