“Dis n nuwe jaar”

Or for my non - Sefrican readers……………… “it’s a new year” and 2014 is upon us. Let’s hope that it’s a great year for us all. In SA we did not start off so well with a 38c per litre increase of petrol at midnight on 31/12/2013 with predictions that it could hit as high as R15 per litre by years end……….’I hope that they are wrong but I don’t think so”

The main event for this year in South Africa will be the General elections that will be taking place in SA and it’s to me a pivotal election as it will show me where this country is going in the next few years. As much as I love SA the last 19 years of mismanagement and corruption of the ANC have seen standards of living drop and the well-being of ordinary tax paying South African come second on the ANC gravy train that initially started off as a trickle but is now in full flood……………………I for one will definitely be voting for the only party that I believe has the ability to take on the ANC and that’s the DA, all the other parties or coalitions just dilute the vote. The coming months will be interesting as JZ and his cronies will shamelessly exploit Nelson Mandela’s legacy and hand out as much free shit and create more government jobs as to enslave their voters for voting for the “hand that feeds them”. I will keep you informed of their shenanigans over the coming months.

I have not been fishing since I caught a trout on Bergwoning’s farm about 12 years ago, I kept it in the deepfreeze for about 3 years and would whip it out at dinner parties, family gatherings and public holidays, I think that Tania threw it out when I was not looking and was terribly disappointed that she had done so…………..perhaps I should have had it stuffed and mounted like one of those singing bass fish you used to able to buy for your pub.

Anyway I digress………………. I was persuaded after a couple of beers by Rob and Rudy to go fishing on Saturday (yesterday 4/12/2014). So awake at 4.10am and picked up by Rob at 4.30am Rob and I made our way through the peas soup mist (reminiscent of the movies ‘The Fog” or Ghost ship”) and eventually managed to find our way to Cape Recife where we met Rudy and Jacky and proceeded to unpack the “fishing gear”.

About an hour later ,Rob set up a rod for me and threw it in and I stood for a while had a few nibbles and ten caught a rock………………..stood for a while looking real cool with the rod bending like I had a 4000 kg Great white on the 5 pound line and with a “twang” another lea sinker a hook and what was left of the bait was surrender to the deep.       
After that I took photos, not great ones due to the fact that the mist was at times so thick that the lighthouse even disappeared. Rudy and Jacky also had no luck and seemed content on adding to the lead poisoning of the local fish species with only Rob managing to catch 2 fish. I think that the nature conservation should erect a sigh saying “please don’t feed the fish” as that’s what we seemed to be doing, Sardines and Chokka (squid) being on the menu for the day.

I think fishing is a lot like golf, not that I know much about that sport either, but it would seem that after not catching anything but the flu for an hour a few nibbles and a false strike makes you ready for another hour of gormless looking at the line in the sea waiting for the big one. In Golf after 6 KAK holes if you have a good drive on the next hole then you are all ready for the ready for the rest of the course , the fat that you 187 over par does not even factor into it…………………..”Oh ja we are going to play Golf next weekend so I guess that we will test that theory”.

Ok I have to ask you this, I saw this on a posting on FB and a few people got the shits, I thought it was funny (maybe a tad racist but nonetheless funny) but funny non the less. What do you think? “Wonder if anyone can confirm this story. I was told that the reason why God made Barbel (cat fish), was to show the blacks what they would look like if they wanted to be mermaids”..?? I mean if we can’t laugh at other people then who can we laugh at ?

Supposed to start work on Wednesday but Ryan and I have to do industrial theatre for a client tomorrow and Tuesday and then after finishing at the client at 5pm (starting at 7am) we then have a hour environmental theatre that Ryan (my brother in law) kindly agreed to on my behalf for SAMREC (they look after the penguins and other marine life or birds that get into trouble) who are having a conference for other environmentalists and the likes somewhere outside of PE. So today is my last day of freedom ………………“The holidays have gone by faster than a bag of biltong at a weight watchers meeting”

Ok well that’s it for now



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