Taken to the cleaners

Being taken to the Cleaners

I have had a lot of reaction from my Blog “may close acquaintance” . It would seem I have become so popular that some people even have my Blog as a link on their computers to see what or who I am writing about, “even Gollums brother and Schmiegel” are reading it. So what’s been happening in the world of the village idiot this week?

Well first let me say that I wait with baited breath for the new locally based magazine to come out as I am sure it will be the most perfect to date with all the I’s dotted, T’s crossed and not a grammatical error to be seen. If I was the editor of any magazine or newspaper that had been slated the month before I would hire an English professor to ensure that all was well with the editorials and articles . So I am sure that this issue will be just perfect. I have had a number of people asking me if I can continue with the stories I used to do for Speckled Bean on my Blog, so at least once per month I will do just that. I would like to say thanks to all the locals who have said they will miss my articles, “it’s much appreciated”

It will be interesting when the new magazine comes in to town from what I can gather its, still a few months away from becoming a reality so that will give the rest of us a head start with regards layout and content. Clarens is just awash at present with people looking to start up electronic newsletters “Yes that would be myself and a few other Clarenites”, Its going to be called Clarens Meander by POSOTIVE PUBLICATIONS, Don Vey is starting up a newspaper I believe will be called the Mountain Post and will from what I can gather concentrate on the arts in Clarens, Tshweu has Kgubestwana News (he is really doing well) and now there is also a Caledon News/Photostat copy of the Eish electronic news, its causing a stir in the village but they do admit they want to cause a reaction and stir controversy and already with the 2nd issue that seem to have just done that, cannot however see how they got 5 people to write in to say how great it is , pity none of the names are locals or people that one could probably contact, “but hey I may be wrong”

SEX seems to be the favourite topic of Caledon News at present with the editor basically saying that all women are Sluts and if they want anything from a man they just lie on their backs and “hey presto” you get what you want, I know many ladies who definitely do not fit this bill and I certainly have more respect for my wife and women in general to think that this is how they operate, but as they say “if the shoe fits” then your more than welcome to wear it.

I see that the overseas voters vote on the 15th, as you may well be aware I am not in favour of those South Africans who want to make a home of a foreign country and contributing to that country’s economy having the vote and making decisions for people who live in this country, I see some are even complaining that they will have to travel to vote, Sorry to inconvenience you “should we send you money for petrol as well”?

Started a new job on the 1st, its to run and sell stands on the Clarens Mountain estate and I am looking forward to it and also gives me an opportunity to learn some new skills. Must say sad that I cannot carry on with Dave and Barbara, but Mark is going to take over from me (he has also resigned from local magazine) and I am sure he will do well. Dave, Barbara thanks for all the support you gave Tania, Gabby and I and for the opportunity of working for you. You were not just my employers or friends you are like family to us and “you are the best” Mark I wish you all the best with Clarens Properties and you know that you can call on me anytime for advice. You and Kathleen have also become like family over the last few months.

Had to do 2 trips to Gauteng last week, not my favourite thing to do as the traffic is horrendous but I have to say that the ride on the bike there and back was enjoyable, the weather is perfect for riding and the countryside is just beautiful. I took a different route Via Balfour on Friday and the cosmos along the side of the road takes your breath away, the sunflowers and mielies are on the cusp of being harvested, bales of hay dot the fields and the leaves of the tree’s are turning giving a photographer or an artist so much to work with. The only down side of this time of year is that you know that winter is just around the corner. While the trip to or from Gauteng is a pleasure riding a bike there is a nightmare, in fact it reminds me of that 80’s video game Frogger. If a car is not pulling out in front of you, the taxis are playing chicken, leave an inch gap and a car is pulling in the space, leave 2 inches and it’s a truck. If that’s not bad enough you throw in kamikaze bikers who are trying to break the land speed record between robots and if the life expectancy of a delivery bike rider in the 80’s was 6 months then in 2009 it must be 6 weeks. With pedestrians trying to run across highways, you need eyes in every orifice just to “arrive alive”. The last 6kms to my folks house took me 45 minutes, “yes 45 minutes” I hade cramps in both hands from using the clutch and front brakes. It was great to see my folks and enjoy an evening of their company, they are moving soon, so that was the last time I would sleep there.

Plastic is on the Tunnel and the vegetables are growing like wildfire, must say that it looks good and that many people have contributed to it working, had a picnic on Sunday with Kath and Mark at the Mountain Estate and it is really an awesome piece of land. I can just imagine a number of houses there in the future with a white “Picked” fence (yes I know its wrong, but that Clarens spelling 101).

Have a great week

“The Village Idiot”


  1. Hi Steve, nice blog. Yes we do need a good community newspaper. Not the advertorials and nonsense we have been fed so far. I hope Donvé pulls it off.

  2. Thanks for the comment, it seems Donve has done a fantastic job and hopefully we will see many more issues of the Mountain post




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