Stand up and be counted.

The fact that the Corrupt, inefficient  and fucked up ANC government have told the Public protector Thuli Madonsela to drop her investigation of President JZ’s R208 Million rand upgrade of his “PRIVATE” Nkandla estate has put me over the edge as to my feelings for the present South African government.

I am sick of listening to people complain (myself included) about how kak the government is, how the local municipalities waste our rates and taxes, how the country is going to the dogs and then don’t do anything about it. So I have decided that I am going to actively get involved in trying to get this country back on the right track.

I don’t care what colour you are whether your Jewish, Muslim (non- suicide bomber types), Christian , a scientologist or even an atheist, I don’t give a shit if your rich or poor, university educated or only have a Standard 8 (sorry grade 10) I don’t give a shit are if you fought for or against the old SA government or if your conservative or liberal in outlook……………….All I care about is that we start to stand together and make the ANC and the local  corrupt, inept and fucked up municipalities to understand that the “free ride” on my as well as other selected taxpayers money is over and we “Demand” ( a word ANC supporters love to bandy about) accountability and good governance.

With that said I am going to start getting involved with local politics, if I want change then I am going to have to get off my ass and do something about it, I urge all that are complaining about the present state of affairs to do the same, we cannot just sit idly by and allow the country we love to slide into the pit of mediocrity.

Talking about accountability and good governance it would seem that the SABC (local TV broadcaster) has managed to “spend” 1 .5 Billion rand and not have any account as to what they spent on it “I smell a rat”

And as if the country’s farmers don’t have it hard enough here is another “Brilliant” proposal to really make farmers want to carry on producing food for the country, “seriously where do these cretins come from who even contemplate proposals of this nature? (Probably some asshole, who has never built up anything from scratch in his/her life and has a sense of entitlement because of the colour of their skin).

This from the Beeld newspaper: The possibility that farmers would be "encouraged" by the state to apportion shares in their farms to farm workers was worrying commercial farmers. The share option was contained in a proposed policy document of the department of rural development and land reform. It was suggested that a farm-worker with 10 years of "disciplined service" on a commercial farm would be entitled to a 10% share in the ownership of the land.
After 25 years of service, a worker would be entitled to 25%, and 50% after 50 years. No mention was made of what would happen when a number of labourers worked on the same farm for more than 10 years. The system would not be "enforceable" and farmers would be encouraged to "voluntarily" participate. An incentive programme would encourage farm owners to participate.
Annelize Crosby, legal and policy adviser for Agri SA, said on Wednesday that the policy did not make any sense at all. "If there is any remote possibility of forced compliance to this idea, it will lead to disinvestment and a sharp decline in agricultural production."………………..”Annelize, they don’t give a shit about decline in agricultural production they just want to fuck up what is there and have thousands of black farm workers owning 10% of nothing”, also they get paid Huge salaries for doing absolutely nothing, so they don’t care what the price of food is or petrol because they will just vote themselves a salary increase and our taxes will go up…………….”Time for change”
I have heard and read some weird stories before, but this one takes the cake. It seems another South African overseas has run foul “, or should I say fowl of the law” a certain Steven Cohen was arrested in Paris a few days ago and charged with Sexual exhibitionism. 

this is Mr Cohen, sand rooster attached to his penis.
This idiot or some call “eccentric artist” paraded around Trocadero Square facing the Eiffel Tower at 9.30am was clad in a bird costume, high heels and a live rooster tied to his penis. He decided to parade in front of a group of tourists while mimicking the movements of a chicken. Apart from the chicken costume he also wore feathers on his hands and head, high-heel shoes, hot pants and long, red gloves, Why did he do it ?? Well according to his lawyer he wanted to evocate (means to thank, yeah i had to look it up as well) his situation, shared between two countries, South Africa, his native country and France, where he currently lives." So now when someone asks you why did the Chicken cross the road? The answer will be “to get away from Steve Cohens penis”

Thursday afternoon drove to El and on Friday morning at sparrows I had to drive 211 kms to a place called Ncgobo and present SHE Reps for 16 students. Well what can I say about Ncgobo other than it may have been cute once, and that was a long long time ago. If the town was kak then the hospital was an eye opener and I know why there are action groups wanting the MEC for Health to get his ass kicked and why for once I agree with the Unions when they say that they want to force all ministers, Councillors etc use state hospitals to see how bad they have become “no more private hospitals for clinics for the elite”.  Must say its the first time that i have seen dogs running in hospital hallways or goat shit and urine in the halls as well,   

Drivers in that part of the world come in 2 modes “Kamikaze and Miss daisy”, you can usually tell who the Kamikaze drivers are because they sport either personal or government number plates. The Miss Daisy drivers have discovered that they can save money on petrol by driving really really really slow, I am talking about 40kms an hour in a 100 or 120 km zone and as you can imagine it becomes very frustrating and irritating for a “patient” person like me.

Having driven over a thousand kms the last couple of days I have seen a couple of real idiots (myself included) that have taken unnecessary chances in the traffic,  2 of the idiots where  young ladies who were in serious hurries to get to wherever and then there was this Fktard who I hope one day gets his ass kicked by some steroid enhanced, pissed off bodybuilder. I hope that Jesus love him because f he continues to drive like a twat then he is going to meet him real soon………………problem is he will probably take other innocent people with him.

I wanted to use the Triumph to get to the work but it won’t Frikken start, even bought a new battery (waste of money), tried yesterday to see what the problem is and took some of the bike apart to see if it was getting fuel (it seems to be) or if there is a spark, it did start when Steve and I pushed it but /cut out and after that when you try to start it (even jump start from the car) it just turns over and nothing………………”.wondering if I should rather just sell it”.

We have a new member of the family, a new kitten called ? (Haven’t named her yet) She is really cute and full of energy and has put the other two cats noses out of joint, especially Mischief who by the look on his face can’t quite believe that we would dare bring another cat into the house.   

So last week we beat the Aussies, but this week we lost 29/15 against the All Blacks. The Eden park venue has not seen the All Blacks lose their since 2004 and we have not won there in 92 years……………I did not see the game but it would seem that it was controversial with the sending off of by some French Ref of Bismark Du Plessis who received a second yellow card for tackling the kak out of Dan Carter. Seems that the northern refs feel that tackling hard is no longer allowed in the game of rugby. Or perhaps Bismark had not read the little known IRB law 625 bc iii that states “No player is allowed to tackle an All Black player cleanly and real hard in front of a partisan New Zealand crowd – violation of this law is a Yellow card from an incompetent French Referee”

Tomorrow I am away for a week with my Boss to go and do an audits. Well that’s about it for today, have as great week




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