What to do in Clarens

Having lived in Clarens for a number of years I often get asked “what as visitors to your village should we experience” My usual response is “how many days are you staying” as this determines the “to do”. The best is to spend a 3 day weekend in the village Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this I believe will give you a true perspective of what Clarens and surrounds has to offer with regards adventure, entertainment and relaxation in mind. If I was to be given a 3 day free pass in Clarens this is what I would do and recommend others to try it as well. “Oh I should tell you that its always better to share it with a friend or a loved one, this way you get to share the memories and have lots more fun”

Arrive in Clarens as early as you can in the morning and check in to the accommodation that you have chosen. After check in take a walk to the village square familiarise yourself with the surroundings and soak in the atmosphere. Start the day with a Breakfast at either The Artist Café, 278 on Main or Smokey Joes, to work the breakfast off you will have to go on a walking tour of Clarens that will bring the history of the village to life and allow you to climb the hills behind the Swartland for those panoramic views of Clarens, “don’t forget to take a camera” Friday afternoon is for Adventure If Summer I would go river rafting with Extreme or Outrageous Adventures, In winter a 35 meter, followed by a 90 meter Abseil at Bergwoning Adventures would be my choice. Friday evening is Jol time and a trip to Clarens without Happy hour at The Highlander, dinner at the Grouse and Claret before moving on to Friends for a night of music and meeting the locals is quite frankly a wasted trip.


If you have been at Friends the night before you may want to take a couple of headache tablets and head to Smokey Joes for a Breakfast and some of the best coffee in the village. Saturday morning is about browsing through the many interesting shops and art galleries and stopping in for a drink or two at one of the pubs, with Clarens Breweries being high on the list, they probably brew some of the best beers in the country and their cider is definitely the best. I love the Bibliophile on Church Street; this is probably one of the best bookstores around, with a varied selection and good prices. Lunch at the Valley cats is a must and then you have two choices, One is to take a drive to the Fertility Caves and if you are a photographer take photos of the countryside “this time of year is great due to the leaves turning colour” the other choice is watch a rugby game with a few locals. After a long day a romantic dinner for two at Vito’s Ristorante or Clementines is in order.

Today is lie in day, but you could surprise your loved one by taking a walk to the Millery, Clarens’s very own country bakery and buy freshly baked pastries, pick up the paper on the way home and relax in bed for a while. Sunday is watch the world go by day so perhaps a good idea would be to find a spot near to the square and make yourself at home, read the paper, chat, and drink a coffee or two. Two of my favourite spots for this are the Grouse and Claret and Vitos Ristorante. When were you last on a Picnic? well Sunday for my wife and I as well as a couple of good friends has become Sundowner/Picnic night and I would suggest that you go to the Art and Wine gallery to buy a bottle or two of wine and then head of to the Millery, again to buy bread, cold meats, cheeses and olives. Lunch needs to be taken at one of the many restaurants that have outside tables, from this vantage point you can see the comings and goings of the village. Sunday afternoon is the drive or bike ride, depending on what mode of transport you are using to Fouriesburg and back, fabulous road with stunning scenery and a visit to Clarens would not be complete without a drive on this road. A drink or a cup of coffee at the Fouriesburg country Inn will round off a great day, “but its not over yet” as a Picnic on Paraffin Kop or the mountains overlooking Clarens will ensure that a beautiful weekend has become spectacular.


  1. Sounds like Heaven.....but is Clarens still as popular as 8 years ago....?..is it growing...or still the same businesses year in year out?

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