Nothing like sitting the side of the road, to see how quickly you can get bored and in my case it’s rather a fast process. In fact I have started this week’s blog from the side of the road about 80kms from East London. The reason is that the car I was travelling in on the way to an audit broke down, waited over 3 hours for colleague to bring a clamp (it was R3.50 clamp that popped off the air intake pipe into the turbo) and it put out so much air that cable ties, elastic bands and even part of farmers barbed wire fences could not assist………………….Hence the wait. Out of the hundreds of cars and trucks that passed us, only 2 persons stopped to see if they could assist not even the cops or traffic police stopped. So it’s nice to see that those two institutions believe in the “serve and protect ethos”………………….”Yeah right”.

Talking about Traffic cops I think I may have mentioned in last week’s Blog or the one before that it seems at they are becoming more visible. Well its definitely the case, because after the FIFA World Cup of 2010 all semblance of control on the roads seemed to have vanished faster than Seth Blatter chasing the next World Cup “pay day”.

Road blocks, speed traps,  patrolling of highways as well as weighing of trucks at weigh bridges seem to be the order of the day………….Some say it’s because they have been given guns, some that it’s because they have received a huge increase while others believe they have been imported from another galaxy, I for one have mixed feelings about this new development cause while I want order on the roads and vehicles that actually have brakes and steering wheels using the highways and byways , like most South Africans (and I tell students this in my safety lectures) we also like to be able to wind that bike or car up to over the 120 km per hour speed limit and overtake on the double white line “uphill on a blind rise”   after all that the South African way……………..we love laws and rules but hate to follow them.

I even saw a white traffic cop in Queenstown (which is a spot the white man and win a prize town in the first place) you can equate this  to seeing the Loch ness monster, Big Foot, an honest politician, Leprechaun or a Unicorn, it’s a rare rare sighting indeed.

I mentioned earlier that I was on the way to an audit when the car I was travelling in broke down, I forgot to mention it was my bosses car and the audit was for Transnet, seeing that we stared a day late I had to go on Wednesday “ all on my lonesome” to audit the Depot and yard that side and traveled up with Oom Danie and Lebu, two different sides of the coin one could not hope to meet. Both great guys, Oom Danie hanging on for 2 years to retire and Lebu and ex train driver who has been promoted to a Safety manager (even after he has managed to kill 8 people while driving trains) in his defence after listening to his stories none of them where actually his fault, it’s not like he drove off the tracks and rode the people down in a mielie field. Not many people realize that it can take a fully laden train between 1 and 1.5 kilometers to stop so if someone is lying on a track and you apply the brakes as you see them there is not much you can do to prevent from slicing that person in 2.

It’s sad however to see a once proud transport system into what is basically a delivery system for large corporation and have allowed the infrastructure to deteriorate so much that we now have to spend Billions of R to fix………”So let’s fuck it up, see that we actually need a rail transport system to get the trucks off the road and then use money we don’t have to fix it again”      
So what else has my awesome government been up to this week? Well here is my gem for the week, read this first and then I will comment.

Northern Cape premier Sylvia Lucas used her official credit card to spend R53 159 on fast food during her first 10 weeks in office, the Sunday Times reported. Lucas spent R26 565 on food in one month, according to the report. She was inaugurated as premier on 30 May. According to the Sunday Times, she spent R11 956 on food in Kimberley, where she lives in the official premier's residence, in August. Treasury guidelines stipulated that official credit cards were for "when the executive authorities are away on official duties outside the province". Between 16 July and 2 August, Lucas spent more than R2 000 at her local Super Spar, the Sunday Times reported. Lucas reportedly told the newspaper the shop was conveniently "close to her home".

"When we go out of Kimberley, we go to the Super Spar and we buy water and Powerade and cool drinks. We need Powerade for the energy, you know," she was quoted as saying.      "How would we have eaten if we didn't use taxpayers' money?"
WTF...........................she needs the energy so she can steal our money and make a mockery out of the accountability process…………..”Bitch”  
To make my blood boil even more, the ANC, the people who keep telling us that they are serious about crime and corruption and that they will not tolerate member who use taxpayers money, have come out in support of the Kentucky Fried chicken, finger licking thief by saying “she is only human” again my response is WTF, I don’t know about any other South African but I am just sooooooo sick of this shit, it’s time to vote these bastards out. 

So Romaine Poite  “can stick this in your baguette and smoke it”…… Cape Town - SANZAR judicial officer Terry Willis from Australia has removed a red card from the disciplinary record of Springbok hooker Bismarck du Plessis. Du Plessis was issued with a red card after receiving two yellow cards during the Boks' Rugby Championship clash with the All Blacks in Auckland on Saturday.

The yellow cards were issued in the 17th and 42nd minutes of the match at Eden Park, which New Zealand won 29-15. The judicial hearing was held via teleconference on Monday. Willis granted an application made by Gerrie Swart who appeared on behalf of Du Plessis, for an expedited hearing. The hearing was originally fixed for the Tuesday. At the hearing, Willis was assisted by former professional player David Croft from Australia. Submissions were made on behalf of the player and the video footage was reviewed. Willis found that the decision made by referee Romain Poite to issue a yellow card as a result of the tackle by Du Plessis on Dan Carter was wrong, as it was within the laws of the game.

Carter to his credit said he had no problems with the tackle. No further sanction was imposed on Du Plessis, however the second yellow card remains on his record for the remainder of the Rugby Championship. But I have just heard that the ref who will be in charge of the Bokke vs Australia game at Newlands next Saturday will be non other than, yes another fking Frenchman, he was a touch judge in the All black game, “did anyone say “dejavu”

News just in, the French army base  that is 5 kms from Paris Disney has had to be moved, it seems that every night after the fireworks display, the management had accept the surrender of the commander and his men.

Blog is a little late due to the fact that we spent the weekend at a place called Cannon Rocks about 135 kms from PE, nice place right near the beach which we took one windswept walk one before being sandblasted back to the flat. The weather wasn’t exactly conducive to the beach and bringing swimming trunks as well as snorkeling equipment was perhaps being a tad enthusiastic. Especially after the Cape had been hit with a cold front that brought snow and -3 temperatures. Saturday we took a drive to Port Alfred and Kenton on sea and had a squiz around. I can happily tell u that I am however the pool as well as table tennis champ in the family. But Steve (Gabby’s boyfriend, gave me a good run for my money). Sunday the weather was good and we had a lekker walk on the beach, it was a nice getaway. Thanks Tania xx

I see the Muslims (or perhaps I need to be politically correct and say “possible non-Christians”) have been at it again with “non- Muslims” being targeted at a local shopping centre in Kenya and over 30 being shot………………..”yes a peaceful religion indeed”.
So I told you last week that we had a new kitten but that we hadn't thought of a name for her yet. Well she is called Katy. She is as cut as a button and in less than a week she has stolen our hearts. The other 2 cats are not so enamored with her, but Mischief seems to be the one that
wants to get to know her more than Black cat does.    

Ok well that’s about it for the week. Tuesday is a public holiday here in SA , its Heritage day, better known as Braai day, so I am sure many a fire will be lit and a beer or two will be consumed.



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