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Ok so sue me I know I said last week that that would be my last Blog for the year, but I am sitting here and thinking “it’s the last day of the year” so let’s do the last Blog of the year. Normally by today many people are coming up with new year’s resolutions, the normal are “Go n Diet, stop drinking, stop smoking, get a new job, getting fit, stop spending money etc etc” …………………….I don’t do resolutions as I never usually keep them. So for 2014 I will set myself some challenges and see how many of them I attain. One of them will be to build a better career.     

Many people said they had a kak 2013, mine wasn’t too bad to be honest and I have been keeping a list of Lekker things that happened or that I did in 2013 so here they are “in no particular order”  
·         Went to UK With Tania and Gabby
·         Drove a Ferrari F430 at Siverston
·         Drove  Austin martin vantage v8 at Silverston
·         50 lap indoor go cart race
·         Turned 50
·         Bought a Harley (second hand one, but still a Harley)
·         First big  OHS CMB253 audit where I did some one on one work
·         went to Richards bay for the first time (twice)
·         Became an uncle for 6th time to Lexi
·         Became a great uncle for 1st time to Rachel
·         Passed my auditors exam with a distinction
·         Watched Blitzbokke beat All blacks at PE stadium in front of local All Black supporters
·         Watched all except 1 Super 15 games played in PE
·      Saw history being made by watching Kings become the first rookie side in super 15 to win their first ever Super 15 game
·         Survived the 10 days of Nelson Mandela on radio, TV etc etc
·         Rode 5000 kms on a Harley
·         Managed a whole year of gym
·         Been on an oil rig (albeit while it’s in a harbour)
·         Read some good books ( well they were to me )
·         Survived the Apocalypse that Mayans predicted for 31 Dec 2012
·         Have family from UK come and spend Xmas and new year’s with us

So all in all a pretty good year I think. The pool pump has just given up the ghost, so puts a bit of a dampener on the year, but like I said lets focus on the good stuff.

All that’s left for me to do is to wish you all a Happy New Year, In 2014 may you have Love to share, Health to spare and friends who care.

Ciao for the last time this year


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