Is it April already ??

Cape Town - South African rugby fans have not seen the end of controversial  New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence. SANZAR have announced that Lawrence have made it onto their merit panel for next year's Super Rugby tournament (ARE THE FRIKKEN SERIOUS). Lawrence was heavily criticised for his handling of South Africa's Rugby World Cup quarter-final exit at the hands of Australia, during which he allowed a "free-for-all" at the breakdown. This comes after it was reported on Thursday that Lawrence was nominated for his country’s referee of the year award (AGAIN ARE THEY FRIKKEN SERIOUS??). There was, however, some good news for South Africans after 5 local referees made it onto the 10-man merit panel. They are: Marius Jonker, Craig Joubert, Jonathan Kaplan, Mark Lawrence and Jaco Peyper. The photo here is outside Majuba Lodge in Newcastle, Kwazulu Natal. 

At least Lawrence was not there to help the Aussies in Cape town, what a cricket match, the test match finished in 3 days with 23 wickets taken on day 2. The Smirk on the Aussies face’s after they had dismissed us for 97 was knocked off  when we dismissed them in their second inning for 47. One stage we had them at 21 for 9, but the last 2 men managed to steer them away from the lowest score ever scored in test cricket.      
I see that Malema has been suspended from the ANC for 5 years...................let’s see how that plays out. We have not see the last of that turd that is for sure. They should have suspended him from his “knaaters” (for my non South African readers, or those that have been out of the country way way to long..........”hint hint” that means BALLS.). JuJu is however a politician and I am sure like a cockroach he will survive. Lets see if the other member of the ANCYL start to eat each other as the vie for the position of leader...............that should be interesting.      

Busy at work this week and  I also had to co-present 2 SAMTRAC modules to see if I am ready to get signed off in a couple of weeks time, was really nervous as the modules are on Hygiene and Health and my subject knowledge is not what it should be, but must say think I did well considering. This week also busy training most of the week and I will have assessments to catch up on. We stop work this year on 15th December and will be back at work on the 9th January, so looking forward to a Lekker break.

In August I wrote my NGC Nebosh exams for health and safety and then sent in my practical, I passed 2 out of the 3 and will have to do a re-write on Hazards in the workplace. That was the one exam I thought I had passed and had failed Safety Management, but it was the other way round. Probably do a re-write early next year.    

My work colleague’s husband died 3 months ago and on Monday her youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia as you can imagine she was besides herself, the good news however is that after a second opinion it would seem that she only has Glandular fever (which apparently has similar symptoms)  

I was in Graaf Reniet this weekend with Tania and Gabby, never been on the R75 before and now know what the R denotation is for ....................Roadkill.  Drove straight to Nieu Bethesda 47 kms away from G.R as Tania and Gabby wanted to see the owl house. Some Nutty old lady used to live there and made owls, human etc from cement...R35 entrance fee to get into the place, “I declined”. I think a few years back you could have probably bought the village for that and had change to re-model. Typical village that has fallen into disrepair and then a few bunny hugging, tepee living, Bob Marley tobacco smoking individuals decided that this is the place to be. And just if you are to pack a box in a stairwell others always seem to get attracted, so we have all of these buildings that need repairs (but is charming to look run down) set up  restaurants and Cafes in old water tanks and try to outdo each other in dressing up really weird. Definitely won’t be making that trip again 
Well must say how Graaf Reniet got voted tourism town of the year in 2010 is a Frikken mystery, its Saturday a lekker day and most of the shops close at 12 noon........yes 12 noon, in fact as you can see by this photo the Tourism office itself is not open on a Saturday after 12 or a Sunday and get this on Public holidays.................the sign outside the town should say  “Welcome to Graaf Reniet.......Now F%$K Off” . The other photo is the main street at 1.30pm on a Saturday afternoon

Had dinner at the Spur on Saturday actually open after 12 non, had a pretty cool waiter called wynand.........had the ghost for Gabby and was always at the table, he told us that on Thursday for the R89.00 all you can eat Wings and ribs special some dude came in and ate 150 chicken wings, 210 rib portions (as well as the chips and onion rings with the initial plate) he then ate a waffle with ice cream, had 4 beers, 2 coffees, 1 Cafe latte and a Milkshake, got up and walked out of the restaurant..................and he was as thin as a rake.   

Got home from Graaf Reniet today (Sunday)   (250kms)and then rode to El for training (310kms) I have to do till Tuesday afternoon then it’s back home for training on Wednesday. Again the trip to EL was either cold wet or windy or a combination of the 3. Only 1 trip this year has seen me ride in nice weather. I am not even going to bother looking at the weather forecast for Tuesday because I know it will be KAK.............. 

I want to Encourage you all to do something for kids this year that won’t have a Christmas that you may experience. NOSA office in PE have adopted a children’s home and have asked the kids for a Xmas present list so we can try and get the 100 or so kids a present that they want for Xmas. These kids want soap and toiletries, underwear, stationary, a football......items we or our kids take for granted. So again I encourage you do something for someone less fortunate this Festive season.

I am now looking to take photos of PWC (planks with cars)  and example would be these photo s of the spanner that decided he would put a wing on a Uno, and a homemade wing . Just looks KAK, don’t they realise this??

Well before I go let me ask you this question “what did the Cannibal do to his girlfriend after lunch” ?.......................” He dumped her” 

Well that’s it for this week  and remember there are  only 41 shopping days left to Christmas.
Have a good one

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