"Not if but how much"

There is a pool going around the village at present and the bet is “Not if, but how much” I cant elaborate on this at present, but once it has happened I will advise.

So what has been happening this week in the life of the village idiot, not much to be honest, been a pretty mundane few days. I am really enjoying the Mountain Estate and really feel like I am making a difference.

This weekend there was a Potjie competition on the square in aid of the Lions at Lions rock, I think seven teams pitched up and they managed to raise R2500 from the sale of the potjies, which was a good effort. There was however grumblings as the people who organized the event and had a judge on the 3 man panel came third, now I would have thought as the official organizer you would not have been allowed to have a judge on the panel and there would have been an instruction to the judges that even if they were the best they should not win a prize, “but hey that’s just me”. So first prize went to Protea Hotel, second prize to Mountain Odyssey and third prize to The Speckled Bean.

I see that the Caledon news has re-surfaced (this time in Sepia) in a larger format, however having spoken to a number of Clarenites it seems that anything written by the editor and publisher is in fact negative, Comments have been “do they not have a nice thing to say about the village that they are trying to make money from or promote to tourists” to are they deliberately trying to get a reaction from the locals? One also has to have a laugh when at the bottom of the page it states the following “ The contents of this newspaper is not necessarily supported or the views of the Speckled Bean or the members of its staff” but most of, if not all are written by themselves (especially the negative articles) “

The 2nd addition of the Mountain post is eagerly being awaited by Clarens

That’s about it for this week, the weather is getting colder and we have had late rain so hopefully we will get some good snows this winter

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