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Born in Nkandla, South Africa, on April 12, 1942, Jacob Zuma was elected president of South Africa in 2009. In 2007, he won the presidency of the African National Congress, which he joined at an early age in 1959. Zuma served as deputy president of South Africa from 1999 to 2005. He is a controversial politician, involving himself in several legal scandals associated with corruption and racketeering. A polygamist, Zuma has 20 children.

They used to call John Gotti (head of the New York Gambino crime family “the Mafia” ) the Teflon don because any charges brought against him would never stick, it would seem that JZ went to the John Gotti school of management as while scandal is able to attach itself to JZ like shit to a blanket, he  seems too have the life of a cat, as the charges either go away or get swept under the rug. So let’s look at the history of our president who in most countries would not have a) been allowed in public office and b) never elected as president.

·         The Government arms deal that was seen to be corrupt by most normal taxpayers was eventually investigated by a Special Police Task team that the then President Thabo Mbeki had set up called the HAWKS Jacob Zuma as well as other He and other members of the government were investigated when financial irregularities were discovered. Initially cleared in a 2001 report on the matter, Zuma ended up facing corruption charges, but those charges were dropped in 2003. 

·         JZ Was charged with rape in the Johannesburg High Court on 6 December 2005. The accuser, Zuma's deceased friend's 31 year old daughter, was known by Zuma to be HIV Positive. On 8 May 2006, the Court dismissed the charges, agreeing that the sexual act in question was consensual. During the trial, Zuma admitted to having unprotected sex with his accuser but claimed that he took a shower afterwards to cut the risk of contracting HIV. This statement has been condemned by the judge, health experts, AIDS activists and the public in general.

·         Shabir Shaik's trial was the subject of intense media attention due to the involvement of several high-profile members of the South African government. Though Shaik claimed that his financial dealings were legitimate, on 30 May 2005, the Durban High Court handed down its final judgment. He was pronounced guilty of corruption for paying Zuma 1.2 million Rand (US Dollars185,000) to further their relationship and for soliciting a bribe from the French arms company Thompson-CSF, as well as guilty of fraud for writing off more than R1 million (US$154,000) of Zuma's unpaid debts.

More recent disgraces surrounding our President would be. 

         The Deaths of 13 SADF ember in the Central African Republic, who were in that country to supposedly support democracy, but may have been there to keep a despot in power or keep the “thieving rebels” from stealing the diamonds.

·         The building of a residence, sorry make that a Village with taxpayers money for over 200 million Rand, commonly known as Nkandlagate and seen by many as a “typical SA scandal”, I suppose that how used we have become to JZ and his shenanigans.

·         The most recent shit to try and stick to the blanket was his apparent involvement with the Gupta wedding with a Government report that was released implicating President Jacob Zuma in a scandal over a plane chartered by rich friends of his which landed at a military base without proper permission. The presidency and Zuma's ruling African National Congress (ANC) have denied demanding landing permission for the flight carrying nearly 200 guests for a wedding. But a diplomatic protocol chief Bruce Koloane said he acted "under pressure from No. 1", a direct reference to Zuma, the report said. Koloane has been suspended and not spoken on the matter. The government report said he used deception to obtain military landing permission. Opposition members of parliament charged that the Gupta family at the centre of the affair and whose companies have employed two of Zuma's children in high profile roles, was wielding undo influence over Africa's largest economy. "There is a widely held perception that when the Guptas say 'jump', the president says, 'how high?'," David Maynier, an MP with the opposition Democratic Alliance, said in parliament.

There is a quote that goes “you don’t have to love your government to love your county” and it’s so true, the ANC led by this man has managed to put a dent in my love for South Africa and to be honest I don’t like it.  The R is worth shit, every month there is a petrol price increase that in turn fuels inflation that in turn is seeing workers making outrageous wage demands from employers, that in turn puts a further dent in investors’ confidence, it’s like a never ending circle.  But do they care? “Not a Fuck”. The new wealthy  and elite (read former struggle “hero’s” and friends of the government)who have benefited from BEE legislation and tender deals, drive their fancy cars, break laws with impunity and laugh in the faces of hard working South Africans.

What absolutely mystifies me is that while so many people complain about how shit the ANC government are, they still put an X next to “Ninja Turtles” face come election times ,when the members of parliament “show their faces”  promising houses, electricity, jobs and with a new T shirt and a free chicken lunch, the masses go on their merry way to vote the ANC in to power and the masses then spend the next 4 years demonstrating, burning tyres, destroying government buildings due to the fact that the ANC have not delivered on its promises “yet again “……………….I mean WTF you have to some kind of stupid to keep voting for a government that does not give a shit about you.

There is a joke in South Africa at the moment that 95% of the population are employed in the Iron and Steel business, some of iron, but most of them steal. Well it would seem that we can add  going on Strike It seems that everyone and his brother has decided to go on strike the last, Platinum miners, Gold miners, construction workers, metal workers, SAA, municipality workers and the traffic department in PE, textile industry seems to be on the way and the list just seems to get longer. In the past the Unions representing the employees would “demand” a 10% increase and the employers would start at 5% and then through “good faith” negotiations end up at 7.5%, the singing and dancing would stop and workers would go back to work.

These days the unions say we want 50 or 60 % increases, certain categories of miners are wanting 150% increases……………”Are the fked in their heads” ? you can’t negotiate on numbers like that, “it’s ludicrous”.    I have to admit though that the government’s 6% inflation indicator is KAK, and this is what employers jump on the, inflationary increases. Inflation has to be way higher because they took, electricity, fuel and a couple of other items out of the “basket” that is used to determine inflation. Electricity has gone up on average over 20% a year for the last 3 years, insurance policies and med aid contributions go up by at least 10% yearly, fuel has gone up at least 13 % since January and food is increasing at an average of 14% a month at the moment, so inflation is actually way higher, employers need to take this into account when making increases. It also makes we laugh when your company boasts of its huge profits that all the employees have contributed to, yet still offer below inflation increases, quoting government figures.      

The petrol price already at a record high looks set to increase either further and hit the already overburdened consumer another blow to the groin. The price is determined by a number of factors including the oil price, exchange rates, levies and taxes………..but hey news just in is that the price will come down 5 cents (yes 5) in September but in October we can expect a MASSIVE increase as the R/Dollar exchange rate due to strike action etc etc as well as the sharp increase in Oil prices (due to a possible war breaking out between Syria and the USA, seems even the French are keen to get involved with this one as well.

I was in Richards Bay this week for a couple of days, it was hot with a Capital h 32/33 degrees. I had to do work at the Richards Bay Coal Terminal, also managed to pay a visit to Durban Harley situated in Umhlanga Rocks. I had to laugh as I decided to have lunch at a pub that had a chopped Kawa 900 cruiser (looked pretty good) saw the gent sitting at a table, so walked up said hi and asked him about the bike (as bikers do), his reply after lowering the shades with his finger was “I am having a quite drink”………….translated for non-bikers “fuck off I don’t want to talk to you”. This “OUTLAW WANNABEE” sitting with his arms folded, shades on with a rebel Bandanna  blue (yes blue) Cammo pants tucked into biker boots with a large knife tucked into the outside of the right hand boot, is called “boom boom”. How did I know that, well the upper rocker above the ever seeing eye patch on the back of his cut off denim jacket, said so and the fact that some really old lady walked up to him and called him Boom Boom. I think he thought of himself as a Rebel because his bandanna had a rebel theme, his tank protector on the bike was a Rebel motif he had a rebel patch on the back of his cut off denim jacket as well as a Rebel flag on his helmet (that was actually a SADF tank helmet).

Now if you go out riding with the “gang” then yeah part of the whole “I’m a biker” thing is to dress the part, I mean what’s the point of riding a Bad Ass Bike if you look like an accountant, or a nursery school teacher, the trick is to get the accountant and nursery school teacher to look like a Bad Ass Biker’s, but sometimes the look and the actions can make you look like a “doos”……………..but hey I am sure he felt he looked the part and as the saying goes “whatever floats your goat”.

The department of education are seriously considering enforcing a “learn a 3rd language (African) in school policy, but this will mean an extra hour of school a day for students, grades 4 – 12. A company did a survey and I am printing the results here and will comment on a couple of things after

School pupils are in favour of longer school days to learn a third language, a survey by Pondering Panda found. “It was found that almost three in five learners (59%) felt that this was a good idea… [that] the school day be extended by an hour for grades four through 12,” spokeswoman Shirley Wakefield said today in a statement.
The company conducted cellphone interviews with 2 906 pupils between the ages of 13 and 24 across the country in August. Thirty-three percent believed it was a bad idea, while nine percent had no opinion on the matter. Wakefield said the survey was a clear indication young people were hungry for learning.
“Pupils have also shown their enthusiasm for learning a third language, once more showing their support for the education department’s proposals.” The survey further found black and coloured pupils were more interested in learning science and maths than a third language. “If a mandatory extension to the school day was implemented, 56%… said they would rather spend the extra time learning science and maths. In comparison, 38% favoured using the time to learn another language.”
First of all 24 year old in grade 12 (the old matric)…..seriously? but what really flummoxes me is that they say 59 % feel that it’s a great idea ( no school kid I know thinks an extra hour of school is a good idea) to learn an extra language but then it goes on to say that of that group 56 % of them would rather use the time to learn Science or Maths (subjects that we seriously need kids to get interested in as well as spend extra time learning) and 38% say they would favour learning another language………………..So is it just me or do those people that supplied the survey figures need to go to extra maths lessons?
What about extracurricular lessons or activities at school, those kids will now finish close to 5pm and then have to still do homework and what about those kids that don’t have the aptitude for languages, to me it just seems it a government way of getting white kids to learn an African language at the expense of proper education and if you’re going to make kids stay an  extra hour at school then make it a subject/s that will benefit the country, its economy and its citizens, learning an extra language will not.            
Rugby this weekend was rather slow with the 4 Nations not seeing any action, only Currie cup action with WP drawing 31 all with the Lions. With the Griquas losing 40/22 against the Cheetahs and the Bulls losing for a 2nd week in a row against the Sharks.
Talking about the 4 Nations, The Boks will depart on Saturday night for Brisbane to face Australia on September 7 at Suncorp Stadium, a venue where they have never won before, and then jet across the Tasman Sea to Auckland to take on World Champions New Zealand on September 14 at Eden Park, a stadium they last won at in 1937. Knowing that the odds are against them and keeping in mind the Boks' patchy history away from home in the competition,  Coach Heyneke Meyer has challenged his team to prove their doubters wrong and come back with not one, but two victories on the tour……………… I hope that they prove me wrong but cannot see the current Bok team beating either Australia or New Zealand (especially away from home)

Oh, apart from the heat in Richards bay i did get to see a sight that u don't always see when u go down to the main tourist beach..........................A shipwreck, yeah this picture is of a ship that took on coal at RBCT and then got caught without engines in heavy seas. it was dumped on a sandbank and after a couple of days broke in 2. luckily no oil leaked  
 Well that’s about it for this week


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