We may not be family but we are brothers

I am a pretty gregarious type of person and can converse with most people about most things (oh yeah pretty intelligent as well:-) I don’t know if you have seen the Castle advert on TV with the 5 friends who feel more like brothers, it’s a Lekker advert and one that I enjoy watching, it appeals to me because it shows 5 friends who have been through thick and thin together and feel they are not just friends they are in fact brothers. The reason I bring this up is because while one has many acquaintances its unusual for a person to be able to count on more than one hand real friends, I have a few good mates, and to me a mate is someone that you can rely on through thick and thin and if you are in the dwang they will be there for you no matter what.

Talking about that, the best man at our wedding was a Nick Tredger, he was a Rhodesian that I met at Kyalami Ranch hotel and was a great guy, we lost contact with each other many years ago and I have not seen or heard from Nick in many a year, that was until on Wednesday I was looking at books in the Bethlehem CNA and saw a book called “from Rhodesia to Mugabes Zimbabwe” the chronicles of a game range by NICK TREDGER, I did a double take, looked for a photo of the author in the book and true as nannies it was Nick, I then contacted Lemur books and they forwarded Nicks e-mail address, I sent an e-mail and we are again in Contac, I am looking forward to catching up on many lost years Nick.

Like Oprah I want to start a book review section on the Bog that will hopefully have people buying the books that I recommend and I to like Oprah will become fat and famous. My first review on the Blog is obviously my mate Nick Tredgers “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” the chronicles of a game ranger, it’s a seasons must , need to have one for Xmas and is available at all leading bookshops as well as via lemur books at lemur@mweb.co.za.

So what’s been happening with the village and the idiot/s in it this week?

Monday was Mitch’s birthday and he turned 13 so officially a teenager, Mitch is Liza’s son and Liza is friends with the Red Headed stepchild, we had snacks and a couple fo drinks at their house and it was very nice to have been invited and celebrated Mitch’s birthday. Friday was Kelvins birthday and as expected the place was packed with a capital P

I see that Caster is the new spokesperson for a well known South African food brand, (see photo for more details.)

Squash season has started again with a few of us getting together to play for the first time in a few months (winter not a great time to play the game, as the court is like a fridge and you can never get the ball warm enough to play properly) Anyway it was good to get some serious exercise and look forward to the regular sessions.

National Braai and Heritage day is on 24th September and we will be having a braai on the square, looking forward to that, should be Lekker, this is an initiative of Diane Salt a local and a good one at that. We are also going to do a mass lying down game photo.

With Force India doing so well in the GP’s India has decided to dabble in racing to attract more tourists and gain more support amongst Indians for the Force India team, however due to limited resources the first event will be 100 eunuchs doing 500 laps of the Taj Mahal and the event will be known as the “Indian Knackerless five hundred”

When I was 16 and in Standard eight the Movie Mad Max hit South Africa and it was touch and go if they would actually screen it here, when they did decide to do so it had a 2-21 age restriction on it, which I found strange as at 17 you could be on the border maiming and killing as many local inhabitants that you wanted or get your ass blown off , but you where not called mature enough to see a bunch of bikers going ape in some outback village. Anyway I just loved the car a black V8 Monster with MFP in yellow written on it (and no MFP does not stand for Music For Planks) my girlfriend of the time was an artist of sorts and drew a poster for me of the car, it took pride of place on my wall until we split up 2 weeks later and it then got ripped up and thrown away – “Ah love was so fickle”. Vanderbijlpark where I lived did not have a movie house showing mad max , the nearest cinema showing the movie was in Vereeneging, so I jumped on the SS Honda 50 , put on the Kiwi Full Face and hightailed it to Vereeneging, somehow I managed to bluff my way past the stern looking aunty at the door and was mesmerised by the outlaw bikers the sex scenes (well not full on but jut the suggestion was enough) and the movie in general, the trip back home at speeds in excess of 75 kms an hour was exhilarating and the next day I was telling all my mates about the movie, some jealous as they could not get to see it as there moms and dads did not think it suitable for their young impressionable minds. The reason I have taken you on the mundane trip down memory lane is that I bought the dvd the other day and had a good laugh at the movie, what I thought was so cool and risqué way back then, was today funny, the car is still cool as are the old bikes, do yourself a favour, if you get the chance rent it.

Clarens has a chance of becoming the Volksblad Tourism dorp of the Free State/Northern Cape this month, but more of that next Blog.

Going to PE early tomorrow to look for a house to buy, so when we move there we don’t have to sleep on the beach.

Have a great week and don’t forget on Thursday is heritage day and Braai day so Braai Braai Braai.

The Village idiot

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