Cats vs Dogs

We are a 3 cat household and while I like dogs and until a couple of years back had dogs in the house I don’t think I would easily go back to having a dog again in the house, before you start shouting “dog hater” and accusing me of being bias towards felines, let me count the ways why not having a pooch is better

1. You don’t have to pick up dog crap on the lawn etc (drollie patrollie)
2. You don’t have to take the cat for a walk
3. They can let themselves in and out of the house
4. You can go away for a few days and leave them to their own devices
5. They don’t bite
6. They bark
7. Cats don’t get ticks
8. Cats clean themselves

I wonder if like me you get the M—r in when you walk in to a bank or supermarket and there are teller stations or check out areas up the wazoo, the place is packed and there are only two people assisting, it drives me “Beserk, what you need to do is find the manager and ask for a job, I have done it and it really makes them cross, but hey to bad. Their normal response is “sorry but we don’t have any vacancies at present” to which you reply, but why then do you have so many tills and only 2 cashiers has the company retrenched staff due to the bad economic times? then they really get defensive and blabber on about people being on leave, being sick or being on lunch “what at 10am in the morning ?

So we will have to beat New Zealand now to win the Tri nations after the loss on Saturday against a Better Aussie team, the ref was an idiot, but we still did not play well and the Australians “as much as I hate to admit it deserved to win” Hopefully we can get a bonus point at least next week and not have to rely on the Aussies beating the New Zealanders. At least the Cheetahs beat the Lions to keep their winning momentum going forward. Also WP seem to have their act together so we could still have a very interesting Currie Cup.

The soccer match between Protea Hotel and The Village Idiots was played this week and we lost 6 – 3, I have to say at one stage we were 2 – 1 up but then just before halftime they scored 2 quick goals and from there it was downhill for the Village Idiots. I have to say that I was proud of the boys, considering that we are either old, smoke 30 a day or perhaps overindulge a tad in the libations we did OK.

The Village team consisted of Myself, Mark, Steve, Lawrence, Frank, Graham, Andy, Marius, Gareth, another Steve, Rob as usual all those that indicated that they would come and play had commitments so instead of having a rolling sub system we we just seemed to roll on and off the field, I was really impressed with Steve ?? having a cigarette on the field during the game “that’s not something you see often” We nicknamed Rob Koch “Robaldinhio due to his fancy footwork, and Frank from now on will be known as Manny (the woolly mammoth from Ice Age), Frank was awesome and really “like everyone else gave his all. They call soccer the beautiful game, well we were anything but beautiful and the soccer we played had a lot to be desired, but I can see why billions of people all over the world love it, I really enjoyed to see was the local support from Kgubetswana and hearing a Vuvuzela being blown during the game, it makes you feel a little special.

After the game I felt I had been hit by a truck with parts o my body hurting so bad I thought I should just lie down and cry, the next day I was walking around like a child who has just done a number 2 in their nappy. I now have a lot of respect for footballers and rugby player’s as their fitness levels are amazing.

The game the day before between the River Rangers “Celtic” and the Artist Café “The Brazilians” ended in a 4 all draw. We look forward to playing against these teams just as soon as we all start walking properly again :-)

In a Blog a couple of weeks ago I wrote about belly button fluff and how it accumulates, Tania showed me that on Bid or Buy you can buy belly button cleaners! “What will they think of next?

It seems that the SANDF would like to have a union.

The fact that Botswana could probably invade SA and take it over in a day is beside the point we have an army and they want to have a union to ensure better wages and fair labour practices. Now I have no problems with the defenders of our sovereignty and constitution getting a fair wage, but then like everyone else they need to earn it. The army is not a democracy you get told what to do and the only time they want you to make a decision is usually when you are staring down the barrel of a gun, the decision being “do I stand and fight or do I run away”?

Just imagine the army or the navy and air force have a union, can you imagine the chaos if we are ever involved in a war, Picture the scene…………… The Second Division Jelly Donut Brigade is defending the NI against the Evil axis powers of Taxiland its 9 am (wake up call was at 7.45 with a rusk and a cup of team, served by non-union members or officers) and just as the members are standing inline for a large breakfast (someone has to help them keep that Tank Ass large or the Kevlard layer thick ), there is a pop , pop, pop of an AK47, the weapon of choice of Taxi lands henchmen who usually use it against defenceless buses or other renegade Taxiland members . Today however they decided that to spice up the day they would attack the SANDF unit protecting the commuters against attack and picked a time of day they know they would be vulnerable “Meal Time” in the past it would have been just as the sun was setting or just before dawn, but the Taxiland forces are at the Shebeen planning the next days attacks as the sun starts setting and commuters need to get to work as the sun is rising, so for them that does not fit in to there plans, this is also why the Jelly Donut Brigade can sleep late as they know they are safe from attack.

As the first shots are heard the brave defenders of our democracy dive on to the food to protect it from harm and then do their best impression of a leopard crawl, that looks more like a beached whale trying to drag itself up a sand dune. Those who are Special Force trained are able to launch a counter attack using globs of Mielie meal hurtled from nearby SPATULA”S etc etc etc………………………………………….

So great to see that warmer weather has arrived, last couple of days has been Lekker, so nice to be able to wear shorts again.

The Village Idiot will be on TV again, this time on Top Billing, and will be on next Thursday at 7.30am. SABC 3. We also managed to get the Friends Clarens Bok Supporters club in the local Vrystaat newspaper this week. The Destiny castle is awesome and you should really watch the programme, also local artist and entrepreneur Werner Brandt is on the show check out Destiny Castle’s website or

Talking about TV, I am a Survivor fan and the final was on Monday, it was all going great until some idiot decided to not show the final tribal council and go on to the Reunion show. What a disappointment. But on Friday night there were two of my favourite movies on the box Shawshank Redemption and Scar face, so I was watching movies till late. I love Shaw shank, I must have watched it 10 times and every time I watch it, it just seems to get better, if you have never watched it do yourself a favour and do so.

I am really happy with the way the SANDF are handling the dismissing of the 1300 Ass---les that went on the rampage a week ago, hopefully they will stick to there guns and not allow those idiots to dictate to South Africa.

Had a couple of people tell me that since I have stopped being nasty on the Blog its lost a little of its sting, they are probably right, so It need to look at subjects that I can vent my spleen on to spice things up. Well this week I have a problem with our local municipality, usually I have been pretty supportive of the unit manager in Clarens but this has really made me the moer in, it’s the fact that teams have to pay to play at a local soccer ground that is apparently under municipality jurisdiction and this weeks game between the Village and Protea was nearly stopped because of it and we were threatened with the police (would have thought they would have better things to do than harass law abiding citizens using public property (no private property signs and bringing the community together?)

The question that needs to be asked is if the Municipality gets R to use for the upkeep of this facility why then does it look like it is the national stadium of Liberia, the field is crap, the ablution facilities look like they have been used for carpet bombing practice, the tap leaks and there is enough rubbish lying around to fill a skip (in fact I found a fork on the field while playing) So where then does the money go?? and why is it that only certain teams that are asked to pay ??? . This matter will be taken further as I do not believe that Clarenites (black and white residents are being treated fairly.). Those working or should I say running the village should remember that they are civil servants (Civil meaning well mannered and Servants meaning so serve those who pay their salary, “that’s us the rate payers just in case you were wondering”).

On a more positive note a local has started a digital magazine for Clarens and its pretty AWESOME look it up its going to be a winner and according to owner/editor Paul, he had close to 400 hits on the first day it went live, “Well done Bro”. See below for details.

FREE Clarens MAGAZINERead it now at: will need Adobe Flashplayer to view it. Download free at: (5.66MB)email: for advertising

It seems the great idea that Wolverine and I had of winning the Capt Morgan competition to win a trip to Vegas has fallen through as the competition finished on the 3rd September, so we where a tad late.

We were invited to a little soirée by the Protea staff to say bye to Tania Malan, it was at Brambleberry restaurant at the Golf club and it was nice for a number of Clarenites to come and say bye to a lady that has done so much for this village in such a short space of time.

Quote for the week: “It does not matter if you win or lose , Its how you play the game”.

The Village idiot

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