Being an Exhibitionist

Hope that you all had a Lekker Easter weekend and if you still believe in the Easter Bunny that he brought you some Chocolates.

Today was Tania and my 23rd wedding Anniversary and I would like to share with you the words that Tania wrote in my letter “We have had lots of ups and downs, good times and bad, but we have been through them together – and that’s what marriage is all about – and I am glad that I am married to you” “Well Tania I am the lucky one and hope that we have 50 more anniversaries”. Today is also my Nana’s birthday and Tania’s mom’s birthday, so Nana and Mom Have a Happy Birthday and remember we love you lots.

Saturday was a busy day with the Easter market in the village and both Kathleen and Tania exhibiting. I was at Pam Goldings looking to try and market the Mountain Estate, had a couple of leads and had one gent who I had to take for a drive round the estate, he seems interested, so hold thumbs that he decides to buy. I am really enjoying the opportunity to work at the Estate and hopefully I will be able to sell a few stands in the next year.

Many of the locals are raving about Donves’s newspaper, it seems to have hit the spot and confirms that the village needs a sophisticated, positive publication; I hope that she goes from strength to strength.

The Cheetah’s actually won a rugby game and it was against the Sharks, no one was more surprised than myself, I had even put a bet on the sharks betting the Cheetahs, so Mark and I really enjoyed that, Kathleen on the other hand was not to impressed. We are still at the bottom of the log and will probably remain there, however we now have more points than a samoosa, so that at least is an improvement

“Ah I nearly forgot”, Mojo’s a gallery in the Clarens meander had an exhibition that had its opening on Saturday and after the rugby Mark and I met Tania and Kath as they had both been asked to exhibit their Mosaic, I had also been asked to display a few photograph’s that I had framed. Tania sold 2 pieces before the exhibition had started and when we went to Friends restaurant for their legendary Chicken strips and cheese sauce. I saw a young couple walk in with one of my pictures that was at the gallery (old petrol pump and milk can in black and white), I had a smile from ear to ear, “what a feeling to know that a photo that I took is going to be hanging on someone’s wall, that’s just awesome”. I had a few compliments one from a local artist about my photos who told me that I have a great eye and he likes my style. Well that’s another thing I can add to my CV. Tania also did very well selling a clock and a mirror.

This week saw a few re-enactments of the last Rocky Balboa movie; there must be something in the water, as agro seems to be stalking the older set in the village. I will not use names as I may end up at the lawyers, or as Gollum s Brother likes to call it “taken to the cleaners”.

Well that’s about it for this week, I would like to leave you with a piece of advice ‘Nothing Succeeds, like a Parrot”

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