000000000000000000000000000h the cat sat on the computer again

Been AWOL for a while, it’s been a combination of being busy, trying to study (yeah good one) and generally being lazy.  But I have to say  “Where has the year gone” ? Shits almost November an when we rub our eyes it will be  the season “to spend money” as  the Xmas season will be upon us, with local retailers already putting up the decoration, trees and advertising mince pies and the like. Xmas just seems to be getting longer and longer every year.

As you may or may not know we have a new member of the family, other than my two new Nieces Lexi and Rachel. Her name is Katy and she is a ginger kitten, that has to be one of the cutest intelligent kittens we have had the pleasure to own and we have had some great cats. Her mission at the moment is to sleep, eat, go totally berserk, eat, sleep……………… “you get the picture”  Katy loves the computer and regularly walks across or sits on the keyboard changing settings or writing her own words, hence the name of this
BLOG story because as I was starting I stood up to get something and she pressed the o button a number of times.  
Took the Harley on its first long ride this week (660kms), as I had training to do in East London. Usually I have done that trip with the Triumph, but due to the fact that it’s not running “again” I used the ‘Hog” I have to be honest, much prefer the long distance riding on the Triumph as it can take luggage in the luggage panniers and it’s a lot smoother.  The ride there was not too bad, other than being a little cold and sore when I got to EL (I have not done a long distance ride in quite a while). The ride back however has to be near to, if not the worst ride I have ever had, with the last 150kms being ridden in monsoon type rain that had me curse the fact that I love bikes and riding. While passing fast moving trucks with little or no visibility can be terrifying being hit with a wall of water from a puddle that a vehicle in front of you or passing you hits its believe it or not is worse and probably the reason my Flatberry had to be immersed in a large bowl of rice when I got home so as to absorb the moisture………………seemed to work as it did in fact start up again………………….I downgraded to a Flatberry by the way, it’s like a Blackberry but just thinner, to be honest I am surprised that it still works after being driven over by a car (fell out of my pocket while riding the scooter back from work). It still works and that’s what matters to me, I am not a techno junkie like a number of my family who just love to have the newest up to date technology when it comes to phones and computers………………………………………. My wife Tania included in that

Well that’s it for this Blog, not really Lus (motivated) to write anymore, gonna chill out and read some more of the book I am consuming at the moment, it’s called “No Angel” and it’s about an undercover ATF agent in the states that joined the Hells Angels and starts to get too involved with them………….. , can’t put it down.

Again if you have not registered to Vote for next year’s election in SA then do so, while you think voting cannot change anything, it can. Indifference towards voting in my mind is a form of cowardice, because you’re saying “I take no responsibility for what happens in my country” so if you’re not registered or know of others that are not get them to do so and then go make your mark………….Time to tell the ANC that we are not taking any more of their shit.

Have a great week


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