Life after Clarens

I was very sceptical and worried about having to leave Clarens in 2009, after all I was the Village Idiot and the unofficial mayor of the village, I was the person that everyone contacted if they were looking for something. I was on TV talking about the history of the village, I had a really laid back life and while I had to work hard to make money it was an idyllic lifestyle and one that you don’t really want to give up, those that have read Blogs from when I lived in Clarens would have thought “wow what a life” and I didn’t want to give it up.

I must say that it was like moving from Std 5 to Std 6 in Std 5 you are a big fish in a small ocean but then you are hit with reality and when u go to Std 6 all of a sudden you become a small fish in a big ocean. That’s what happened we I came to PE and at first it was difficult to adapt and I pined for Clarens my friends, my way of life and my comfort zone.  But as is the norm it does not take long to adapt to new surroundings, especially when you need to find a job and fend for your family. I still miss Clarens but over the years that we have been away I have learnt that nothing stays the same, people that you were great friends also get on with their lives and contact with those  friends becomes less and less. One thing however stays the same in a small village and that is the petty politics between the residents who to be honest at times have nothing better to do than to stick their noses in other people’s business.   

Lots of Political news this week as the parties start gearing themselves or the General elections this year (hopefully the ANC will remember to announce the date)

Jacob Zuma has stated that he wants the ANC to achieve a 2 thirds majority so that he can change the Constitution, which to me is very worrying. JZ’s track record against SA’s democracy and its constitution as well as his total lack of care for its values is not only worrying it’s scary. Why is he so eager to change the Constitution? The ANC themselves keep reminding everyone how good it is.

While I agree that it’s a living document and changes can be made (with the agreement of the majority) I don’t believe that it must be taken lightly and should not be used as an election ploy.  The country under Zuma has regressed and the ANC have failed to deliver on all the promises they keep dredging up when they need votes. I believe he wants to change the constitution so he can become President for life and Rape and pillage the economy like his good mate up North…………..Rob Mugabe.  I think that many “sane” South Africans of all colours are starting to see thru the smoke and mirrors, the corruption, egression in education, hospitals and just the general bullshit that the ANC spout out all the time. 2014 is a watershed election as far as I am concerned and we have a duty to vote     
The North West Premier Thandi Modise gave Pravish Ghordan the bird by purchasing not only one, but 2 luxury vehicles during her during her time in office, this information was confirmed on Friday by the Democratic Alliance.
“MEC for public works, roads and transport Raymond Elisha indicated that Modise utilised another car over and above the R1.3 million BMW she ordered in November and the R1.1m BMW (BIG MAMMAS WHEELS) she took over from former premier Maureen Modiselle,” DA North West spokesman Chris Hattingh said in a statement. He said Elisha did not give details of the car or why it was purchased.
The North West legislature set up a sub-committee to probe the procurement processes followed in purchasing the R1.3m car. Mahlakeng Mahlakeng, the chairman of the sub-committee, confirmed that a second car was bought for Modise in 2010.The premier's spokesman Lesiba Kgwele referred questions on the second car to the public works and transport department. The department could not comment immediately. Yeah that the normal answer to questions along with “We are busy investigating” or “Give him/her another chance”

Meanwhile Fktard JuJu "Telly Tubby" Malema the leader of the EFF says that we should learn from Zimbabwe, this is the report.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has reportedly showered Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe with praise, saying there was no land reform system that had worked successfully for Africa other than Zimbabwe's land reform programme. Speaking during a media conference in Johannesburg, Malema said in the next 20 years Zimbabwe would be the only African country where people owned their own land, according to a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation report. Malema said the Zimbabwean policy on land reform was a lesson to be learnt from and to be implemented in South Africa, “except the initial violent method of attacking white people or attacking each other”. According to an Eyewitness report, Malema said although Zimbabweans may be hungry and poor today, they could be proud of the fact that they owned property while South Africans had nothing to show as proof that they belonged to South Africa. The EEF leader said Western powers were attacking Zimbabwe to scare South Africans from engaging in any agrarian reform. He said the result of Zimbabwe's 2013 elections was scientific evidence that the people of Zimbabwe were happy about the land reform, particularly the rural masses who now had access to land.

This week the ANC launched their 2014 Election Manifesto to 44 thousand Sheep at the Mbombela stadium, I believe they all received the 3 T’s (free Transport,  free T shirt and free Transport) JZ has promised that the ANC will create 6 000 000 (6 million jobs in the next 5 years) that’s about 3 333 per day……… Probably going to create 6 000 000 jobs in the Civil service which will guarantee that they have another 6 000 000 votes and that the long suffering tax payers just get squeezed even more. A few years back it was the same ‘blah blah blah” and the ANC promised to create 5 000 000 (5 million jobs), they must have forgotten about that.

The Matric results came out and it would seem that the number of Matric’s who passed did increase (not really hard when a pass is 30%) how fucking dof (stupid) are you then to actually fail Matric? The Eastern Cape as is the norm had the worst pass rate of 64.9% with the Free State having the best 84 %………….but if you look at the adjoining picture one has to wonder about the people in charge of the Free State Education department and the veracity of those pass rates.
The ANC and its SACP cronies are lauding the fact that the Matric results have increased over the years and that this is a sign that we have a fantastic educational system but their Statistics are such nonsense. Our education system has a very low pass requirement and a very high dropout rate. The ANC chooses which statistics are relevant and uses them for their political gain, so it’s using our children as political pawns.

Tomorrow starts my 2nd week back at work, last week was Ok as we only started on Wednesday but this week will be the “Full Monty”…….5 days.
Ok well have a great week


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